[Awesome New Emzotic Theme Song] Hey, what’s up creatures, it’s Em and I’m here today with the most requested video of all time ALL TIME it’s time for the all my pets video those of you who’ve been around for a while will know that I have been sidestepping this video for the longest time The reason why I’ve been sidestepping this video is not because I don’t want to share with you guys I do want to share with you guys. I want to share everything with you guys I happen to be in a very unique position here on Youtube and one that other pet youtubers are not really in and that is that my animals are not just my pets my companions They’re also tied to another external business from YouTube and if I share absolutely everything that business suffers because then my competitors will be able to see all of my menagerie and they can copy or Find another way to out-compete me. So that’s why I can’t share with you absolutely everything All my pets that I’m gonna be showing you in this video They’re the ones that I want you to get emotionally invested in. Today I’m just gonna do the introduction to these animals But the subsequent videos are going to be everything to do with these animals You’re going to be seeing their care routines their setups their diets. Absolutely everything So feel free to get emotionally invested in these guys. You’re gonna be seeing a lot more of them So make sure you hit that subscribe button down below become part of the creature crew and also hit that Notification bell in the corner, so you don’t miss a single upload Also while I have you I’ve just come out with a brand new line of merch. It’s all my own design I worked very very hard on these in my merch store. You can find leggings. You can find phone cases t-shirts hoodies The leggings are probably my favorite mine are arriving tomorrow really excited And I also have a kids range in my merch shop as well So if you’re a kid, you’re not left out you can also have awesome Emzotic Creature Crew Merch too Yes! And for you Grinchy! This video is not here to encourage you to buy adopt or amass a large amount of animals. My circumstance here at home is very unique. We have our external business. My partner is a zoologist I’m an ex zoo-keeper. We’re both animal educators. So we have a lot of experience and we are always here. ALWAYS if you’re interested in having a pet YouTube channel You do not need this many animals to be successful on YouTube. I promise you. I mean look at Doug the Pug That’s just one little pug. So no matter how few animals you have if you want to be a pet youtuber Don’t feel that you have to amass a large amount of animals You don’t have to also Just remember that if you are for whatever reason struggling with the amount of animals you have there are people who can help you Please don’t feel that you have to suffer in silence And remember if you’re suffering with the amount of animals you have, your animals are suffering It’s so much better to ask for help and to give your animals to people who can actually care for them or to Charities you can find them loving new homes. It’s time by the way I just switched to a blue top because black was not the right color to wear today It’s way too hot. So I did just switch top just so you know, okay, so I’m in my animal studio right now Let’s start over here with my weasels ferrets aka Woozles or Fezzets or long cats or limo mice or carpet sharks Oh, they’re just so cute I love ferrets ferrets are in the Mustelidae family Which as you guys might know already is my favorite favorite group of animals So weasels ferrets stoats badgers all of them are my favorite animals of all my animals Dobby and Niffler take up a lot of my time because they can’t stay in this enclosure the whole Day, and this is actually their room they come in they can come out under supervision and play in here They’ve got these tunnels for example Which I put on the floor and then they’ve got a pile of toys in that bag over there They’ve got toys that I put out for them. So they get about three hours every day Supervised out here while I do all my different chores Usually while I’m cleaning their mats and all the other animals. What are you doing Niffler? What are you doing sausage? Hi Niff! Nefler is just the most handsome ferret in the world He makes me laugh so much because he’s just I think I referred to him as an eggplant With fur in the past essentially. He’s just a vegetable Nibbler is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He tends to fall out of things Hit his head a lot. Oh gosh. Okay. Yep. There we go. So Right on cue that’s Niffler for you. Niffler is my male, He is a beautiful male ferret also known as a hob ferret then this is his little sister not actually related to her but I call her his little sister Dobby. Dobby is a tiny little Ferret. She is a stunted