A Day in the Life of a Harvard Student

So after my alarm goes off, I might use it a couple of times but I try to get up and not stay in bed too long and Then I always make my bed first thing It just helps me start the day with a clean room and the clean mind And then I’ll usually check my phones any text messages from last night that I missed And then I always check the weather because Boston weather is pretty variable and I like to be prepared for the day and pick out my outfit and Then I’ll just go to the hallway bathroom and brush my teeth Wash my face to my skincare routine and just get ready for the day and then I don’t do this every morning, but I try to do some yoga and stretch a little bit because I’m usually sore right when I wake up and I find that stretching just Helps me prepare for my day better and puts me in a really good mood And I love doing yoga, so I’m working on my practice And Then I do do this every day I like to meditate for like five to ten minutes because I find that it just really helps me clear my mind and get focused and kind of get rid of all of the Noise and the distracting thoughts that I’m always thinking about so it really helps me Just get my brain in a good mood for classes and just for enjoying things And Then I always make sure to take my vitamins every day So the ones that I use are by a company called care of and they’re actually partnering with me on today’s video so thank you so much care of and The thing I like about carob is that they’re all specialized to your needs and They all come in these personalized little packets with your name on them and like a quote or fun fact for the day So they’re actually really fun to take and Then it can be kind of difficult to know what you really should be taking and I know I’ve struggled with this So care of has this online quiz Where they will ask you questions about like your diet your lifestyle Your immune system kind of just your your body’s needs and then they will personalize the vitamin recommendations for you So you’re really only taking what you need to be taking just for your body So I really like this because everything is customized to my body and my diet and my exercise level So they know that I’m a student. They know that I’m vegan and Then they give recommendations based on that. So everything is specifically for me and like what I need to be taking and then it only takes about five minutes and then at the end you’ll have Personalized recommendations for vitamins and for proteins if you need them, so these are mine so I have a veggie Omega because I’m vegan so I can’t take fish oil, but I still want to get those omega-3s and then I also have plant protein because I need more protein in my diet and Then every month you’ll get delivered to your door your own personalized Recommendation so there’s my vitamin pack with my name on it and then protein with my name on it, too It’s just really cool and Then there’s also these little packets for on-the-go and they also have these little quick stick powders for a little pick-me-up So I got the ones for stress because I’m a student and I’m always stressed. So it really helps So Kara also has an app so you can set reminders to take your vitamins every day And then when you do take them you can work that you did so it’s like a little game and you feel very accomplished which I like and Then for 50% off your first order go to take care of comm and enter the promo code Sienna 50 Which is just for you guys. So I love taking them and I feel so healthy. So I really hope you guys do too So after I’m ready for the day I have a little bit of studying to do So my first class is Korean and I’m just doing a little bit of homework for that My handwriting is kind of bad don’t judge me, but I’m trying to get better And then I just packed my bag for the day and make sure I have everything and Set out for my first class Most days I have time to get breakfast in the D Hall But today I didn’t so I just went and picked up a green juice My first class of the day, it’s Korean and it’s in northwest labs so I had there Oh, that’s ok This is my section leader east song singing and she’s incredible, I love her I Have Korean every single day and I have so much fun in this class and Then after I’ll head to lunch and this is Annenberg the freshman dining hall and this is where we eat all of our meals Thank you And This year they put in a plant-based section, which always makes me so happy I always feel like hugging the dining-hall workers whenever I see the amazing vegan food that they made and Then this is my friend Jonathan and we were just grabbing quick lunch before our classes and he was showing off his tattoo Next I head to my Women and Gender Studies class, which is my favorite class, and I look forward to it every single week And Then after classes are done for the day all head to the Smith Center, which is the Campus Center and I have a job there so I work at one of the desks and just kind of point people in directions and tell them where the bathroom is and I got to do my homework while doing it so It’s pretty nice job And I usually sit there for about two or three hours. That’s usually the length of one of my shifts After my shift is over I get a text from one of my friends saying we should go study on the lawn in front of Widener Library Because it’s such a beautiful day. So we go put out a little blanket and Study, but also just kind of goof off. Ah This is one of my really good friends ma day, and she’s a junior So I’m always happy when she wants to hang out with a first-year like me and then after studying of it we had to Tante to get some coffee and like an afternoon pick-me-up and do a little more studying together We were actually doing our taxes together, which was pretty funny We both have no idea how to do taxes and we’re helping each other out Just used to let me buy her coffee and then bought mine And Tata is a favorite amongst Harvard students because it has really good food and coffee and it just has such a nice ambiance So I always come here to study and Then after ma day leads I really get to work on a draft for one of my papers for my expose class Which is like our expository writing class, which is a requirement for all freshmen Sometimes if I really need to focus I’ll go to a Widener, but I really like coffee shop vibes and the kind of background noise So I really do a lot of my studying in coffee shops and Then it’s back to the Berg which is what we call the freshmen dining hall and I’m getting dinner with my really good friend Lucy And Then after dinner we decided to go work out Which I usually like to do before dinner and I was really full so it probably wasn’t the best idea But we went and did some cardio So I like to go on the elliptical machines and I’ll usually go for like about an hour Maybe 45 minutes if I’m short on time and then I always listen to music because it helps me work out better So I’m listening to BTS, of course and make sure to stream map of the soul persona because it’s a really good album And then this is us looking all sweaty, but very happy after an hour-long workout and then we just go to Some ab work together. I try to work out about Five days a week, but it doesn’t always happen. So some weeks. It’s more like three some weeks if it’s really bad It’s more like one but I always try to get a workout in because I think it’s really important especially as a student you just cope with stress and Work your body break a sweat and it really helps with like my mental health and mental clarity. I think it’s really important and Then after I always make sure to stretch and Then straight from the gym. I head to my women and business committee meeting and this is my chair Samantha. She’s so cute I love her a lot. I really love my committee. We have a lot of fun And then when I get back it’s a little after 9 p.m. So I just shower and get ready for bed That is me goofing off in trying to be cute and Then after I’ve done my skincare routine, and I’m fully ready for bed. I get in PJs and Do a little bit of reading and this is Virginia walls to the lighthouse So I always like to read before bed because I think it’s a lot healthier than being on your phone Even though I’m definitely on my phone, you know, get off your phone at this point it’s about Midnight and I just switch off the light and go to bed into it all again the next day I Really? Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a day in my life and make sure to LIKE and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next Video. Thanks so much for watching

