Advanced Canvas Course – Hyperlink Tip

Here’s another Canvas tip from Sean Ulbert. If you want to create a hyperlink and you want to make sure that they stay within your course and go to a new tab, normally you’d have to go into the HTML and create a new target. Well now, you can, on a Mac select command + K and then if you’re on your PC you’d select control + K and this insert link box will come up. You can paste a URL, change the text to display, and then select a target of new window. OK. If you are using just the hyperlink tool within the rich text media editor, it’s not going to give you that option. Link to URL and it will only allow you to paste the URL and insert the link. It’s not going to allow you to go to a new window. You’d have to go into the HTML editor and select a target blank but with this control + K or command + K if you’re on a Mac, you do not need to know any HTML. I’ll show you again: command + K on a mac, control + K on your PC. Thanks, Sean for this awesome tip!

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