ferret. She is a runt. She is very small as compared to Niffler who is very very big Oh god, he’s gonna fall out. Give me one second. Go back inside, please. Thank you You can definitely tell the difference between Dobby and Niffler ’cause Dobby is much smaller She has a little brown nose and Niffler has a pink jellybean nose with toes. I actually got Dobby From a friend of mine who has a pet store and she came from a breeder in Florida Niffler is also from a private breeder, but I think you came from, North Carolina So yeah, neither one of them are Marshalls ferrets, the sharp-eyed of you might be like Em, why are there plates? Inside your ferrets enclosure. Well because it’s such a hot day. I do have the a/c going in here But because it’s such a hot day I Just put plates These are ceramic plates in the freezer and then I can put them in the enclosure and if the ferrets are feeling too hot Then they can just sit on them. Dobby is a year and a half old and Niffler in the tunnel over there He is stuck or something. Oh, hello Dobby No, Niffler is a year old and Dobby is a year and a half Dobby is honestly the smallest ferret I have ever seen in my entire life Niffler is probably the biggest ferret I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Over here, I have some of this ferret paste I love this. I bring it over from the UK all the time. It’s called the multivitamin Malt Paste by Beaphar You could really see the difference in their head shapes like this Niffler has a huge head. Dobby has a tiny little head [Ferret Sounds] Coming across to this enclosure here, this is where I keep my doves this one down here is voodoo She is my female and then up here. We have presto my male He’s actually sitting on something rather exciting! voodoo and presto are the proud parents of a very beautiful Healthy little chick. We do not know if the chick is a male or a female yet. Oh, there we go Voodoo just being a typical dove and she’s gonna throw all that food on the floor and it’s gonna go to waste I have Just been building and aviary for them outside but the aviary got Completely shattered to smithereens in the tornado we had the week before last this was the aviary that I was making for the doves then we had this tornado happen and this massive branch from up there somewhere came crashing down and completely obliterated both of my fence and My aviary and that was a bit of a wake-up call that maybe I needed something a bit sturdier We’re gonna move the bird feeders probably over that way and we’re gonna have two aviaries so it’s gonna be a sort of hex/ Octagonal aviary here with a walk through into another aviary which is gonna be another octagonal one here So it’s almost going to be like a dog bone shape With one aviary here a walkway and another aviary here that should arrive in about six weeks. I cannot wait for that It’s gonna be one aviary for the Kookaburra Who already has a nice aviary but it’s just nice to give her new one and one for Grinchy as well and the doves too so it’s gonna be absolutely Gorgeous. Neither one of them has their wings clips. They both can fly at their leisure. They’re very very able to fly You can see they’ve got all their primary feathers and they are seen as the symbol of peace. They are non aggressive They don’t bite. I just think they’re absolutely brilliant. And yeah, I’m very very happy to have them. Oh you just jumped off Can we see a baby? Let’s have a look inside Is your head in the side your… [giggle] Why’s your head still inside your egg? This little baby is now about three days old This over here Another one of the pets in this house. Probably my favorite pet. His name is Danny and he gets fed on tacos very often and he’s an omnivore and He’s gonna help me with the doves right now. Danny: And I like butt pats, Em: Butt pats? Here you go. [Butt pat sounds] Easy she’s being a very good protective mummy For anybody who’s worried that she’s not going to go back to her chick. She will go back to her chick She’s a very very good mummy and it’s a complete myth that if you put your smell on a Bird that they’re gonna get rid of the baby or not. Go back to their baby. So this is a little baby He or she is going to need a name. Danny: Solo Em: So- No, we’re not calling it solo It might have been born the night of the premiere, but we’re not calling it solo. Danny: Solo Em: No, not Solo Danny: Chewbacca. Em: You guys see that we’ve got a very full crop down here. That’s a great indicator that the chicks doing Great mum and dad are obviously feeding the baby very very well. It has not opened its eyes just yet They are born with their eyes closed some do actually open their eyes on the first day This one is not opening its eyes just yet It looks good. What do you think Danny? Danny: Yeah looks good; he’s got a nice full crop it all seems to be moving along