Acer Chromebook Tab 10 & How to Manage Chrome Devices | Tips and Tricks Episode 5

hi everyone in this episode we're going to look at managing Chrome devices in your school or district we'll jump in to the admin dashboard and talk through some best practices and settings that you should enable for your school or district before we dive right in you might have heard that a few weeks ago Acer announced the Chromebook Tab 10 a new tablet device running Chrome OS that you'll be able to manage in exactly the same way as all of your other Chromebooks that means you can have a shared cart of tablets where users easily log in and out just like they would on a Chromebook and have all of their apps and settings that are ready for them the Chromebook Tab 10 is a really beautiful device it has a nine point seven inch screen 32 gigabytes of internal storage with space for a microSD card and it even comes with a built in Wacom stylus which means you can get creative on the fly we'll have a deeper look at the Chromebook tap 10 including some hands-on very soon for now though let's jump into the admin dashboard and take a look at some of those settings that you could set up for your Chrome devices and your G suite users so here's the admin dashboard we're going to click on device management here and choose chrome management on the left hand side on this screen we actually get two options one is for user settings which affect users no matter which device they're logged into and the other is device settings which affects all devices in that particular organizational unit will start with device settings and I just want to talk you through some of the key settings on this page the first here is for story enrollment and that means if a student manages to wipe the device or put it in developer mode they can't actually do anything until it is real old into your school's domain next up is a message that will appear if the device is disabled and you can turn on guest mode which allows people to use the Chromebook without logging in as a user I recommend turning this off in schools we can even restrict Chromebooks to only allow particular users from my school domain to login and one of my favorite settings here is to autocomplete the domain name on the login screen particularly helpful for younger students we can also decide whether user names and photos are shown on the logins Green or we just get a simple box to type our username and password now let's jump into the user settings by clicking chrome on the breadcrumbs here and then user settings from the menu and again I'm just going to pick out some of the key settings on this page that I think are worthwhile setting up for your school or district so let's start with some of these enrollment controls we can decide when we enroll a Chromebook which organizational unit that we can see on the left hand side that Chromebook is added to and you can have it placed in the öyou where the user enrolling it exists which is helpful you can also change enrollment permissions so that anybody can enroll devices which means you can have students help you enroll devices from large deployments a massive time saver and they don't require any kind of admin access in the Android section here you almost certainly want to allow Android apps particularly if you're in a one-to-one Chromebook environment and that's really going to allow you to unlock everything that a Chromebook and the Google Play Store have to offer the idle settings here are particularly helpful and I like to set the action on lid close to logout that's really helpful in a shared cart environment if a student is logged in they simply close the lid to be logged out and finally the show logout button entry is super helpful it saves an extra click by displaying a red Sign Out button in the bottom right of the Chromebook shelf and don't forget all of these settings will be exactly the same and available for the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 as it simply runs on Chrome OS in exactly the same way as a Chromebook that's it for this month but don't forget to join me next time for even more information including a hands-on with the Acer Chromebook tab tap you you

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