AMI Tech Tips: Google Assistant

[swoosh] ANNOUNCER: Here is an
AMI This Week Shortcut with Grant Hardy. [music playing] Now it’s time for
our latest Tech Tip. [music playing] GRANT HARDY: Hi, I’m Grant,
with another AMI Tech Tip. Google Assistant is a powerful
way of organizing your day and having a little fun too. It’s available as an
app for iOS and Android as well as on Google
branded speakers and even some third party speakers. You can talk to it by saying,
‘Hey, Google,’ followed by your request,
but you can also type to it from within the app
for a more discrete experience. Since it’s been out for a
while, it has lots of features. Here are a few of my favourites. First, facts and
general knowledge. Google Assistant
usually does a great job giving natural responses to
requests for facts and trivia questions, everything from
how many bones are there in the human body to what’s
the history of Halloween to what are the stat
holidays in Canada. Rather than searching
the web, you’ll usually get a direct
answer to your question. Hey, Google, [beep] how
many bones are there in the human body? GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
According to Wikipedia, it is composed of around
270 bones at birth. This total decreases to
around 206 bones by adulthood after some bones
get fused together. GRANT HARDY: Next, it can
remember stuff for you. I can’t tell you how
often I’ve been told, ‘Your hotel room number is 219,’
or ‘Your locker combination is 5416,’ or ‘The cleaning
supplies are in the third drawer from the left at the back.’ I don’t write it down and then,
I promptly forget about it. With Google
Assistant, I can just say something like, ‘Hey, Google,
remember that my hotel room number is 219.’ Then, later I can
ask ‘Hey, Google, what’s my hotel room number?’ Or even, ‘Hey, Google, what
have I asked you to remember?’ [beep] GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
Here’s what you told me, remember, my hotel
room number is 219. GRANT HARDY: Google Assistant
can also read the news. Perfect for when you’re
running around in the morning and want a quick
catch up on your day. Just say, ‘Hey, Google,
read the news,’ to get a quick briefing from
your favourite news sources, which you can customize from
the Settings section of the app under the Services tab. Speaking of running around,
it is also location aware, which means it’s really
easy to ask, ‘Hey, Google, how long will it
take to get to work?’ Hey, Google, what
restaurants are nearby?’ And ‘Hey, Google, where’s
the nearest bus stop?’ Results are spoken aloud
and can also be read in line in the apps, but it’s
also really easy to pop into your favourite navigation
app to begin a route. Hey, Google, [beep] what
restaurants are nearby? GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Gigi’s
Pizza, Italian middle dot 189 West Broadway. GRANT HARDY: On
compatible Android phones, you can also use Google
Assistant to search visually. Just open up the
assistant, for example, by touching and holding on the
Home button on your device, and then tap on the
Google Lens button. Now, you can point
your camera at signs for businesses,
business cards, books, and a ton of other stuff. For example, pointing at
a sign for a restaurant could offer up an
easy way of searching for the restaurant’s menu. And pointing at a
book could give you reviews for the
book and the option to purchase it on Google Play. Lastly, games. Just say, ‘Hey, Google,
play Lucky Trivia.’ GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Welcome
to Are You Feeling Lucky? It’s a game show, but
like, totally random. [laugh track] GRANT HARDY: It’ll ask you five
general knowledge questions. You can play on your own or
with a couple of buddies, and it’s super fun to play
even if my results are, let’s just say,
far from perfect. Go grab Google Assistant
wherever you get apps.

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