nicely There’s there’s lots of poop in the nest So it’s all pushing through because you want to worry about things like sour crop where They get bacteria in their crops and it doesn’t kind of move with much and it starts to rot and it’s the bad stuff So anyway, none of that is happening, which is a good thing and he looks really healthy and he’s already like tripled in size from his birthday, so [Em giggles] Voodoo and Presto are looking behind you like “where’s our baby?” We’re not going to be allowing Voodoo and Presto to have any more chicks now This is the one chick that I was allowing them to have so yeah, this little baby’s gonna live with us We need a name any name suggestions pop it in the comments box below moving along we have Grinchy hi bird For those of you who don’t know Grinchy, you can definitely check out the video where I first introduced him He has quite a favorite on this channel because of his backstory He was basically found in a pet store. They didn’t really give him the best care And the pet store agreed that if I took him they wouldn’t get any more wild caught birds in now He is very tatty still he looks a million times better than when he first arrived I actually brought him home when he had just gone through a bad molt so he’s kind of a bit tatty right now It’s probably gonna take him a year to look good again When you bring home a bird that’s not well or not in optimum condition it can take them a long time To actually get better, but he’s already looking a hundred times better than when he first came home He has a lot of personality now. He just has a duck but for the foreseeable future Grinchy is another bird who’s going to be going outside in one of the new aviaries that’ve been ordered. They’re being custom-made So it’s gonna take a couple of weeks But I cannot wait for him to have his new enclosure at the moment What he’s in is this enclosure, which is plenty big enough for him indoors as a sort of safe place. Usually this is inside in the room that I do a lot of my editing in and He can jump in and out of his enclosure as much as he wants to But right now I thought I’d let him enjoy some sunshine Worms for Grinchy! Let’s see if he’ll take a worm come here wormies! Grinchy! [Whistle] Good boy I’m actually gonna fill up his little dust bath over here and hope that he takes a bath so you guys can see what it Looks like when a hornbill has a dust bath, okay DUST BATH! [grumble] So that’s Grinchy he is a red-billed hornbill and he’s an incredibly intelligent bird and yeah He’s just been super rewarding. It’s been so nice to see him going from an animal I didn’t think was gonna even survive all the way to something. That is actually So just healthy and happy and yeah, his feathers do look awful But if you just see the way that he’s come along the last couple of months. It’s just so incredible. Do you want another worm, Grinchy? [Grinchy coos] Here you go! [whistle] take it. No? Good boy! You’re so good good boy, Oh a sneaky peek of Babakook’s aviary out there, but This is where we want to be right now. This over here is fluffy We think fluffy might be a female she lives out here. This is her 500 gallon It can hold 500 gallons as you can see fluffy loves to climb out onto this piece of wood There are a lot of people who keep alligator snappers who say just keep them purely aquatic. They’ll never come out into land That’s not true Fluffy will climb on here once or twice a day and just chill there Especially when there is any Sun coming in from over here that just comes down here fluffy loves to be out on that little sort of driftwood piece that we have I’m going to try and do this one-handed for you guys to see but fluffy is quite a large creature I have to try not to get bitten here cuz it’s Easy to get bitten, but that’s fluffy for you If you want to see more of fluffy, you can definitely check out my creature feature on the alligator snapper But yes, this is a very incredible creature. I don’t want to bother him too much him her so I’m just gonna plop him her back inside where he It’s a lot of fun to keep these creatures. She will get much much larger She is about I’d say maybe a third grown and they can live well over a hundred years So you really have to think about if you really want to take on an an animal this size Fluffy eat shiners we give her live food And we also give her mice, rats, she’ll have other types of fish as well You know, we’ll give her some little bits of cod We never feed her goldfish from any stores cuz goldfish. You should never use his feeder fish goldfish have a lot of Nasties in her guts which you don’t want to feed to any of your animals so we never feed goldfish to fluffy fluffy was given to us by someone who bought her when she was about this big and Then she got bigger and they didn’t want her anymore. So there we