Adam Ruins Everything – Why the Internet is Good for Society

Remember the good old days? Instead of isolating ourselves
in our newspapers, we used to talk to each other
and just make up the news. I happen to understand
that fellow. He’s simply longing for an era
of refinement and culture. People used to read books. No one reads books anymore. That old cliché
is completely false. More Americans read books today than did in the 1950s. Huh. And, by the way,
when books were invented, snobs like you
hated on them too. One intellectual even thought
that too many books would harm the mind. Blast this… That’s ridiculous. If you don’t read books,
how will you know how smart and superior
you are? Ahh! Ooh! Well, according to Socrates,
you aren’t. The father of philosophy
himself complained about the ultimate corrupting modern
invention, the written word. The written word
creates forgetfulness in the learners’ souls. Back in my day, we memorized
and recited our lessons. Reading is for the lazy
and the stupid! No! My personal identity! It’s okay, he was wrong. Just like you’re wrong
about the internet. No, no, things
are worse now. I can prove it. People used to communicate
with each other, not like these solipsists! I’m sorry, what do you think
people use these devices for? Literally, all they’re
doing is communicating. He’s keeping in touch
with a friend from college. She’s writing an email to
a fellow researcher in Poland. I’m cyberbullying a child. (Adam)
Okay, they’re not
all winners. But the point is, we’re all
communicating more now than we ever were before. We weren’t better people back
before we had smart phones or the internet. We were the same, lazy, curious,
social people we’ve always been. The only difference is now we
have instantaneous access to all knowledge
and communication. I mean, how is that anything
other than a tremendous social good? Instead of pining
for an imagined past, we should feel immensely lucky to live in the
magnificent present.

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – Why the Internet is Good for Society

  1. But on the contrary it’s dumbing people down the same way as newspapers did by just accepting false media as fact. It also creates a bunch of snowflakes that never go outside or genuinely interact with somebody, which is generally a good thing to do

  2. And let's not forget about the most important thing the internet has given us instantaneous, free access to… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. I too agree with him ,but the dopamine hits from a text message is not the same as that of a face to face conversation.

  4. How ironic is it that the add I got before the video began with the line, "The following is only for those who grew up in the 80s".

  5. “Now we have instantaneous access to all knowledge and communication.”
    And we still have people who believe the earth is flat!

  6. That is only if the internet stays free and unregulated. That doesn't only mean right wingers not pushing to allow private companies to have more power over content, but leftists not trying to censor opinions they don't like. Both are a problem nowadays.

  7. People should read and communicate with each other less. They should spend more time alone. That's a more defensible critique of modern society, even if it's probably still flawed.

  8. wow, adam's pretty much doing the opposite of ruining something this time. i'd expect him to talk about the dangers of internet addiction or something instead

  9. yes, but what happens when people get addicted to their phones and devices? research has shown that looking at screens makes neurons less active than watching paint dry. If kids would stop playing on their devices all day, they could be outside playing baseball with all the other kids. another problem is that if there is one kid that doesn't play video games, he will be pressured into it becuase all the other kids are inside playing fortnite or something. If people started paying more attention to the real world more that playing on their screens, big things could happen. Even reading a book causes more neurons to fire (this is for those who side with Socrates on books).

  10. But tone doesn't come across through texting. Real in person connections don't happen a lot with all this social media craze. Everyone is being manipulated and changed through technology. The only good thing is the access we now have to learning so many stuff, but not everything is true and not everything is for the better. Many are blind to the negative affects that most technology can have on you.

  11. The social media is pretty good but computer phones and other stuff made people not get enough sleep. And also there more vulnerable on the internet

  12. It's a good thing gone too far, communication is good but when your trying to have three conversations on your phone you don't pay attention to what's going on around you and miss out on the current moment

  13. The gleeful delivery of "I'm cyber-bullying a child!" made my day. I want to see a comedic show about that guy. Seems very Always Sunny-ish.

  14. I love this show and totally agree with Adam, but in a true, human sense of communication, like talking to the person next to you and making a friend, we are deeply lacking.

  15. Social media and most forms of online communication causes the same chemical reaction in the brain caused in drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Its addictive, teenagers grow up with it and can never live without it. It isnt wonderous at all its harmful

  16. If you want to become smart by not reading books just go to the Internet and I got a blood clot for being too many books that the school sent me because if it weren’t for school I would be reading thank you very much

  17. A nice antidote to modern day hysteria. All the same, the internet could be better. Online harassment is a real thing though.

  18. Adam: "We should feel immensely lucky to live in the magnificent present"
    That you're guilt tripping us for screwing up
    Great show (not sarcasm BTW)

  19. This video is making me lose faith in this video series. Clearly, the content creators haven't paid attention to real research. I'm disappointed.

  20. Actually, Socrates was right. You can argue that many people today are more forgetful than ever. I see it everyday where people forget anything for inconsequential to crucial things like what they were get at the grocery store or where they parked their car.

