27 thoughts on “Antique Rotary Phone

  1. Wth ? When you dial , you have to pick up the receiver first when making a call .I don't know what the lift and put back down of th e receiver was about when it rang unless it was a self call test

  2. You dialed it wrong , pick up the receiver before dialing . I remember when these phones had to be rented . If the phone quit working it was returned and they gave you another one. When we were kids my brother and I used to walk 5 miles to the outlet store to return a broken one. They seemed to break down often. We didn't mind because we stopped at Stevens Drug store and got a ice cream soda for .50 cents or a banana split for 95 cents. One day we stopped and got a soda and we headed home when we were done.We were just about home when we realized we had forgotten the phone at the drug store, we had to walk a mile and a half back to get it. We sure got our exercise that day.

  3. Funny thing is it wasn't that long ago…technology moves fast! I'm in my late 30's and I remember still using one in our family up until I was a teenager.

  4. I have this phone too bought it off ebay, they were used in Ireland in the 80's. I got it to make and receive calls but could not get to ring sadly.

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  6. Nice vintage telephone, the sound the mechanical bells make just can't be matched by modern replica phones. Plus a real bargain for $12

  7. wow, i was going through my old ways to call girls and brought me here. no text, nothing, no media, cant plug in router, ps4 will not connect, tried to google no chance, porn- yhea right, all around great thx for the upload. btw what are the phones/things, where one had to crank, operator, and talk into those big mic's?

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