go That’s that’s fluffy fluffy is a real sweetheart when she’s not trying to eat all of us This is Kaa You guys might remember Kaa from back when I used to live in the UK Kaa is a royal or ball python and she was my first ever snake I’ve had it for over 11 years now. She was my first ever snake And also she was a rescue snake of all the animals that I had or worked with back in the UK Kaa was the only one that I was permitted to bring with me to the States because A lot of the other animals that I had were actually illegal to bring into the United States So it was just Kaa that I could bring with me I’m so grateful to be able to bring her because she means so much to me I put a lot of effort with her when she was Still very very young. She’s just a typical bog-standard ball python and I think her retail value is something like $10 or $20, but to me, she’s just absolutely priceless there’s nothing more beautiful to me in a snake than just her her story means so much and She was one of my best animal ambassadors on my shows back in the UK. You know, she met so many children and Adults and helped so many people to get over their fear of snakes So she’s a really special animal. She’s not an aggressive species She is not a venomous species either. She’s not a venomous snake. She can’t hurt you In fact if you were to get bitten by this snake It would not hurt any more than like a cat biting you and actually it’s probably a cleaner bite than a cat bite Although she was captive bred in London, the species is actually native to Africa So West Africa sort of the Angola- Nigeria- type area So there you go. That’s Kaa. She’s just beautiful This is zombie my king snake she’s a gray-banded kingsnake which is my absolute favorite type of king snake This is not a man-made morph It’s actually a locale. You can find these guys in the wild in Texas in certain places where they’re actually protected So yes, she is actually a captive bred animal. She’s actually in shed right now as well. So she’s very antsy You shouldn’t really bother your snakes when they’re in shed, but I’m just gonna bring her out very very quickly The last time I showed her off which was on my all my rescued reptiles video She was also in shed and I had to use some Archived footage of her so I didn’t want to recycle that footage I just thought that I’d bring her up very very quickly you can tell she’s in shed because her belly scales are very Opaque as you can see, they’re very milky colored and I would say that her eyes are milky colored as well Which is also a good indicator that a snake is in shed, but to be honest her eyes are always opaque Because Zombie is so old she actually has cataracts so yes zombie has cataracts the only other snake I have with cataracts is Bess and He’s got big cataracts too. There’s nothing that can be done to really correct those cataracts it doesn’t inhibit her from being able to find her food because she can still use her tongue and That’s the main sense for a snake is actually the tongue She’s looking for the darkness now because she doesn’t want to be disturbed. She just wants to bury herself I’m gonna pop it back now cuz she obviously doesn’t want to be out here. This is Media Noche Maybe I’m not sure is my Mexican black king snake Here’s an amazing example of a Mexican black king snake There is literally no white on the snake whatsoever. Not a single white scale or freckle It’s just a pure black Mexican black. King snake Mexican black. King snakes are an Extremely slow growing snake. They are not like corn snakes which grow pretty much overnight If you’re planning on having a Mexican black king snake and you want to have an adult size Then don’t go for a baby try and find an adult because it’s gonna take you three or four years to actually grow up one to this size, even. Media Noche was a gift from another animal education company They actually bred their own Mexican black king snakes and they wanted to know if we wanted one of their stock so we said yes and He’s just a really great. Very relaxed snake. He’s very used to being handled he’s one of my favorites just to have sitting on my lap or around my wrist while I’m editing and Overall the Mexican Black king snakes are just a really cool species. Look at them There’s very little else in the animal kingdom, which is quite a spectacular and look at those those belly scales Those belly scales are nuts unfortunately, these guys are often persecuted because you know people hate snakes and people do not like the color black in animals because it seems Aggressive but these guys are non-aggressive. They have no desire to hurt anyone. They’re non-venomous and I absolutely adore them But if you do have any mates come back King snakes remember they are incredible escape Artists even better than a lot of other snakes So you have to make sure that