All the Bright Places starring Elle Fanning & Justice Smith | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are you looking
at Violet Markey? Yup. Her sister died, right? For your class project, you must report on two
or more wonders of Indiana. Can we choose our partners? For my geography class, this teacher wants us to do
this project with a partner. I just don’t want to do it. Maybe it’s time
to get back out there. What do you want from me? I think it would be good for you
to get out. Maybe I don’t want to. You might end up loving it. No, I won’t. Two wanders. That’s all. Serious question. What are you most afraid of? Being ordinary. So don’t be ordinary. What’s going on with you? You seem, like, goofy. What are you looking at? There’s a kid on my lawn. You know what I like
about you, Ultraviolet? What? You’re all the colors in one. At full brightness. You know people call you
the freak, right? Sometimes I get
into these dark moods. Did you look into that 
support group I told you to check out? I want you to think about it. I need to do things that
remind me that I’m in control. People don’t like messy. or different. You know
he’s kind of dangerous? No, he’s not. I’ve texted him
for the past couple days and he hasn’t responded. He’s not easy. He just gets
in this mood sometimes. Where do you go
when you disappear? Tell me something
real about you. I just get
a little lost sometimes. People don’t like messy, right? Sorry, my phone died. Violet, inside. Finch, go home. People think
this whole thing is an act. I know what’s real. I keep messing things up. I don’t know
how to not do that. There are bright places, even in dark times. We can be that bright place.

100 thoughts on “All the Bright Places starring Elle Fanning & Justice Smith | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. The book for this was amazing, literally finished it in 3 days and IM NOT A READER… i swear I’m gonna cry in the end if it follows from the original

  2. I can relate to this movie on so many levels. Everyone wants to feel understood without being judged. And of course, we all have our dark side, but again to find someone who finds our find light in is despite our dark side, well that’s just beautiful.

  3. Does this follow the exact storyline of the book? Because if it does, this needs a trigger warning. The book deals with a lot of serious topics like mental illnesses and suicide and biopolar disorder. From what I'm seeing in the trailer, it does not show anything as such. But please, just in case, be cautious about watching this.

  4. I have read it. It's a story about love,teen suicide, and psychology.But i'm just remind, that this story might a bit disturbing.

  5. I’ve not even read this book but the trailer upsets me because I know all too well that you can’t love someone out of mental illness. I wish this idea would stop being perpetuated. I’m not saying people with mental illness aren’t lovable but their symptoms don’t get better because of how much you love them. They have to wanna work it themselves and embrace your love/support in a healthy way as they learn to manage.

  6. Don’t be fooled by the title of the movie, this shit is dark! I wasn’t expecting it when I read the book especially bc I was fooled by the title!

  7. It’s kinda weird watching this because if you’ve read the book you’ve already imagined everything differently (at least I have) and this is not at all what you’ve imagined. But still, I hope they represented the book accurately. (I know that there are a lot of comments thats say this but: THIS IS NOT A ROM-COM, IT IS SAD AND TRIGGERING, DONT THINK OF IT AS SUCH AND WATCH WITH CAUTION)

  8. "The person you need , needs you more" this trailor just made me so emotional I'm a hopeless romantic i know and movies like this are my favourite maybe they are the reason I'm 18 and have never had a boyfriend my defenition and perspective on love is different its not fantasy but i haven't seen the type of love i want

    And i know about the mental illness i know about the depression i can see the type of love they have isn't perfect but it's so real maybe I'm crazy but its true love being able to love someone even when you have problems you know ull both healing each other that's my interpretation of this trailer

  9. When I finished the book, I had a panic attack all night thinking that this will inevitably happen to me too. I got my head right the next morning but yeah, it was not a good experience. Now they made a movie out of it.

  10. It's midnight and I finished reading the book.Again. And bawled until my tear ducts were dry.
    Yep I'm ready to watch it.

