A Day Without The Internet – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP220

So in today’s Guide To Life,
we’re actually going to be doing a viewer suggestion. Somebody suggested that I should go 48 hours without social media, so… You are very cruel. So we’re gonna be modifying that a little bit, because 48 hours, you crazy ah you,
that is not possible okay. And we’re just gonna do one day without internet.
Okay? Compromise! I would say that on a scale of one to ten,
with regards to whether I’m a heavy internet user, I am definitely a freaking eleven la. What else are you gonna do in life without
the internet really? There are movies right where people go to
mountains and then there is no internet connection,
then they die cause some mutant attacks them and they lose their way and they have to end up being in some inbred person house who eats
them… that’s what I think will happen if you have
no internet. The rules for today is that I’m not supposed
to use the internet for the entirety of today, but if I really really need to, I can
but there is a forfeit and yep, my producers are not telling me what it is yet. So I guess later on I’ll decide whether it’s
worth it but I will try my very best to go without it. So, I just woke up and now I’m feeling very antsy
cause I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I must say this rehab is very tough, not working out well for me right now. So I think the first thing I’m gonna do is
to cheer myself up by eating a Magnum that’s in my fridge. Y’all really gonna just film me eating Magnum. Seriously. And the crew is very very mean,
they are not talking to me so I feel very alone and sad. I’m gonna soon give up and use my privilege
to WhatsApp them. Why is this so difficult to open? See I wanna write a complaint letter to
Magnum also cannot. My god, I’ve to go through snail mail. Dear company of Magnum,
the design of your box is very dumb, very difficult to open. Hmm probably my own fault for opening
it wrongly but yeah. Okay! I should probably unbox the stuff
that’s on my mantelpiece, it has started to crowd my house again. And the real boss of my house, which is Ellen,
she’s very upset about it. So maybe today I will just do that because I can film my unboxing and
it does not need internet. So usually I would do my unboxing here with this little stand that I got from Taobao. And I don’t usually use the light cause
my house is bright enough. So let’s start okay, open time. I’m using WutaCam which will make me look
chio-er. I am going to put my lenses on, how about that. Look at that, now I’ve blue eyes okay. Aha okay great. This is so weird that people filming me doing unboxing
when I am filming myself doing unboxing also. Hey guys doing some unboxing today… Okay, that was 30 seconds.
Should I do it again? Okay yes, I’ll do it again. This is going to be like very tedious for you guys. You know, I’ve to balance between being nice
to your clients but at the same time, cannot give them too much free, cause it still worth
money, the IG stories. So, have to keep it like, not too long. Okay so, I have done a lot of unboxing and
I’m very sick of doing it already, so I’m gonna stop even though I haven’t finished yet. But I did put a huge dent in the amount of
unboxing I’m supposed to do. So ta tang da dang. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty hungry
so I think it’s time for lunch so let’s go. Please let me know the place. There’s no fucking way I would know how to
go there. No way. Zero idea how to go there. How ar? Upper Boon Keng…Boon Keng is where? I’ve been driving for six years now, I’ve zero idea how to get to Boon Keng. Like zero. I don’t even know which expressway goes there. So I stay in Serangoon. Macpherson? It’s near Macpherson. Is it near
Macpherson? It’s near Kallang? So I should go KPE? Do not know. That is not possible la. Right now my phone is on airplane mode still. But I feel like I did download the Singapore
map on Google Maps. I’m gonna go try it to just kind of like see
if it actually works. Okay so if it works then I don’t need internet
to go there. How about that! Okay so does it work? Let me see.
Oh it said no network connection. Hello I thought I downloaded the map?
Oh…oh…oh… But I do have the map here,
I do have the map here so I can kind of look at where Boon Keng is,
and search for it. Kaki Bukit! Is it near Kaki Bukit?
Is it near Eunos? I don’t know. This is going to take a million
years. MacPherson! I feel like it is near MacPherson. Is it near Tai Seng? Oh my god, I feel like all the other Singaporeans
are like judging me. Should I just take a cab? Is that cheating? Okay, that is cheating.
So I’m supposed to navigate my way there without the internet. I’m completely stuck now. There’s no way. No dude I really cannot. Do you want to do a forfeit? I want to know what the forfeit is first. What is the forfeit? I am not feeling very confident about it because the crews are looking very very happy about this and I feel like they’re going to give me a jar of cockroaches or something. It must be parsley. I would not eat parsley for anything. What is it? No way! Cannot!
I knew it! I actually guess it. I cannot even eat that shit, hello,
I will just vomit, please. No! That’s not going to happen, guys. Fucking parsley sucks. It should be eradicated from this earth. This is abuse, I need to call MOM. What is the number for MOM, I don’t know cause I don’t have internet. But when I know… Hello, Clicknetwork is abusing their employees. Don’t download their App. Because you don’t have the Internet to download