you definitely lock your snakes up properly use wedges and all sorts of things to stop any Glass from sliding open and yes, they’re just a great species. They cannot be housed with others of their type They will eat other king snakes This here is Puddin’ Puddin’ is a striped North American skunk she is another one of our rescues Her previous owners could not keep her anymore because he was actually made homeless, but she’s a real, sweetheart She loves food. She knows I have some of her favorite foods here, which are nuts berries seeds and mealworms and yeah, she’s just an absolute Adorable creature for those of you who are not familiar with skunks as pets In the state of New Jersey you actually have to have them de-scented in order for them to be deemed legal So she is de-scented. She cannot make that foul odor that they’re so so commonly known for Honestly, her whole mission in life is just food. She is just always on a mission to find food So I’m gonna put some down here for her. So you guys can see her eat She is a real glutton. She just won’t stop eating even after she’s had her fill We keep Puddin’ a lot like a cat here indoors so she’s got her favorite place that she likes to sleep and She goes into the same closet over and over again just to sleep during the day and then in the evening about now Which is about 7:00 p.m. Now is the time that she starts to wake up and come out looking for food So, um, she always goes in her litter tray. She’s very good. She’s very cute She’s actually the sweetest skunk I’ve ever met some of you might remember Whiffy from my previous video about Skunks about a year ago where I was talking about skunk diet She’s actually even more cuddly than whiffy She loves to scratch on our legs at nighttime And she likes to be picked up and if you hold her close she will just make these really adorable almost purring sounds not quite but almost like a purring sound with a vocalization a very high-pitched vocalization and She just loves to be cuddled and stroked. She’s honestly a very very sweet animal in the wild I would not approach or touch a skunk in the wild But if you find one from a reputable breeder or from a skunk rescue, obviously, you have to check your local and state laws But they can be really great pets. And as you can see they’re very very funny you also have to be very careful with them because They are a rabies vector species so you can’t just get a skunk from the wild and keep it as a pet Otherwise you do run the risk of rabies. And actually that is illegal. Look at that. That’s like a proper like threatening Display she’s doing there. Hello With skunks claws they’re not retractable like a cat’s claws. They are always out just like a dog’s claws And because we were not responsible for how long her claws were before she came to us We’re just cutting them up till about Here is roughly where I’d like to have them like here here and here But we have to do it gradually to allow the quick to recede some what’s with skunks Got to be really careful that you don’t over feed them or feed them the wrong foods because then they’ll be very prone to obesity And pudding has literally just halved her body weight since she’s been with us She used to be like round so she’d stick out both sides. But now she’s actually quite streamlined as far as skunks go so she’s really looking really great and We’re very happy with her She’s a great addition to our family and a great animal ambassador and I can’t like to show you guys Like her set up that we’re having made for her and She’s like doing something in her mouth. I don’t know what she’s doing This is my gargoyle gecko Vision, he is a juvenile gargoyle gecko He’s from tikis geckos and he’s actually the offspring of a very well known gargoyle gecko called deadpool who is a really red colored gargoyle gecko and because he is still Very young and he’s still getting used to his temporary habitat. I’m not going to pick him out too much I’ll pick him up once very quickly for you to see but I don’t want to stress him. Do you wanna come up? There we go So he is still very flighty young geckos are always very very freaked out by their surroundings So I don’t to freak him out too much he’s gonna need to have slightly increased humidity because you can see he’s got a bit of stuck shed on his toes over there and At the front as well, and obviously that means that he hasn’t had a full full shed So he got the rest of his shed off Which is good these guys when they shed just like snakes they actually eat their shed Which snakes don’t but yet Gargoyle geckos will eat their sheds So I’m going to increase the humidity in here by spraying and then if it still doesn’t come off then I will Pull it off later myself when it’s a little bit more soggy This is Rhaegal. Rhaegal is my crested gecko Rhaegal actually just arrived a couple