A See-Through PC Case??

behind me is the latest prototype from singularity computers the guys that have been behind some of the craziest computer mods in the world and their Spectre case which should begin shipping to consumers in the next few months isn't just compatible with water cooling it integrates water cooling directly into the case with a pump and a reservoir built right into the back panel so then let's build an unnecessarily powerful computer in it right what are we waiting for this message from our sponsor synergy – synergy – makes sharing one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers so simple and seamless that anyone can use it check it out today at the link below the first steps were to take off the top panel thread our motherboard standoffs into the acrylic backplate and add an RGB strip to the top for some sweet sweet edge lighting action next we added plugs to our triple 120 millimeter radiators from bits power to a avoid a repeat of last time then we pre tapped the radiator holes and tried to attach them to the case but without luck our case is actually a little bit too thick so we're gonna have to live without our orange anti vibration dampers the wires for the RGB and front i/o then needed to be hidden under the front panel and as it turns out front USB wires are a lot thicker in real life than they are in CAD so getting the front panel back on was quite a struggle something that should be fixed in the next prototype now the choice of CPU for this project was pretty easy we went with the 18 core core I 979 ATX e extreme edition and since the point of this case is no compromises water cooling well we took our CPU for a spin in our der Bauer X 299 D living tool replacing the stock thermal compound with a very light application of liquid metal now we're not expecting to break any world records but we would like to get close and replacing the Tim on these chips is a must for the best overclocking results our GPU choice was equally simple but Titan V is the most expensive and most powerful consumer ish card on the market now to water cool this bad boy you first remove all the screws from the bottom to release the factory heatsink and wow holy crap there's a lot of thermal compound in here so the next thing you'll need to do is clean all of that off replace it with some thermal grisly cry knot and then attach Ashram XE full cover water block like this one from bits power the motherboard a prime X 299 deluxe from Asus is also getting the water cooling treatment now if you guys think that the theme of this build is water cooling then you are wrong if LTT orange and black duh anyway we removed the vrm heatsink added thermal pads and then screwed on our bits power full cover block with the components installed we threw in 128 gigs of Triton see RGB Ram you gotta fill up all those slots right installed our fittings and then got down to planning out the loop so for the first couple of hard line bends it was basically measure cut bend test fit get the length perfect and then move right on to the next but as we progress through the loop the bends got increasingly difficult like this little guy up in the corner here needed to be done freehand something that Alex had never done before and while the rest were made a little bit easier with our brand new kit from alpha cool it needed a little bit of modification [Applause] so now it's gonna be totally straight up and down perfect a couple more bends later the loop was complete so for storage we used three one terabyte SSDs in raid zero so that's you know pretty cool for wow factor but not quite as cool as the RGV SSD covers from v1 tech that we installed on them so huge shout out to Hasan for those and for the LTTE themed GPU backplate with the computer temporarily wired up to our C Sonic 1,000 watt 80 + platinum power supply we were ready to see if it posted and oh wow well you know what it's okay it just wouldn't be an LT T themed build if it powered on the first time would it so to fix the problem Ivan and Alex came in on a Sunday to completely disassemble the computer and test everything as it turns out the culprit was some errant silicon this stuff is used to glue deleted cpus back together but some of it got on one of the contact pads on the bottom already so after reassembly and some finishing touches it was time to fill the loop with tap water to check for leaks and confirm that it was in fact totally working then drain it and add some orange premix to finish off the LTTE look so with the build done we think it looks awesome but if you haven't decided if you agree yet sit back and enjoy some eyeball tickling glam footage [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it was never but don't be fooled into thinking that this is just a pretty face as expected thanks to the ample radiator mount points and the open design of the specter not to mention our high quality cooling blocks the thermal performance of this thing is nothing short of fantastic so at stock clocks we left this thing running Unigine Valley benchmark overnight and the max CPU core temp was 43 degrees with the Titan V topping out at 42 while boosted to an outstanding 1912 megahertz then after some overclocking things got even more interesting so check this out with all 18 cores running at 4.8 gigahertz Cinebench looks a little something like this the brow crazy I mean there is basically nothing this thing cannot absolutely – through it's a total beast and while it's hardly an amazing price to performance machine in terms of raw benchmarking prowess it scored number five in the world taking that spot for Canada in 3d mark and that is with a single graphics card pretty flippin astonishing so yeah it costs 11 grand but basically nothing on the market can beat it for performance or my opinion for looks so special thanks to James from singularity computers for all his help getting this put together we are stoked to see the final product from you guys when it hits the market almost as 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49 thoughts on “A See-Through PC Case??

  1. I'm glad that you built an intel system in a case called Spectre. It's basic irony but I'll take it.

  2. im okay with hardware porn, but i kinda get annoyed when people spend all this money on a pc they'll never use

  3. how to make an otherwise beautiful build look and perform like crap…fill your liquid cooling reservoir with a crap tone of air bubbles…pretty sure that kills the vue swirl effect too, otherwise..holy crap i need it.

  4. love the song love the build. now that is out of the way. pelase hit that sombich with Lil Windex 😀

  5. With that lighting, acrylic, and that cooler block this is one of the sexist builds you guys have ever done.

  6. What do you guys do with all of the builds that you have created over the years? You give them to the top commenters right? 😉

  7. This is sickest build I've ever seen. And I don't even say the word "sick" but I don't know what else to call it. The restrained single color lighting is tasteful while simultaneously epic. I get desensitized sometimes watching LTT but I'm in awe. It belongs in an art museum.

  8. I love cases & reservoirs like this but I hate the extra expense of including a crap pump just make it compatible with our existing D5's and quit wasting our time & money

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