According To Kids – Life Before the Internet – CBC Kids

A long time ago,
there was no internet. There was no internet. And that might be probably
in the 1986ís. There was a boy,
he went to the forest. He found magic jewels
and he asked one of the magic jewels
if it could find internet. And it just magically
turned into internet things that you
would probably use. And then that guy,
he was like, “Whoa. How did this
magic jewel do that?” And then, he got all
the magic jewels and he got a pile of wood
to make something by the forest entrance
so he could sell the magic jewels. The people that lived
where thereís no internet, they had to throw rocks
to email people. There would be
a sound like “Chh!” And then they would know
they had an email. As children:
I got the rock. Why didnít you send
a rock back? Because my rock
was too heavy. Couldnít throw it. Okay. Whatís it say? Do you have
any small rocks? Yes, I do. # [old time piano]

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