it right! Oh my god! I guess my plan because I refuse to eat parsley, is to drive out my car, park along the road, flag down a cab, and then I will depend on him to navigate me. Now I look like a freaking like a street-side prostitute.
But okay. He’s stopping, he’s stopping, that’s great. I will start by asking him whether he knows how to go Upper Boon Keng market. Hello uncle, do you know how to go to Upper Boon Keng market? Can I pay you $20, you drive to Upper Boon Keng market and my car just follow your car. Yes! Yes, he got it. We can do it. Let’s go guys. I’m actually really surprised that the first uncle that I got actually knows how to go and he didn’t question the absurdity of this thing. He was just really cool, he was just like oh okay can, no problem. Hey hello, are we here? I think we are at the wrong location.
So I have to go down and tell the uncle and I hope that he manages to get it. Uncle I don’t think is this one. This is Upper Boon Keng? Ya, next to it is Upper Boon Keng. Next to it? Ya. Oh okay. So we are following his general direction
of pointing here. It looks like it maybe is that.
No, it looks like a generic Hawker Center. I do not know. I will ask somebody. Is this Upper Boon Keng? Okay, you know what the problem is,
I don’t even know how to get back to my car. Is it here? I think is here. Okay, so I guess we are at the Boon Keng market
but not at the Upper Boon Keng market. But according to her, it is pretty easy to go. But when she says turn left, her hand did
this sign, right? So that was right, so I’m very confused. I will go and ask another person and
I don’t want to be sexist but I’ll ask a man this time. Where is my car? Where’s my car? Y’all don’t be mean. Tell me where my car is.
Is it here? I will walk more towards the car because I’m very confused when people say this and that… yeah. And I feel very angry. I gave the uncle $20
and I still don’t know how to go and he was so confident and like positive
that he got the right place, but it is wrong. Haiz…really fuck my life. I don’t know what to do guys. Maybe I’ll eat the parsley. Maybe I eat a very very small sprig of it. I will eat the parsley. Give it to me. You didn’t bring the parsley, did you? Oh my god, why must you bring such a freaking
giant jar of it! Oh, uncle, uncle!
Wait stop! No parsley! Uncle is like it’s wrong, let me save u. Yes! I don’t need to eat the parsley! I cannot believe that stop in the nick of time by the uncle who is still hovering here. He could have gone around his merry way and what are the chances that
he would actually see us again after that. That is so cool of him. He’s a swell guy. Muacks, I love you uncle. You are the best, you are a blessing on this earth. You are the salt of the earth. What is that!!!! We are here! Upper Boon Keng Market
and Hawker centre. Yes. Bless you, uncle. Thank you, good job, you’re amazing, I love you very much. I reach Upper Boon Keng market now, I thought
it was very famous and gonna be really bustling, but since like most of the stores are closed
but regardless, let’s just eat lunch cause it’s getting late
and I’m really hungry. Alright so we just finished eating our lunch
and my lunch sucks cause I ordered some like white bee hoon and
there is celery inside and I accidentally bit into it. Not as bad as parsley but still it made me
blehhh, like, vomit it out. Usually, when I’m eating lunch,
I will be swiping my phone, kind of checking out messages, replying Whatsapp. When I was ordering my food, it just felt so natural to take out your phone and
check your messages you know. And it’s just like killing me a little bit
to not know what people are messaging me, maybe scalli nobody messages me la but you know,
it’s just that you feel like you need to check you phone. But I feel like so far, I’m surviving pretty
okay without it. But I feel that that is mostly because I do have the crew around with me and I can still talk to people. If I’m alone, I think I’ll feel much much
much worst cause I’ll be just bored out of my mind. Right now I’m gonna try and navigate myself
back home without using the GPS, I hope I can do it. And without using a cab driver as well. I am looking at my Google Maps now, maybe I can try to find my way back home hopefully. So I’m here right now, I just need to go onto
this white road, onto Bendemeer road So once I’m around this vicinity, I should
know how to go already. For a super direction idiot like me, this
is gonna be tough but okay I think I can because it is just one road,
one straight road, it’s not that hard right? Okay, no need to panic. I just need to make a u-turn. Okay so it turns out, it turns out that I can’t see it from this
map here but I can’t turn right, which means I need to go to that direction but I have to turn left. But it’s okay, I’ll make a u-turn okay. Okay okay okay… I need to… go in the wrong direction, okay okay… Make a u-turn, make a u-turn. Oh this car is super speed. Okay… How to make a u-turn where? Hmm, I don’t like this. Can I u-turn here? Cannot u-turn here, okay. Next one next one. Okay okay okay… I think I can u-turn here I can do this. Okay okay okay okay I’m on my merry way I just have to turn right here. Oh no! Oh no! Why am I not on the correct
road? No no no wait, I went wrongly ha! Anyway, we have sped past my house, so I am not supposed to be on this road. Nevermind, you know what, we will make a new
plan instead of going home now, I am going to try to go
NUTC and buy some food to cook maybe at home Okay, I’ll cook a soup for myself. A nice healthy soup. Okay got all my groceries, very very heavy, I think I went a little overboard in there. From here I think I should have no problems going back
