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Ah, yes, we’ve
all heard that myth: the solitary tech innovator, the genius singlehandedly
changing the world. But it’s way wrong. Tech companies are actually
taking over the world. And they’re doing it
with our government’s help. Here at CORI,
we’re harnessing innovation,
so that we can make the world a better place all by ourselves. Hey, bruh.
You need any help or taxpayer money
or whatever? Dude! Not right now!
Cut! (bell rings) (man)
All right, everybody,
let’s take five. Todd had help? Not just Todd, all of Silicon Valley benefits
from government money. And sometimes even
government technology. In fact, the US government
invented the fundamental tech that became the internet. Hey, who wants to use this cool
new technology I invented that connects computers? ♪♪ Uncle Sam also gave
a $4.5 million grant to the search engine that
eventually became Google. And a half a billion dollar
government loan jumpstarted the release of Tesla’s
first car. Thanks, man. We’ll totally pay you back with, like, making
people’s lives better or more convenient, or… I don’t know, whatever. But why would Todd,
I mean, tech companies, say they did it
all on their own? Because it lets them pretend
they don’t owe us anything. Let’s be clear, the problem
isn’t that tech moguls took money
from the government, it’s that while
these companies we invested in
rake in billions, taxpayers like you
and me are getting screwed. Normally, if you invest
in a company, you get to make money
when the company profits. But that’s not the relationship
we taxpayers have with Big Tech. In fact, quite the opposite. (laughter) Tech companies are infamous
for funneling funds through places like
the Cayman islands, Luxemburg,
and Ireland to avoid paying
their fair share
of taxes. Hey, guys, any chance
you can chip in for that ‘za? Or like the roads the pizza
driver used to get here? Sorry, dude, all our
cash is in Ireland. (laughter)

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – How the Government Created Tech Monopolies | truTV

  1. Think about it: In the past, if the government wanted to spy on you actual people had to follow you around, they'd try to bug your home or office, intercept your phone calls, etc. They had to do a lot of work! But now… now WE volunteer ALL there is to know about our lives! If the government dictated that we must wear a tracking device 24/7 we'd be up in arms. There would be war. But the reality far exceeds their wildest dreams. Not only do we have multiple tracking devices, with cameras and microphones, but we actually PAY FOR THEM! They are on us or near us at all times, 24/7, 365 days. We take them to the toilet. They are listening in our living rooms (smart speakers). They take our pulse and monitor our sleep (wearables). We are a hyperconnected society, but are we more united?

  2. Dems love the government yet hate monopolies. Republicans hate the government unless they help their companies take over. Both ironic. This is where both parties come together and have something in common…

  3. Usually I like your debunks, but this one was more "bunk" rather than debunk – as stated below the stuff around internet was really simplified and pulling tesla in this is just because "tesla" is trendy word – yes tesla got a "loan" from gov (roughly 500 mio bucks, already paid back), but thats a spit in a pond, what all the other companies get in the tax reliefs or straight up "gifts" like those 50 bilion USD to GM so they dont go under (closing now 5 factories in US?). Also, I dont see the connection….did US (the goverment) came up with electric car? I suggest it was some european who came up with electric car rather than US. So putting tesla in this video is straight BS on your part man

  4. judge people as indiviuals not for the groups they were born into, you wouldn't want your parent's F if you earned straight A's, would you? Then don't judge an individual for what their ancestors [and/or members of their identity groups from the past] did, it is bigotry

  5. Dude Tesla isn't shitting on us, they are driving electric car tech for the people not for themselves. Also Tesla is trying to make their cars cheaper, so the could get people to use electric cars and give the planet some more lifetime. ALSO Tesla gave away their motor patents, which are an open source for everyone now. I wouldn't call that evil in any way.

  6. This is totally short sided. The US government gave so much to these companies in exchange to jobs in the US, consolidate US as a tech leader, and have total control of local and foreign personal data.

  7. well its the rich lazy Bourgeoisie like you and your Liberal Viewers that have made the monster of Amazon and Apple using slave labour so you can spend it on overpriced crap to fill your shallow unfulfilled lifes.
    And in the process create the very same sort of crony capitalists the Nazis used to control and rule people welcome to a hell of your own making

  8. Why are you so lefty an lack of facts, stop pandering to the retards that don't understand simple 6th grade economics. So anti-America so pro-Venezuela aka socialism at its best.

  9. not sure what i despise more, the idea of gov being directly involved in tech, or the idea that im funding such shitty companies as google or amazon with my taxes

  10. You conveniently forgot to mention that Elon Musk paid the governmental loan 8 years before deadline plus $22 mil in interest. Also, part of the agreement was that the Tesla plant is kept in California.
    Not a bad deal for the taxpayer, you genius.

    Less overly dramatic acting and more critical thinking, please.

  11. Adam's talking about how bad Amazon is, well if he thinks it's bad, just makes me that much more comfortable using them now, was on the fence before but after seeing this think I will go apply for there prime program now, thank's Adam.

  12. Wow the government get all this money to liberals in their major companies. But yet you're not going to pay for a wall WTF. But I'm a guest Working Class People don't matter right

  13. man… liberals are devouring each other. all of these big tech companies are run by the same SJW, anti american, far left wing nuts that you seeing screaming in the streets. the only difference is that they are capitalists.

