A Real Spectrum The Cable Company SCAM Hear The Call Customer Service Fail (Turn On CC)

The Cable Company? Naga, waga kariku? huh? You don’t??? Hmmmmm….Interesting. Did I say somebody “tagged” my door? As if I’m looking at their work order??? Smh Their job maybe??? Awkward moment of communication confusion!!! lol What kind of order is it??? Yes. I mean, No. I mean, I’m not sure. Not Actually SCHEDULED??? My appointment??? Friday, July 7th, 2017??? From 8-9??? ok. Scheduled, but NOT scheduled??? Cue Bullshit An appointment with no date? Or time? Wow! 999999999?????? Lmao! Am I seriously suppose to believe this load of crap???? Sometimes a “Supervisor Order Will Be Like This”??? Again…Confirms my appointment??? Same question. Because “I don’t know what’s going on sir”??? smh. Again Claims there is “no work order’ and nothing on that “work order”, that she doesn’t have Accountability? Claims she called ME to figure out HER work oder MY issue??? Confirmation on what order??? Maybe if they had showed up for the appointment, we wouldn’t be having this conversation??? I do NOT have the proper splitter in my house box outside. Yet, we have been paying a premium price for a service that should have been installed correctly back in December of 2016. It is a 3-way. The standard, is a 2-way. Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not. lol More like 2 hours. Is she really interrupting me? And trying to talk over me? Wow! Great listening skills!!! I wanted an “un-authorized disconnect’??? Sounds like work order notes to me. An order that does NOT look like an order? Ok. Now, I’m REALLY confused. Yes? Or No? That something was put into the computer? Hmmmm…I wonder what they put into the computer? Not REALLY an appointment??? No time frame or nothin? (Wednesday the 5th) apt made for Friday, July 7th, 2017. From 8-9am…lol One @ a time please! What order? He said, she said what? Supervisor? Technician? What? Huh??? Yes. I can ask for whatever I want. I dislike the word “NO”. Yeah, because I’m an idiot that doesn’t listen. Right? Same question. I guess I’m wrong and we’re arguing now??? I’m not sure though. Here she goes again with the “order is not an order” nonsense. An open invoice? But not an actual order? Wth does that even mean? Right. Because I’m stupid right? Or ignorant? You don’t have any trucks??? Don’t the supervisor’s drive trucks? Very funny conversation. I assume, since we are both laughing now, that I am no longer stupid and glad that we have settled our differences and stopped arguing. Why would you assume I am not following what you’re are saying? Please stop talking to me like I am a toddler! The technician? Or Supervisor? When you agree with everything they say, because they have a dizzying intellect. Say what? “Roll to your house”??? Huh??? Not a concern. A fact. Good customer service??? Yeah right! Did she just agree to my terms? For the love of god lady, STOP INTERRUPTING ME!!! How rude??? Smh Accountability question??? FAIL!!! No trucks? Automatically close??? Speak English lady! And how does any of this make any sense? Is it a good thing I called? Because I might have been ignored, AGAIN, had I not??? And you’re telling me, as the escalation rep, that you are lost and confused??? So, who f’d up? “Bye Bye. As a no truck”??? She loves to baby talk me. Apologizing for something someone else did. (TACKY) So, someone may or may not give a shit??? A problem with the service could be anything. Customer service. Or service not working properly. Could be a billing concern as well. Be sure they are PERMANENT LIES that you are claiming to be documenting against me!!! Communication professionals? SERIOUSLY??? WRONG. What a joke and waste of America’s time and $. Sorry to interrupt. Because I’m 3, and have no clue what that word means??? NO!!! Ummmm…what? What exactly did I tell you? Allow me to correct the communication specialist, who doesn’t know how to listen, or stop interrupting me! How would my account information or details show an improper install??? That’s interesting, because a technician was at our house 2 days prior, on July 5th, 2017. Which, for the record, was a trouble call!!! FACT. “Ohhhh.”..(moment of realization). It’s not a plot retard. It’s not wired correctly!!! If anyone is stealing, it’s YOU, the cable service provider!!! Totally un-ethical to claim our service is exclusive , if another customer has an additional modem off the same drop. Do you get it now? Yet her computer shows I requested an un-authorized disconnect??? She confirmed earlier in the conversation that “999999” meant, “supervisor invoice”. Probably??? haha! Definitely poor customer service for commuincation specialists!!! Thank you for interrupting me. AGAIN!!! It’s all about the he said she said bullshit! And what makes me believe that you are any more competent than any one else in your company??? That’s over 2 hours of wasted time and money of a customer and the company!!! Good job!!! So, I guess you have to schedule an appointment about your service with a technician’s supervisor? Not the Call Center. Interesting. YES!!!!!! So, you have to call the call center, to have a supervisor call you back to make an appointment for an issue with your service? And they may or may not reach out to you or even care? Again, interesting. Why not? Did you just raise your voice at me lady? Long pause….. Get it right. I called the call center!!! Same Question. So it’s an open work order? But nobody called or showed up for my appointment. Just not making sense. SO MUCH BULLSHIT!!! Because 1) somebody isn’t doing their job, and 2) they just don’t care! Like I said. DO NOT USE SPECTRUM!!!