    However, he didn't properly predict the benefits of increased intellectual ability that reading fosters. All that accumulated knowledge has lifted society and civilization to the modern era where humanity is enjoying its greatest time on Earth and still with even brighter happenings to come.

  21. The EU is about to 'protect' us Europeans from dangerous ideas and independant thinking. Article 11 and 13 will stop us getting ideas about democracy or freedom by cutting us off from the rest of the world. If it gets ratified.

  22. Anyone who writes more than six sentences in the comments section of a YouTube video is very mad about something and should be ignored.

  23. Socrates criticized the written word because he believed in conversation and discourse as a better way of learning rather than obsessing over textbooks. We should apply some of those policies even today.

  24. I would disagree.. while social media and other tools have got us to connect with older friends the amount of contact that people really have has reduced. I can state this by an example, a relative of mine had passed away in December and his birthday would fall in Jan. The following Jan I saw multiple posts wishing the person a happy birthday on Facebook. This shows that while we are connected no one really cares about the other person.

  25. The percent increased due to population growth.
    Yea we’re giving more importance to people in the device by ignoring people around us n even when we went out with our family.

  26. Internet is great for society. One word:


    I am so much happier nowadays than back then. Back then, it was all about trying to find ways to pass the time. Now? I'm in the net all the time. I never run out of things to do.

  27. Yeaaaa in azombie world. People today suck

    Gd all time when we used to talk one another. Is gone

    Best is talk to to people in real face to face not theou a. Piece. Wire,plastic etx u know what mean mannnnn jajjajjaj.

  28. The Internet also is liable to spread all kinds of misinformation/disinformation and so help colleges to scam students into great debt. There is also no reason not to spread misinformation/disinformation on the internet in order to make pre-existing goods and services that are junk look good or to help fabricate new markets for new goods and services that only swindle and use sophisticated-sounding language to do so (especially since computer skills really help in the fine art of imitation, forging, and masking).

  29. We do not have instantaneous access to tremendous knowledge which comes with a price tag which is too damn high.

  30. I found out that death is a lie according to quantum physics. I read the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. Subatomic particles spin and vibrate too fast to be solid or physical. So we are electrical magnetic energy field vibrational fields just like atoms. This means we are images being created by our souls constantly. Because quarks are constantly bursting forth spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons, then we are super fast spinning light, which creates charge. We are electrical beings and should be treated as such. We are not biological. Everything everywhere is pulsating and vibrating with consious light and energy. That means what is called God is the everything everywhere. We breathe God, and otherwise speak the language of God in this dimension.
    Maybe everyone would like the word "mind" instead. Intense brilliant information is spinning those quarks into what everything is. Otherwise, where does information come from? Is it just……poof……..magically there in our brains? Well, in the book "The Quantum World" written by the physicist Kenneth Ford I found these words: 'magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billons of times a second as 3 points of light, forming protons and neutrons'. Well, doesn't hurt to repeat the ideas that are constantly creating us. Quarks are ideas that are bursting forth. Evidence of the big bang right here right now within us, as us. Time is an illusion. Found a graph saying so in the book "The Quantum World".
    Brennan wrote that we are eternal, electromagnetic, holographic, multidimensional energy and light beings. She built a college system teaching that we are eternal energy beings able to heal ourselves. What could be more exciting?

  31. They said the same thing about the TV but watching over 10+ years of Animal Planet, Discovery, History, and Travel channels. I wasn't never very good at reading and TV was my second form of knowledge if I didn't know the meaning of certain words which are rarely used.

  32. Sure, we might be sending messages and calling and emailing people around the world that we once had no access to. But communication cant be just words, as if it were a semantic binary code typed and sent to its receiver.
    Humans are social animals and we communicate more with our bodies than with words, and because of that, you can only merely guess the tone at which I am writing this comment.
    The rise of the internet has made anti sociality a norm we perceive to be communication.

  33. this video shows why we should demolish the internet also contradictory

  34. If we just see past 20 years or so, we had to tackle new kinds of crimes that comes solely due to the existence of internet – email scams, cyber crimes, security hacks, dark net, and mountains of those. We never had such problems in the era of books or 'the written word'. This is a new dimension of how we communicate. So the question we need to ask is – is the Internet more good than bad? You cant just quote the good parts of the Internet and call it social good.

  35. "Instead of pining for an imagined past, we should feel immensely lucky to live in the magnificent present"
    Quote… Quoted.

  36. Adam is right on point except that too much social media usage can cause social anxiety when they're too dependent on it. Online communication is much easier you don't need to show any emotion and you can feel free to just say what you want except in person it's a total different story.

  37. Pre-History
    Ancient Era
    Those damn present day fools and their books we used to just make stuff out of our mind and call it knowledge
    Those damn kid and their TVs we used to just read books
    Those damn kid and their internet we used to just watch TV

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