  14. I would be curious to see "Adam Ruins Special Education" (ie: programs for students with learning disabilities). Went through those myself in school, and while I have seen some improvement, they're still not very good at actually being helpful, mostly because they don't seem to understand the actual situation of the students and what their needs are to cope and work around their impairments in the long run in the real world (and also tended to treat us like we were incapable of actually going to college).

  15. well, if I want a classic anti tech and big companies liberal communist signaling content, i know where to go apparently.

  16. But tech companies employ people, create goods and services people need and want, so shaddap already…. the economy is and has always been about the SPEED of money, whizzing around faster and faster, because when there are sales, there are taxes; when there are employees, there are taxes…. why shouldn't this RUIN focus on whether the end-product is indeed valuable?  For example, electric cars that don't sell well because the technology isn't good yet — greedy CEOs that took the gov't cash, shut down the company and left the country — or stupid gov't giveaways that backfired badly because they (1) ended up causing people to buy FOREIGN goods instead of AMERICAN goods or (2) ended up causing people to buy things they didn't need or (3) rescued companies and saved jobs, but kept the union sweetheart deals that broke them, so we'll have to rescue them again in 10 years!  BECAUSE ALL THOSE THINGS HAPPENED!  Just sayin'.

  17. YouTube is owned by Google, and YTPP lets creators make money with YouTube. Creators create content, not invest in the site.

  18. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but this entire show is hosted on YouTube, which has been owned by Google for many years now. You yourself are fantastically successfully and you reap the benefits of all the revenue that this show generates. So yes, your tax dollar investments have paid off for you tremendously. This seems to be fairly straightforward right? Am I going crazy here?

    Now, just for fun, let's talk about the huge pay differences between you, the sound guy or the copywriters at your company. While the employees invest so much of their time in your business, they only see a fraction of what you get paid as the boss. This is how capitalism benefits you as the business owner and original risk taker. I think you're being rightly rewarded for creating this successful show and your employees earn wages that the free market decides. As you can see, you are also participating in this system that for better or worse is what the American society is built on.

  19. Having tens of thousands of high paying jobs also provides tax income. 50k people paying 10k (no clue what's realistic) = half a billion yearly.

  20. Is this video just to give hatred to the successful companies? It's not just tech companies that gov gave grants to. It's many many startup companies. Tech companies however succeeded. Well, I'm sure most of them failed.

    Now, the question. Why do gov give grants to these startup companies? Because it allows people to be more innovative. Many people have brilliant ideas, but not enough funds to actually get it started. Gov helps that, as they should. Without it, we'd still be stuck in medieval age. Well, our technology wouldn't be as developed.

    And as for evading taxes? Many MANY companies do that. From all fields, not just tech companies.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not condoning their actions. But trying to solo out tech companies, just because they saw more success? That's wrong.

  21. The bit about going to other countries isn’t always true sometimes they just they’re expanding their buisiness wick is why so many of them set up in Ireland so they can be in the EU

  22. MS-DOS – Bought off from a software developer for far less than what Bill Gates made off of it.
    Microsoft Windows 1.0 – Stolen from the MacIntosh OS which was stolen from Xerox.

    Yeah. Tech companies are role models when it comes to honesty.

  23. And that’s why we say screw the federal government and don’t pay the government yay no taxes 😉

  24. You know… tech companies keep gobbling everything up, crushing any competitors, and expanding into every market place they can. They don't even seem to stop, they just keep going and acquiring more as they grow. Tech companies are also buying out news brands like CNN, MSNBC, etc, etc. The news companies are becoming the voice of the companies instead of keeping the government in check. Everyone was so focused on the government, they neglect to see the massive tech companies coming from behind. Hell, they are heavily censoring the internet and shutting down voices that speak out against them. They have grown far beyond government and is more powerful. They should be broken up or it will take most of the nations in the world to fight back.

  25. Fun Fact: EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN HUNGARIAN was likely to be confused by the flags (the middle one specifically) cuz ours looks just like it

    source: me…

  26. But tax money doesn't belong to the tax payer it belongs to the government. That's like saying to a store that they should be paying you for investing in their store because you purchased items from it. The government grants are very important for enterprises to take off. Obviously the grants are payed back but after that they don't owe the government anything. What does the government get in return? Well possible access to the technology the companies work on. Or maybe the possibility that the technology these companies are making is important? Tesla makes ELECTRONIC CARS and that fuels the research for electric energy. Alphabet (Google's parent company) is a MASSIVE company doing basically everything you can think of in tech research.

  27. Tech Monopolies? This isn't at all about 'Monopolies', this is about government investment and maybe tax evasion. You have a myriad of choices, so the word 'monopoly' is misapplied.

  28. Darth Google is altering search results to get communists elected. There is a reason governments censor public opinion – the illusion of election.

  29. 0:50 that's inaccurate while the US military "invented" arpanet it was way different from the modern internet and nit for general users. It ended up in university's and ultimately reinvented in the 1980's/early 1990's

  30. Yet they still don’t pay the taxes. A few years ago Apple owed the Irish government around 13 billion in corporation tax after not paying it.

  31. The original name of Google was “Back Rub” before it was changed in 1997 to the name its known as today. The name Google is derived from the word “googol” a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral “1” followed by 100 zeros.

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