I do drive here pretty often, before the days of RedMart. But I wouldn’t speak too soon because, with me, sense of direction is the only constant is that it’s constantly bad. So I’m home now and I have some time before
I have to go and pick Dash up from school. So I guess in between I’ll do some work.
I don’t need internet for that, so I guess I’ll go and do that now
no more procrastinating. Usually, when I’m asked to do work but not
being nag, I will not do it until I’m being nagged to do it. Usually, I will just be I guess a few days
late until it’s like… people tell me cannot procrastinate anymore
then I’ll just go and do things la. But yeah today, I’m being productive okay. I just have to erase away the background. Nowadays I typically used my phone to edit
my pictures, I find that it’s actually a lot easier. So I am not done yet but almost there, I managed to cut out most of the chilli and the area around the hand. But the rest is not cleanly cut out yet so I will continue
this because I need to go and pick Dash now. Hi…I got this naughty boy. Alright, now I will continue to try to edit
my photo while my son disturbs me from outside here. So I feel kind of productive I guess I did finish quite
a lot of the work that I’m supposed to do today. I guess I should not have internet every day. Okay next step I’m going to start cooking
some stuff. I am now currently going to make my soup. We are making what is traditionally known
as ABC soup which is just throwing a few random things into the soup to make it nice like potatoes and onions and carrot and then on top of that, there is also pork in the soup. Okay, you eat come. I feel right, the secret to a good soup is to number one, make sure you don’t have too much water, and number two, make sure that the meat that you put into the soup is fatty enough. I feel like that is essentially it. I have here with me baby asparagus, very fine ones. Just trying to make some little healthy snacks
for the crew to eat. All you have to do is to actually cut off the stems because the stems can be a bit fibrous if you bite it,
it’s not nice. Sprinkle some salt and some olive oil on the asparagus, put it into the air fryer and let it cook for about five minutes and you’ll be done. It is evening now, so I think my prison time
is going to be over soon. But in the meantime, I’m waiting for the asparagus to cook and I’m just very bored la and
waiting for my soup to be ready. So…I guess I’ll go play a game
that doesn’t require any internet. What is cute in Chinese Dash? It’s cutie(可爱). Come here cutie, you are my cutie. Apps that I used the most, I would say WhatsApp
is probably the most because I quite actively replying messenger, talking in the group chat
and stuff like that. Really?!?
Really?? actively responding to messages?? Okay except for…except for work messengers
which I sometimes will avoid. Okay, I think the asparagus is done. I’m just gonna put it here for everyone to
try, I hope it’s nice. So I guess it’s nightfall now, and I’ve gone through pretty much the whole of today without internet. And I am getting a little bit paranoid that
you know, people might be trying to contact me. So I’m really anxious to get back to my WhatsApp
and er in the meantime, I don’t know what Dash is doing, trying to dig up something that he wants us to fry for him. I would say so far it hasn’t really
been that much of a torture because I have had friends with me this whole time, so people talking to me, I’m not that bored la. I feel like if I’m alone at home, it would be worse. What else is there to do, I guess until my jail time up, I will maybe teach Dash some spelling? Dash, you want to come and do spelling or
not? Come come come… Piě, is this piě or nà? Sekali(what if) I teach wrongly. I have no internet to verify. I have no internet to verify. Oh my god! Yes! The ban of the Internet is over Dash, now mama can use Internet, high five! I finally got my internet back. Jail time is over and I am going to turn off my airplane mode now. Bye-bye airplane mode, bye! Yay!!! So I guess this is the first time in a really
long time that I spent the whole day without internet. Ultimately it wasn’t that bad, I had quite
an enjoyable day actually. And it was quite an adventure. To me, my favourite part of the day was that I didn’t have to eat any parsley at all. So luckily the taxi uncle saved me in the
nick of time, and it was just like oh my god. I cannot believe I spot him right before I was about to eat the parsley. I am now beginning to believe that he’s a hired actor by the producers to put me on a journey. The cons without internet is that… like you really don’t have some time to rely on,
you don’t really have a back-up plan. And I think humans are in general really over-reliant
on our electronics. So I would say some of the pros for today
is that I have learned how to navigator myself home from Bendemeer. And plus you know, without the internet distracting
me, I got a lot more productive. I did quite a lot of work today. So we’ve come to the end of today’s episode. I hope you guys enjoy spending the day with
me without the internet. And yeah, ironically you’re watching it with
your internet la. So if you guys have any other suggestions
for interesting future Guide To Life episodes, please do leave a comment below and let us know and who knows, maybe your idea will be chosen and for those of you who participated in suggesting stuff, I really enjoy reading all your suggestions, thank you very much. And of course, before you go, don’t forget
to like, subscribe and also download the Clicknetwork app so that you can watch our videos before
they come out on YouTube. Okay, bye!

