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  1. Look up the company symonex or hek293 they put aborted fetus cell in some foods! Popular foods the list isn't quite long but lays nestle gatorade canbury kraft is some but there is more

  2. Nwo! Plans to depopulate earth!Thats what they are doing killing people! Watch Silent weapon for quiet wars!

  3. I use to never watch u tube stuff well im glad i do all the time now I've learned so much and i love your channel

  4. HEY TONY – Can't you just take a laptop charger and leave the tip on it and put one wire coil on the positive, tape so it doesn't touch anything else, and then put the other cord on the negative, tape? Basically where you don't destroy the laptop charger but still use the power off it.

  5. I love this man so much. It was on psilocybin mushrooms many years ago that I first realized my body had been poisoned. 7 years ago I went vegan and tried to heal my body. I knew nothing about nano at that time. I felt good for a couple months and then started to go insane and got very sick. It has been a long long journey since then to regain my health. It is very frustrating to realize how many fronts we are being attacked on. Thank you for your service Tony!

  6. Btw: I know this is easy and basic sense for you guys, but some of us understand this “simple” positive negative charge and JUST splitting the wire. We will accidentally electrocute ourself. If being vibrated and hassled with sleep deprivation or having health issues and without other support around…this becomes incomprehensible. BUT ,,, very much appreciate knowing that it might be possible if brain fog clears up more. Helps with sanity to see confirmed what is being experienced and [email protected]

  7. After managing to make and use the device without electrocuting self (a high order after brain damage from chemo type treatments, being bug-sprayed not only outside but inside while trying to sleep, poor removal of over a dozen mercury fillings, average three hours of sleep per night, etc), how where do we safely dispose of these buggers?

  8. You really are sent from God. . .God bless you Soul Tony – you have totally given me hope <3 'Knock and the door shall be opened unto you' . . .

  9. We need Zinc, copper, manganese,selenium. Thank you. Contrails in the Sky spread nano. Wow. Gets on our food and skin. To eventually change our bodies.
    Make our own liposomes , colloids ,polomer methods?
    Add to liposomes, minerals such as selenium ,and copper, zinc.
    Colloids with copper. Copper with citric acid or sulphuric.
    Colon compromise with glycosade .
    Nano is like the Star Trek Borg.

  10. I just theorized how Ms ALS Parkinson's and Alzheimer's work and this video completes my theory because it proves it 100%

  11. I'm a targeted person, poisoning my food, stalking cults, death threats, ringing in ears and pain, heart beat irregular, they wish death on me none stop. Car accidents pushed on by cults , in Birmingham Alabama hit by brutal technology crimes and cartel crimes, how to detox food poisoning and nano in body, eyes

  12. yes agreed…I have been dealing with see things on face long time…asthma in '94 when died but still here then found acupuncture w healingjourney…grateful to what can do as dissolving nosepolyps..but no one around here…Yeshua helps alot …thank you for being here


  13. Hey Tony thanks for the info it was really informative, but i got to disagree with you on some points. Christians dont kill in the name of God, Jesus said whoever slaps you on one cheek to give them your other cheek, Christians are getting persecuted for their faith. Christianity is not a religion, its truth and its a relationship ever since the beginning of Creation on mankind. Just because if someone writes a book today and claims they have the truth and calls it a religion, it doesnt mean all the sudden the bible which is about 6000 years old is false haha. What i also need to point out is that, have you ever read the quran? in quran you will see how evil it is killing people just so everyone can convert to Islam, you will see the mass killings and evil intentions behind it. Did you know the satanists are behind all of this nano and disease etc? who is the rothchilds? who are the illuminati? dont they all worship the devil? By the way one more thing i want to point out is in your video description you have a writing so someone can speak it and cancel it, did you get that stuff from the new age? you cannot cancel the works of evil without the Name of Jesus and i have seen this and experienced it and know so much about it, ive seen many healings and deliverance from evil spirits that causes cancer, arthritis, depression, fear, suicide, anger, lack of self control, hate, theft, witchcraft etc… I only encourage you to look up what im saying. Also look up people who have died and came back alive and you will see that they tell their testimonies how they find out Jesus is Lord. Love you man! peace!

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