of days ago from my friend Emily who actually is a gecko breeder So this is a really stunning big healthy crested gecko at the moment He is fired down which means that he’s not showing his full colors When he is fired up or when he’s really awake or when there’s increased humidity All these darker patches become like a chocolate brown color So I’ll see if I can insert some footage later so you can see him when he is fired up He is also a frog-butt because he lost his tail not with me Crested geckos just like many other geckos if they feel threatened They can actually drop their tails now My gargoyle gecko would have the ability to regenerate the tail, but crested geckos do not once they lose their tail They never grow it back and that’s when they become known as frog-butts I actually are specifically for a beautiful gecko with a good temperament a big head and a frog-butt The reason I reached out to Emily and asked her for crested gecko… Are you gonna jump? The reason I actually reached out to her to ask for a crested gecko is because my special needs crested Gecko Ziggy sadly passed away back in April and it was a very difficult thing to witness Ziggy who you’ll remember I’ll insert some pictures and Ziggy my old crested gecko was Had a lot of neurological issues. He was not very well and towards the end of his life The seizures got so bad that it was every single day rather than just once a month So the kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep. So Ziggy is sadly no longer with us And in his place just to fill the crested gecko shaped void in my heart We now have Rhaegal. So Rhaegal here just you know stepping in for Ziggy who is a great animal ambassador And now Rhaegal is picking up the bat and then running with it. So, yeah Here’s Rhaegal, see his colors are a bit more pronounced now that he’s a bit more awake But I’m gonna go put him back now because it’s still technically like the middle of the night for him so say goodbye to Rhaegal This little bearded dragon down here who is munching on these greens is Bad idea bad idea is a bearded dragon Bearded dragons are very very common in the pet trade This was actually an, another animal that was given to me when their owner didn’t want them anymore Very very very stunted bearded dragon We don’t actually know how old bad idea is But she is an adult female for sure because her previous owners had her for quite a few years She was just not fed the right diet and that’s why she is super scrawny super tiny and she’s not gonna get any bigger This is Babakook the Kookaburra Babakook was named after the babadook Because he is just an evil little presence in the house. This is basically the original Angry Bird right here Babakook wants to do nothing except eat people’s souls and destroy everything Right now baba kook is just opening his wings to get some Sun on those wings. Look at that right on cue He is a really amazing bird Babakook is the largest member of the Kingfisher family So that’s why they’ve got that amazing beak, but they don’t really eat fish the way the other kingfishers do they are more interested in eating amphibians and reptiles Who eat snakes, frogs, lizards… I wasn’t gonna introduce Baba kook in this “All My Pets” video because he is one of our work animals. He is a work ambassador You know along with like Rocky the rabbit and a couple of other animals, but I thought I’d include him here anyway Because I would like to show off more of Babakook I think he’s just so unique and not anyone else really on YouTube that I know of shows off their kookaburra so I thought it would be a fun thing to introduce him as one of the channel animals and Give you a bit more insight into him his lifestyle how I look after him? How he helps other people, you know, he is a great animal ambassador. Are you wanting to eat everything? Yeah, I thought so look at that evil little face It’s a very well known fact that Babakook does not like me at all. Babakook is very attached to Danny Danny is basically Babakook’s mate And yeah, Bubba kook doesn’t like me all that much. Kookaburras are a social creature. They love living with other kookaburras we did introduce Bubba kook – a female kookaburra not long ago, but things did not go according to plan and Babakook is a Single bird for the time being perhaps forever more because Babakook is not happy around other birds I do not recommend kookaburras as pets if you live within a one-mile radius of anybody else They will be woken up at the crack of dawn every day by the maniacal laughter and Babakook especially likes sirens So if he hears any sirens, he’s just gonna laugh… Even at 2:00 am. [Kookaburra laugh] Danny: Rawr Thank you guys so much for watching! I will see you another video soon. Bye! Psst… Don’t forget to subscribe!

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