Apple TV ExpressVPN DNS setup tutorial

Let’s set up MediaStreamer on an AppleTV
using DNS. To follow along with the video, you’ll need
a 4th generation AppleTV and an ExpressVPN subscription. The setup process has three main steps: First, you’ll create a DDNS hostname. Second, you’ll register your hostname with
ExpressVPN. And third, you’ll configure DNS on your
AppleTV. To set up a DDNS hostname, you’ll need to
use a third party service. For this tutorial we’ll use Dynu, a free
DDNS service provider. Note that ExpressVPN is in no way affiliated
with Dynu, and you are free to use whatever DDNS service provider you choose. To set up a Dynu account, visit At the top right corner of the screen, click
“Create Account.” Fill in the necessary information before clicking
“Submit.” A message will display saying Dynu will send
you a verification email. Check your email and click on the link. You’ll need to log into your Dynu account
using the username and password you just created. Once you log in, click on “DDNS Services”
on the left side. Then click “Add” in the top right corner. You have two options for the next step. Most users will want to select option one,
but advanced users familiar with setting up their own domain can select option two. If you select option one, simply create your
desired hostname and enter it in the blank on the left. If you select option two, enter your existing
domain in the blank on the right. Now click “Add.” On the next screen, uncheck “Wildcard Alias”
and “Enable IPv6 Address.” Then click “Save.” Your Dynu account is now set up. Go to the ExpressVPN website. Click “My account” in the top right corner. Then enter the email you used to set up your
ExpressVPN account, as well as your ExpressVPN password. Click “Sign in.” On the next page, click “DNS settings”
on the top right corner. Scroll down to a section titled “Dynamic
DNS Registration.” Enter the hostname you just created with your
Dynu account. If you used option one when setting up DDNS
with Dynu, the hostname will follow the format . If you used option two,
simply enter the domain you used. Click “Save Hostname.” The word “updated” will flash on screen
to let you know the hostname was saved. Return to the page under the “My subscriptions”
tab. Then click “Set up ExpressVPN.” On the next page, scroll down and select Apple
TV on the left side of the screen. A DNS server IP address will appear on the
right side of the screen. Make a note of it, as you’ll soon be entering
it on your Apple TV. Now it’s time to turn on your Apple TV. Select “Settings” from the home screen. Then select “Network.” Depending on how your Apple TV is connected
to the internet, you should see either “Wi-Fi” or “ethernet” under the connection. Click whichever one appears, then go down
to “Configure DNS.” Select “Manual.” Apple TV will display your current DNS address. You should write this down in case you ever
want to discontinue use of MediaStreamer on your Apple TV and return it to its original
state. Now it’s time to enter the 12-digit DNS
server IP address you found on the ExpressVPN page. Once you’ve entered it, click “Done.” You’re almost done! You just need to restart your AppleTV. To do so, return to the Settings menu and
select “System.” Then at the bottom select “Restart.” Congratulations! You’ve set up MediaStreamer on your Apple
TV using DNS. However, remember that DNS is not a VPN and
does not offer the same privacy protection. If you want to get VPN protection on your
Apple TV, consider connecting it to the internet through a router running the ExpressVPN app
for routers.

32 thoughts on “Apple TV ExpressVPN DNS setup tutorial

  1. Will I be able to access US Apple TV content using this method if I live outside the US? Also, do I need to change my Apple ID to a US account?

  2. Just bought Express VPN account last week but somehow I am not able to access my Directv using Apple TV 5th Generation with this ExpressVPN method. Tried re-register few times with dynu and follow the instructions but still failed.

    Previously using SmartDNSProxy and it is works from Malaysia. 😢😢

  3. what's the purpose of setting up the dynu dynamic dns hostname – was it needed for Apple TV settings or is it just in Express VPN settings? I missed understanding if there is a link between the two?

  4. I can't figure out how to unlock any other locations. I want to access Mexican content, but after following these steps I can only access US content.

  5. This doesn't work for me at all, I did all of the steps and the services don't recognize the connection as being from the US so this service is holding little value for me while living outside the country. I'm considering getting my money back.

  6. May I use screen mirroring from my iPad instead of doing this?
    I bought express vpn yesterday but I’m not sure if this is the correct service for me.
    Sometimes It took to much time to connect.

  7. My hostnames keep failing after 10+ minutes of using the ExpressVPN DNS. I have to keep creating new hostnames, inserting them into ExpressVPN on my browser, and restarting my Apple TV just so I can keep viewing protected content. Is there any way around this?

  8. Hi friends, in my Xbox one x the expressvpn is open, this Android open, but is not desblocked fro Apple tv, this alterate local this iTunes Store is the Apple tv our Mac?

  9. I want that one app on my apple tv think that I am in Serbia in order to have all the content unlocked. It works on my iphone with expvpn but will it work on apple tv???

  10. Its been over two years of Apple TV release and you still dont have a expressvpn native app for Apple TV. Quite baffling and sad. 🙁

  11. According to me the tuorial is not complete because there is no trace of DDNS ip update task. Use a Dynamic DNS without any ip update is like use you current dynamic ip…
    You have to add a section where you describe how to update ip in dynu dashboard,

  12. I did all of the steps correctly but when I try to sign in to Netflix I get an error message. First it says there’s no internet connection and then it takes me to a log in screen and it won’t let me log in. It works fine when I switch the dns address back to the original address though. I am in Canada trying to access American Netflix on my Apple TV. Thanks!

  13. Why not make a app it's so much easier, I have bought a nvidia shield and a apple tv, the app on the shield is so much easier than going through all this on a apple TV.

  14. I have native Australian TV and Pay TV apps on my Apple TV. Moving to The Netherlands. Will this DNS masking / Mediastreamer allow me to watch Australian TV apps overseas?

  15. I know this video is a couple years old, but I tried this out today and I didn't see an option for ipv6 or wildcard alias on Dynu. Does Dynu still work with ExpressVPN for Apple TV?

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