ABANDONED VENDING MACHINE FULL OF MONEY! We found money breaking into an abandoned soda machine!

dude there is a crap ton of money in there hey what's going on guys it's a been an exploration squatted today we have another abandoned vending machine to break into we recently made a video on a different abandoned vending machine which you guys might seen that video absolutely exploited you guys loved it we had tons of positive feedback and we found over $100 so when we got the opportunity to go do a different abandoned vending machine and see what's inside it of course we're gonna take it and if you guys enjoy this kind of stuff make sure to let me know down in the comments because we come across this kind of stuff all the time like abandoned vending machines abandoned payphones abandoned saves all kinds of stuff and you guys like this we'll make more videos and I know I said this before but you guys didn't know my dad is actually a demolition contractor so that's how we're able to get these abandoned buildings and pretty much take whatever we want and do these videos and what that means is whenever he gets the building signed over to him everything that's left in these abandoned buildings now belongs to him and that's a big part of his business the salvage part alright guys this is my dad he's the demolition guy and he's gonna be the one breaking into this so he's gonna explain how he's going to do it hey guys how's it going last time we did this try using a slide hammer drilling into the lock with a screw and using the slide hammer to pull the lock we're gonna try that again hopefully it works on this one it's a lot easier if not we'll try drilling the lock out like we did on the last one this one looks like it might be hardened all the way around it so I don't know if a drill bit will work on that or not and if that doesn't work we're not planning on saving this machine because it's so old and beat up looking and we're gonna just cut through the side and cut the screw that goes in that holds the door shut that's attached to this and when we get right in it let's get started gotta get it popped out a lot 200 yen wow those quick the other ones look like 10 minutes we have to go through like 20 drill bits the other one had brass so the screws just stripping on in the middle this one doesn't have the brass in the front so it held tight it's probably an older Relaxo it's a lot weaker they must have changed them because people were getting in them too easily hey we're in alright wisdom things old boy the money go door like the other dude there is a crap ton of money in there holy shit no fucking way check this out come over you oh my god I we just pull this whole thing out of there grab all the different oh my god look at that it's gotta be at least like a hundred dollars Rite Aid this is unbelievable can't believe they didn't empty this out oh my god keeps coming and we just hit the jackpot oh I see some change in there too look right thing oh that's loaded to the top grab that oh my god see it's a good like 20 pounds of change right they it's like halfway full you guys can tell this is crazy there's still like two quarters in the change slot right there but we don't care about dying now is there any in the coordinates hangover sounds different you pulled the box alright oh dude it's loaded oh my god what's selling no quarters nickels dimes and it's full the top as you can see are almost full the top and this one's up to here oh it actually says the amount – that's almost at 15 bucks yeah look it's about I'm gonna say 40 no one's that like that's all the way over the top that's about three dollars and uh that one's that like I'm gonna say ten dollars you guys can read that but yeah that is loaded to the top okay let's let's actually count the stuff I don't know how we're gonna count all this change but I'm gonna say we got easily over a hundred dollars and ones right there this looks like more than last time man I can't believe didn't empty this out before they been in the building who would just leave all this money and they this building is probably an abandoned for three years so nobody's touched this and I can't people just left all this in there oh my god oh those are probably been in there since before it closed let me try one they're probably expired but coke said I'm not sure what that one is it probably says on the front it's so oh they're all old and dusty or at least the top is brisk iced tea got Orange Crush and mom do and that's about it I guess let's see there was there was more drinks on the front right I guess they must have been out of those we've put it closed alright so I'm gonna guess there's probably a hundred dollars in singles and then maybe fifty in change that is at least like a good 20 pounds of change right there plus all the money inside they're still so – honey what do you say my guess 8080 all right how much you change if you pick up like a handful this is like yeah that's like four bucks in I think it's mostly quarters yeah it looks like I was wrong 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 dan and I was right on the money let's check out the chain how much was in it lasts between you remember looks like more changer for sure that's all the Train still inside big bro a lot of force yeah majorities corgis oh that's that's probably more than 50 honestly there's also probably close to hunter research yeah we'll probably take to the bank though to get he coming up all right man what a nice payday I'm gonna say what do you think way over probably over 200 total for a couple minutes of breaking this up and the other one took way longer this one was a lot easier to old locks were easier in the last video you guys mentioned checking the chain to see if I mean it's silver and we completely forgot to do that we took it straight to the bank but we're definitely knew that this time there is a lot more change in I'm sure there's at least a few silver coins in there so we'll check it for sure and we get home before we wrap this up when do a taste test really quick and see if this soda is actually so good you guys think it's a few years expired but we'll taste it see how it tastes I'll take come on dude no Coke do you see like nobody bought that one so all right ready it's not terrible alright still big lot can go pretty good oh it's still drinkable you're gonna save them taking them home we could get the XP you want me to set all right take that yeah I'm not a fan of this one I don't know it's just cuz it's a holder this one's pretty good coke never goes bad so we still say it needs I mean oh no they're pretty cheap of asura so you guys can drink them I think this thing is still full finding is that the business that was in here went into bankruptcy he got forced out by the owner his business has been here for I can't even count how many years that's why this machine's so old but this machine got left behind and a few other items that were sold off by her demolition company I were about to take our money and get out of here but I want to give a quick shout to my dad before we leave if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be able to do videos like this like this is such a unique opportunity and I really appreciate it and he's just a great dad thank you if you guys like this video make sure you leave a like on it and subscribing we'll do some more also leave a comment down below saying what do you want to see next and make sure you post notifications on so every time we post you get notified and that's it we'll see you in the next one squat out

22 thoughts on “ABANDONED VENDING MACHINE FULL OF MONEY! We found money breaking into an abandoned soda machine!

  1. maybe its their very own business! the real money is on the number of views over a million views! congrats!

  2. Amazing how there were clean finger print marks on the dusty coin holder before it was opened…even the screw was missing…

  3. Doesn't that vending machine belong to a company. I don't know all the guide lines on that but stealing is stealing that money belongs to somebody right??

  4. I remember going to a laser tag/arcade once with a group went to all the machines with some jammed and came back with too much change that I had to have people reach in my pockets to get it out just to keep my shorts from falling off ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. wow good for you guys finders keepers I use to refurbish old laundromats and I was in charge of renovation you'd find quarters in the machines and the dryers have a special trap door where I find gold chains money anything that's left in people's clothes

  6. How can they say twenty pounds in the coin bit if they donโ€™t have pounds in America/Canada

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