9 INSANE MACHINES That Will Blow Your Mind

welcome to tea here welcome to our solar world of science fun and machine in this video you're gonna see some insane and useful machine the world never knew existed so don't listen solarii no beach cleaner the solarii no beach cleaner is a unique combination of a powerful tracked mobile robot with cutting-edge solar technology the solar ena beach cleaner like its name implies is based on two electric motors and powered by fully isolated AGM batteries and a solar panel it earns its status as the first eco-friendly remote-controlled beach cleaning machine functioning regardless of terrain and capable of removing rubbish and foreign matter clogging up your Beach it towers above all devices of its kind by virtue of its full reliance on electrical power as well as its solar energy source and it's stunning efficiency as it goes about its duties the solar ena works in complete silence it is a buzzing industrious and efficient cleaning machine that possessed isolated gel batteries a remote control capable of completely configuring the device a powerful swinging back rear arm and a tow hook for towing applications the solar Ino also comes with a powerful back rake and a rear powered joint tow capable of handling loads that are more than 1,000 kilograms high vision the high vision clears your way this revolutionary device provides a new and innovative alternative to crane operation increasing productivity decreasing workload at the same time making massive savings on fuel its unique system of camera based technology makes it possible for the truck driver to do all he needs to right from the cabbage the controls are similar to those in video games and get really user friendly and easy to use once you become used to ozzie rim shine the Aussie rims shine is what you get when you mix perfection with an eye for detail this on vehicle wheel polishing machine is tailored to put the gleam back on your wheel while it's still on the vehicle the rim shine does just what it says on the box leaving your wheels as pristine as when you first added fixed it is important however to note that the rim shine should only be handled by professionals or under supervision of trained personnel because it requires proper safety measures such as the use of safety goggles and different steps need keen attention the rim tion can be used for both American and European alloys and provides the exact same perfect polish every time when it's used spike spider snow wheel the spikes fighter snow wheel is essential if you've got a car pickup or SUV and you mean to drive in winter under icy conditions the spike spider snow wheel can be used for a variety of vehicles including cars pickups and SUVs with no distinction for if they are rear drive front drive or all-wheel drive if you're concerned about the ease of installation of the spike spider snow wheel you shouldn't be the spiked spider systems are easy to install and can be attached in a couple of minutes the process is as follows first you should take off the decorative cover from the steel hub with the wrench that comes along with the product then separate the traction arms and attach them to each side of the tire bottom after this slip the spike spider device over the tire and attach the locking ring after this you can enjoy your ride even in extremely precarious weather conditions Pavin the pathogen has been described as the tesla of smart cities it is the brainchild of British entrepreneur Kimball cook who he had the idea to develop an interactive walkway in 2009 he has since gone on to raise millions of pounds around 3.1 million pounds from investors and 2 million pounds on crowd key for the purpose of building his team and extending this vision all over the world at present pathogen has installed 1,800 square meters of permanent and temporary interactive walkway across 200 projects in 30 countries including Nigeria Korea and Kazakhstan even now pathogens latest development though these retile is capable of producing five continuous watts of power as people tread on it a massive improvement over the first prototype designed by Kimball cook it is easy to see that this project is only gaining momentum with time as it is exciting to watch what this great product will become as it grows into its own Albany Z the Albany Z is an off-road lightweight rear floor camper trailer designed for people who like to travel light but still require a trailer the Albany is designed to be sleek and effective fully equipped with a 90 liter water tank a 100 amp hour battery butterfly screw steel poles and excellent kitchen items such as a stainless-steel gas stove with four burners slide-out workbench and dry rack and splash guards in addition to this the Alvin ez can be towed by a variety of vehicles and comes with enough space for a full queen-size bed and generous 50 millimeter thick mattress which ensures that you get a full night's sleep even on the road as if this wasn't enough you even get access to LED lighting six sockets and a large sink for tidying up your dishes on the road Nowak flood protection the no excellent protection device provides a powerful and above all mobile flood barrier that can be quickly deployed at the first sign of a potential flood and then removed when the threat is passed the Noack is reusable convenient to use and is automatically anchored by the weight of the flood water itself which gives a lot of room for the materials used in its construction to be as lightweight as possible the Nomad comprises of a 50 centimeter high barrier waste no more than five point five kilograms per running meter and weighs less than one percent of sandbags with all of the efficiency agbot to the agbot – robot may be an innovative solution for the global food crisis at least if it will be fully deployed all over the globe generally the agbot detects and eliminates weeds on farmland reducing the plant competition for sunlight and nutrients moreover the agbot can also help apply vital nutrients and fertilizers to crops making sure that they reach their full growth potential in addition to this the agbot ii is also capable of gathering information about crops and weather conditions which helps the farmers make informed decisions in order to maximize productivity it has been estimated that the AG pod can help save the Australian farming sector more than 1.3 billion dollars a year by eliminating weeding costs and improving crop yield system Meister TC 50 the system I Sturt ec50 is a marvel of modern engineering designed as an autonomous prototype of a revolutionary off-road crane and transport system the system Meister is the product of years of dedicated research and meticulous construction its features include a remote control track chassis where you can mount your crane rugged exteriors to handle a variety of road conditions and a sturdy frame strong enough to support loads exceeding 50 tons it performs all the tasks safely and with minimum stress this unique system is based on two heavy load transport crawlers used in combination with a detachable loading crane and telescopic crane units this combination of utility and design was acknowledged by sales manager heiko Hoss hence it is extremely popular with customers and is not at all hard to see why why are you waiting check out more exciting content from this channel if you enjoyed this video then hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe I'll see you guys in my next video peace and sayonara

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