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they're our bird is out of his briny bath I have inserted the lifter that came with our pot and since the wings were sticking out a little bit decided to tie on a little bit of a butcher twine now the next important step is a little displacement test a lot of fires start because people put too much oil in the pot then they drop in the bird the oil goes over so the only way to really know how much all you're going to need is to do a little test I have here a gallon pitcher of water I'm going to see how many it takes to just barely cover the turkey that way I'll know how much oil to place in there and I'll also be making sure that the the pot is large enough for the job Wow there we go our oil is in the pot the pot is on the burner we have a frying thermometer standing by to monitor the temperature of the fat here I have a little table with my heat proof gloves an instant-read thermometer for the meat of fire stick I've got a little timer a lovely beverage a lounging device a side towel over here we have a cooler with the poultry standing by and we have the only unit tasker allowed in my kitchen the one thing I hope to not need here today and I even wrapped my my propane hose with aluminum foil just in case any oil decides to hop out of the pan behold ladies and gentlemen children of all ages citizens of the universe the turkey derrick you want to see it work you want to see you work don't you I want to see it work fire first okay from now until the end of the cooking process you will remain within a ten-foot perimeter of that burner excellent we have reached 250 degrees I'll remove the thermometer momentarily time to deposit the poultry obviously you want to have a good grip on this line as you uncle' t' assume a safe distance I'd say about here and slowly deposit hahaha you'll be talking soon mr. turkey oh yes hahahahaha right into Zee hot fat all the way down to the bottom until you feel a bottom out and then I like to bring it just up a little bit so we make sure that nothing sticks there now we tie off again using the same cleaning knot and reassemble the thermometer now I'm gonna let the heat stay on high until we reach 350 degrees now set your timer to 30 minutes and then go inside and watch some TV right no you stay pull it your give Everage now in the end we're going to be looking for 161 degrees but remember about 10 degrees of that should be from carryover so we're looking for 151 there's only one way to find it you're gonna feel a little stick ah and Oh 151 that should do nicely well there we have it a beautiful fried turkey delivered safely to the table in just over an hour

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  1. Why does deep-frying a turkey have to be so much of a complicated process? Youโ€™d think someone would commercialize this and either SELL deep-fried turkeys or sell a contraption so people could have it a lot more easily. Whatโ€™s with the ladder and crap?!

  2. I feel so bad because I couldn't stand this guy for so long even knowing he's a genius, but I LOVE him now. Guy's so fun and animated.

  3. A little disappointed, how many minutes per pound to cook the turkey, how long do you let it sit after you pulled out of the oil, do you cover the turkey with tin foil do you leave it open to the air Im surprised for a Food Network video it wasn't more informative

  4. 250f and a freaking ladder to lower it in? The pusification of America continues. Just use some gloves and a little intelligence… if you canโ€™t handle that go to a restaurant

  5. This was way TOO SAFE! It's NOT THAT dangerous! I'm so glad Butterball mad the indoor electric fryer! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  6. When I was in culinary arts in high school, the cooking instructor said the internal temperature is supposed to be 165 degrees fahrenheit.

  7. The following maxim will serve you well if you want to fry a turkey without a house fire- "No flame, no fire." Obviously you should do the displacement test, but there is no need for the flame to be on when you lower the turkey into the oil. Heat the oil to the desired temperature, kill the flame at the tank, lower in turkey very slowly and carefully, after the worst of the popping and splattering is over and no oil has spilled over onto the sides of the pot or onto the burner just reignite, get the oil back to temperature. Be sure to cut off the flame each time you pull the turkey up to check temperature and never, NEVER, cover the pot with a lid while the turkey is frying or leave the pot unattended. Simple rules that lead to safe and effective turkey frying.

  8. 1:34 if someone has a favorite cooking show thatโ€™s not Good Eats, submit these two words into evidence

  9. The mad scientist pastiche (the turkey-lowering derrick) was funny, but to add to its funniness is the fact that it's actually not all that safe! Mark my words, someone is going to have that rope accidentally slip at some point either from their hand or the cleat, which could spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r as that heavy bird drops like a rock into that vat of boiling oil!

  10. Iโ€™ve never seen anything more American. Well maybe except for the time when that bald eagle attacked Trump.

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