Acer | Veriton Business Desktops

maintain excellence with acer our devices will help your business overcome the challenges of an intense workload through technologies that actually matter technologies aimed at achieving more our cage allows you to liberate your PC through expansion without hassle the cade requires no tools or screws simply mount two SSDs slide in the cage plug and go pre-nup IT resources to work on other projects make the office a place of calm serenity by reducing ambient noise which results from the audible vibrations in pcs customized rubber grommet absorbers on the cage reduced noticeable vibration resonance fully patented and lab tested the mounts will help maintain a quieter work environment so that noise is never an issue know exactly when your PC needs the attention of IT staff with our health indicator in short a steady blue light indicates that your PC is healthy and problem-free while a blinking red light means something is wrong Acer Control Center IT staff can more effectively discern the issue and solve the problem maintain your PC efficiency by adding a dust filter which will protect your PC from fan clogging dust and extend its lifetime the filter itself is lightweight magnetic and easy to attach if it requires cleaning simply remove the filter and wash as needed found in all a survey written commercial desktop products these technologies will help your business reach new levels of real actualized efficiency and productivity Acer easy and reliable

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