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  1. AHHH IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! thank you all SO so much for being so patient with this video. I'm super proud of it, and I hope it shows you guys a little more about my life and what a typical day here at Harvard looks like! leave comments down below and I'll try to reply to every single one. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST SUBSCRIBERS EVER <3
    p.s. spam the comments with purple hearts if you're an Army too!! 💜

  2. It’s ridiculous how people complain about she using his daddy’s money, i can see usually this type of people are just frustrated bc they can’t afford that life

  3. I also study in Harvard University and I am a junior I have seen this girl she is kinda always sad and annoyed IDK why .

  4. Hi Sienne from South Korea. I just finished watching your video for the first time, and I think I am fallen into your video and your  life as a Harvard student. I love the mood and atmosphere in your video, and of course I subscribed your channel.  Hope to see you very often, and thank you for making this lovely video!

  5. 5:19 If that part was in black and white, i would probably think that this is a Nazi concentration camp. Well i mean Harvard and that are technically the same thing.

  6. Waow lol… all these haters in the comments think they’re better by judging for doing what she loves in her life. I think people need to learn to do their own shit and be happy with their lives but sadly when people struggle with problems, they find comfort in judging others.
    Girl, Idk you and I don’t watch you but I’m proud that you’re doing what you want to do!
    At least you’ve got your life together unlike other people who’re judging you for your passion 💕💕

  7. I’m from the UK and am going my GCSEs this year. My godfather has informed me in all seriousness and no exaggeration that what we do for our GCSEs is what Americans do for university.

    I am a feminist but ‘gender studies’ is the single most useless degree. Her day seems so unrealistic and not stressful. I do more revision and work then her and I’m 16 in school.

  8. OMG. If I only knew that this is what Harvard students are like. THIS IS SOOO INSPIRING. Kindergarten is a lot more stressful

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  10. Bruh I wake up late everyday, stay in the bathroom staring my self in the mirror 10 minutes straight and shit for 20 minutes then always forget something when I’m off to school lol

  11. Imagine going to Harvard to learn what k-pop stars say and study feminism to prove men are weaker than women and be stressed all the time. Also eating plant proteins because eating dead animals is bad…

  12. bro I'm also at uni but except for studying and going to class I don't have any time to do other shit, how is that even possible

  13. My morning routine consists of me getting yelled at to wake up
    Then I shower
    Get ready and go to school

    Yeah I usually grab a water bottle and cookie and just go

  14. I really want to get in Harvard I’m 12 but when i get I older I wanna get in there but I am so stupid and dumb and I think I will never get in (sorry for my bad spelling and English)

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    Harvard where do I sign up

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