  11. Wow the way i cried after I read the last page of the book, no book has ever affected me like that. I cant even say it's the best or most touching book i've ever read but the way it forces you to consume yourself into these characters, it feels nothing but personal. I sobbed for hours i think and for 3 days after i was in a very dark and dull place. I hope the movie is just as powerful.

  12. The movie title felt so familiar to me till i remembered having this book. I started reading it a couple of months ago but never finished and i obviously totally forgot about it. def gonna read it now 🙂

  13. I don’t think they are trying to romanticize anything. It’s a book to movie adaptation. The trailer seems hopeful if anything. Yes, it’s a tough read, but it’s a GOOD read.

  14. I HAVE LITERALLY WAITED FOR THIS MOVIE FOREVER. I don't know why… I mean, I cried when I read the book, so I guess I'm just ready for another crying session ;-;

  15. This was a book that I wished I never read. It left me heartbroken and devastated for days. It’s was so impactful. I won’t be able to watch this movie. Some things are better left in book form.

  16. Ive never imagined Theodore as Justice Smith, i imagined him as tall and white but naahh i dont care, i love the book and watching this trailer is just overwhelming that i cried because of Theodore

  17. this seems too focused on the romance and less on the actual struggle the characters face before they CAN love. this looks like another shitty, cheesy romance movie.

  18. im kind of hoping they dont change Finch's character? In the book he's so extra and doesnt give a damn what people think of him but in the trailer, he looks quiet and calm? this book is really sad and the trailer is just being very romantic about it

  19. im still sad they didnt cast a pale white, black messy haired, blue-blue eyed, extremely tall, and weird boy Finch that the book described so many times. it really gave it that white boy of the month aesthetic lol. justice smith is a good actor but the casting is weird. The teacher himself is supposed to be some overweight wheezing dude, brenda is supposed to be some pink haired chick, etc.

  20. This book is amazing!! However, the movie doesn’t portray it the way it should. The trailer makes it seem like it’s so cute and cookie cutter. When in reality, it’s raw and emotional and heartbreaking

  21. I don’t even get excited when I hear my fav books are becoming film adaptions because I get so scared it’s gonna be ruined 😂😭

  22. i adore this book. might be dangerous if you are in the wrong place. beautifully written and the cast looks perfect. i am shocked that it looks so well done!

  23. the trailer really doesn’t do the story justice. it is really far from a romantic comedy. but i am hoping the movie won’t be bad considering jennifer niven herself wrote the screenplay. i just hope it does the book justice, it was an amazing book.

  24. this is the best book ever I just hope the movie does justice to the complicated character of Finch he is not easy to bring to life and neither is this book. it is sensitive and has to be dealt with a lot of understanding.

  25. I love the book so much but this feel to happy, and i think it's kind of ironic how Finch is brown when in the book his friend Charlie is said to not be tvblack but blackblack and now in the movie they made Finch tvblack. No hate on it though, it just feels ironic. (I don't know how it was said in the book in english bc i read it my language but thats the direct translate, please tell me how the line was written in english if you can find it) But I really hope he can bring Finch to life, hes not an easy charecter heh. I will reread the book soon bc it's just so good and heartbreaking but then again heartwarming. Love it. Best of luck with the movie.

  26. I don't like reading so i am glad its in a movie,i will for sure watch it..makes me want to read the book lol.🤷‍♀️

  27. Idk but this is not how i imagined Violet and Finch to be… Gawd I can't wait for thisss… I hope they don't destroy this

  28. "Are you looking at Violet Markley?"
    Me already crying : No he's looking at "Ultraviolet Remarkey-able".


  29. @Netflix I think you should put a disclaimer before the trailer because to those who have not read the book or would not bother to scroll through the comments would think that it is a romantic comedy

  30. Lol, what have they done to this? It seems like some romance move. I'm not even gonna watch the movie because I respect the memory of this book, not gonna let some movie ruin that for me like very other novel-based movie has done.

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