ALL YOU Need to Know About Excel HYPERLINKS (Function & Feature)

Let’s take a look at how we
can use hyperlinks in Excel so we can quickly jump to
different places in our file. This is especially good for
the bigger files you work with. Now we’re also going to take a look at how you can quickly
create a back button to your starter index sheet from all the other tabs in one go. Now we’re also going to take a look at creating friendly
hyperlinks using formulas, and how you can change the
color of the hyperlinks in case that color bothers you. (rhythmic music) To add a hyperlink in an Excel cell, all you have to do is type in the link, so let’s say I want to add a
link to a specific blog post. Press Enter, and Excel is going
to recognize it as a hyperlink. So I’m able to click on it and it’s going to take
me to this blog post. Now sometimes you might not
want to show the entire link. You might want to show a friendly
name or add a screen tip. You can edit this hyperlink. So just right-mouse click,
go to Edit Hyperlink. So let’s call this Excel Sort, and add a screen tip, Click to Learn More, click on OK, and OK. So now when I hover
over with my mouse here, it says “Click to learn
more” and I click it. It takes me to the blog post. (graphic whooshes) So let’s go and insert a shape
that looks like a button. Let’s go with this one. Just draw it out, adjust the color and the formatting as you like. Right-mouse click, Edit Text,
then click on the object, right-mouse click, and go to Link. You can also do this from the Insert tab, and select the link
from here, Insert Link. Now you have different options here. You don’t necessarily
need to add a web address. You can also add a link
to an existing file. So you just have to browse
here and select a file that you need, or you can add a link to a place in this document. So I have different tabs in this workbook. Let’s say I want to add a link
to the Transpose worksheet. I don’t want to jump to
the default, which is A1, but I want to jump to
A10, and click on OK. When I click this button, I jump to A10 of my Transpose sheet. In addition to these options,
if I go in Edit link, notice that we also have the opportunity to add a link for email. So we could type in the
person’s email address. Let’s say this should be
an email to the help desk. You can add the email address
of the help desk here, put in the subject, and click on OK. And when the user clicks this, it’s going to open their
email app and create an email to this address with this subject line. But if you want to remove the
link that you’ve just created, you can also click on Remove Link, and this just becomes a normal shape. So in addition to using these
shapes, you can attach a link to any object, any picture, or any icon. So let’s go with this icon here. Just adjust it slightly,
select another color, right-mouse click, go to
Link, create a hyperlink to the Report tab of this document. So when I click this
icon, it jumps directly to the report tab to the
default cell A1 of my workbook. (graphic whooshes) So let’s say I wanted
to add a link from E1 from all these tabs back to the Start tab. Now first off, we have to make sure that E1 is empty so we’re not overwriting
any existing data in there. In this case, it’s all empty. Now if we select all these shapes, if I hold down the Ctrl key
and click on these tabs, if I right-mouse click
here, I can not add a link. So how could we quickly add a link back to the Start tab without doing it for each single sheet separately? Here’s what you need to do. Let me just deselect and just go back to one of these sheets. Now I’m going to type in Start, so I’m just doing it for one single sheet. Right-mouse click, select Link, Start, and I’ll just go with the
default A1, click on OK. So now I have a link
added to just one sheet. So here’s what you need to do. Copy cell E1, so the cell
that has the hyperlink. Now multi-select all the other sheets by holding down the Ctrl key,
go to E1, and paste, Ctrl + V. Now let me just deselect
these, go to my report sheet, click on Start and it
takes me to the start page. Okay, so the trick is
just do it for one page and then copy that cell
to all your other sheets. (graphic whooshes) Now you might not want
to use the default colors that Excel applies to your hyperlinks. You might want to change that. You can do that by changing the
style that’s available here. So the default style is this
blue color for a hyperlink, and once it’s followed,
you get this other color. To change this, just right-mouse
click and select Modify. So this is for the followed link. I’m going to go to
Format, go to Font color, and I’m going to change it
to, let’s say a yellow color, and click on OK, and OK. So now once I click this, it
changes to that yellow color. And you can do the same for
the existing hyperlink color so you can modify it, change the font under Formats right here. (graphic whooshes) You have a list of hyperlinks here. You want their friendly
name to be the names that we see in column A. Now, you could of course do this manually, right-mouse click, go to Edit Hyperlink, and type in this text as the name. But there’s also an Excel formula that does this for you automatically, and it’s called the hyperlink formula. What you need is to
provide the link location which is sitting in column B right here, and then the friendly name, which is sitting in the A column. Close bracket, press Enter,
and pull this all the way down. So notice these are all external links. This one is a link that’s
inside this document. So when I click on it, I
jump to the Transpose sheet. When I click on these other ones, it takes me directly to the blog posts. Now if you don’t want to show
the original data set here, you can just highlight
them and Hide the columns. (graphic whooshes) Let’s create a drop-down for these topics. When the user selects a topic, we want them to get a link back. And that link should be clickable. So first off, let’s set
up our data validation. Go the Data tab, Data
Validation, select List. For the source, I’m just
going to highlight these here and click on OK. Whenever we select something from here, we want to get the link back here. So let’s just use vlookup in this case. Now if you’re not familiar with vlookup, I have a video on this and
I’m going to put the link to the description of the video and also to the course provided. My lookup value is this one right here. The table array is this right here. Column index, I want
the second column back, so that’s number 2, and I’m
looking for an exact match, so I’m going to go with FALSE. Close bracket, press
Enter, that’s my link. To make this clickable, I can
use the hyperlink function. So I’m just going to wrap the results of my vlookup in the hyperlink function. So link location is my vlookup
result and a friendly name. I can give it this name
here, or it’s optional. I don’t have to provide anything. I’m just going to close
bracket and press Enter. Now that link becomes clickable. These are the different
ways you can use hyperlinks in your Excel files. Now you can also create a table of contents really easily with VBA. This is something I covered
inside my Excel VBA course. If you want to learn how
to do that from scratch, and you want to improve your
Excel skills and learn VBA, check out the course. Link is above and below. So that was today’s video on
working with Excel hyperlinks. If you liked it, give it a thumbs-up. And if you want to learn more, discover some new Excel tips and tricks, consider subscribing to this channel. It will be great to have
you in our community. (upbeat music)

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