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  1. the way their billing system works you actually can have a work order and it not be scheduled. and the person before her apparently didn't put detailed notes on it or any notes so this girl would have no clue what's happening with it.

  2. She spoke over the customer repeatedly. She is asking the customer to figure out what is going on in her computer. she retracts and offers nothing solid several times. She did not do her research prior to making/answering the call. This is a classic example of horrendous, inefficent customer service.

  3. Amazing how this "woman" took up another 15 minutes of your time blathering on, when you already knew there's a systemic problem with appointments. Not sure your issue with drops brings a throughput problem, but this employee should be somewhere other than telephone duty.

  4. It seems like a really shady company I called them yesterday to get a price on internet service they actually called me 6 times today from 6 different numbers and most of the numbers you call back and there's no connection so I think this company is just a scam I'm not doing business with them they gave me a price yesterday I told him no they called me back today like I said 6 different numbers finally I picked up one and the guy talked to me and gave me the exact price as of yesterday and I told him I'm not interested plus it's very seems like a scam company and I don't do business with scam companies

  5. The reason you're appointment date was 99/99/9999 is actually an appointment that has been canceled, it sounds like the rep who scheduled the appointment setup a regular trouble call or truck roll and possibly entered the incorrect contact number if you hadn't received the auto confirmation call, and if no one confirms the appointment it will be canceled and set to 9's in the date field. And a "no truck" order is for things like upgrading your TV service from select to silver, it's entered as no truck because it's entered through the computer and verified over the phone , which does not require a truck roll. So she apparently was unfamiliar with the scheduling process. As far as someone leeching off of your line , that shouldn't be possibly because we run cable box audits automatically and you aren't able to have a box attached to an account at a different address than where it's serviced . And you would see the additional hdreceiver in your billing statement. Did you ever get your problem resolved? And if you have any other questions I can probably answer them

  6. This happened to my grandmother, they should of stayed as bright house, no phone call, no show, we set an appointment 3 times. Then someone finally came out and the first guy who did it, put in wrong splinters too, then whoever took our appointment put it in wrong too. They need to get their shit together.

  7. Dude u just want 6 months of service that u paid for for free . Buddy u ain't getting shit! No the law first before u call customer service . U just got fool for being a fool lmaoo

  8. Try calling late at night see what you get and ask what part of country am I calling see what she tells you idea

  9. A supervisor will not show up to your house to do an appointment who ever told you that told you to shut you up, a 99/99/99 appointment is a future dated order that was scheduled wrong you where probably being an ass and the person didnt want to deal with you. treat these people with respect and they will gladly help you.

  10. I feel for you buddy. We have been fighting these people for over three years!!! Still, no results. Still SLOW internet. and same exact piss poor customer service from our local office right on up to their corporate office.

  11. Do you realize on the actual hard line there is a “tap” which is a splitter everyone runs off of … There is one feed in all reality and why would you need a sup out??? A average tech can cut the neighbor off and verify everything your the reason why “I” as a technician get bitched at all the time … are you a fucking tech how do you know what splitters we use if you know so much about cable why not fix it yourself

  12. It was an open order, the previous rep this poor dude happened to talk to was an idiot. The previous rep never finished the order and it hung in an open order status. The current rep is just super confused as to why the order was never finished and why the previous rep told you a supervisor was coming to your house. The only place supervisors at spectrum go are either the break room or the smoke shack. They're all worthless.

    You were super polite and patient with this rep which is very rare.

  13. Do you know how cringey it is to watch you with that stupid cigarette hanging out of your mouth with a smirk? Do you not have anything remotely better to do than to harass actual working people? Take a life lesson from Robin Williams and hang yourself.

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