50 thoughts on “A Day Without The Internet – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP220

  1. What an experience! Super😁
    These days without single use of internet life is not easy. But i prefer less internet.

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  3. Well, we student if we don’t work good at school our parents take our internet, phone, etc away so we can concentrate on studies………. so we are used to it

  4. Wow U're lucky the uncle is still there to bring u to the right place!! I think a better challenge for u is not to touch your handphone at all for the whole day, not just the internet. 🤭

  5. Omg I would actually die without internet for that long!!! Last time my W-Lan crashed for 1 hr and I thought I might actually die haha :'D I'm doing a lot of things without the internet BUT always watching some show or listening to audio books while doing it! And I also know the feeling of being paranoid that someone needs to contact you bc something happend, especially when my husband is at work or something… I guess the Internet really is a drug haha 😀
    Dash is so cute btw! I remember him still being very small in your Disney Videos, but he grew up so fast! 🙂

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  7. I was off facebook for 2 months and have dropped internet for a full month before. It's honestly the best thing I did lol so I take a week break out of each month to refresh.

  8. This is why I'm glad to be a millennial (born in 86!!). We lived almost half of our lives without internet & by the time smart phones & all these modern conveniences came along, we were taught how to do things old school. Like even basic office work that's now being taught in college I learned at home & in high school. I love to hear the confusion in people's voices when I say I need to draw up a cover sheet for faxes or research something. We DO need technology due to changing times, but like Xiaxue said, we can't be over reliant on it.

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