ASUS DSL-AC52U Modem Router Review – Great Value?

hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to tech show down my name is Kevin this is my co-host city and today we're doing something we haven't done for a little while now it's going to be a browser reviewed and this one right here is the Asus DSL AC 5 to you jewel band modem router so why I wanted to do this one in particular is because it's going to be affordable for all of you guys out there and then it looks like sort of quite a good value for money one to cover so let's jump straight into it then with the key features so as far as connections go you can do a DSL obviously Ethernet and you can also do 3G or 4G LTE so that's really cool now as far as the bands go you get five gigahertz 802 Dahl live and AC which gives up to four hundred and thirty three megabits per second or you can do obviously 2.4 gigahertz on the 802 11 in network which will give up to 300 megabits per second data rate so both are pretty good there but for all you gamers out there obviously you're going to be wanting to use a LAN so of course it's coming with Gigabit LAN with a hardware NAT which is really really good way better than our software net acceleration so that's really good so this should give you really really good performance sort of like the full gigabit performance so to speak now it's also featuring the Asus AI radar beam forming which basically all beamforming does is it will figure out where your devices so you have computer or a you know a TV that connects to the internet and then it will boost the signal basically in that specific direction rather than throwing it out evenly in all directions so it's quite good like that and it usually will give a much better range much better you know a single strength so that's really good no really like that now it has a VDSL and a dsl wayne multisport for IPTV support PPTP slash open v server and VPN client sports that's going to be really good for some of you guys out there it's also coming with the Asus AI cloud which will be useful for some people out there personally it's not that useful for me but something guys out there will want to take advantage of that so without further ado let's talk about the performance and how does it actually do so I'm using a video cell currently it can't use fiber hair unfortunately so first let's talk about the Gigabit Ethernet then so that works you know perfectly fine the you know no worries at all plug it in and off you go also to set up this router was also very very easy I just should mention arm yeah just basically plug and play for the majority of users out there depending on sort of what sort of connection you're using but for the most part laser setup was very very easy to use so no complaints there Coq anything it was good my performance there was forty seven point two three megabits per second on the ethernet which is a pretty decent for a video cell sort of on the upper tier there VDSL so that's pretty good now let's talk about the wireless man so the 2.4 gigahertz range was actually really really good however it's sort of lacked a little bit in the performance which is what you would expect so I right beside the router so pretty much sitting right next to it I was getting five bars and a speed of two twenty nine point one seven megabits per second now over in my lounge which does have a near enough line-of-sight of the router however it is still quite far away I was getting four bars and my speed was twenty seven point one six megabits per second and over in my kitchen which is the furthest away in my house here from the router um it has to go through quite a few walls I was still getting four bars which is pretty impressive but the speed had dropped off quite considerably oh no no actually I'm sorry I didn't drop off I'm seeing about lethargy as it was actually still very very good it got twenty six point two nine megabits per second so that was still really solid and this is what I tell all of you guys the 2.4 gigahertz is really in terms of its range it just usually lacks on the speed but let's talk about the 5k so it is much much faster being tell that straight away right beside the router I was getting five bars and 45.9 megabits per second so that's really really solid yeah 45.9 oversee a really really solid website that router however you start to see the limitations of the folk goods as you move away from the router so over in my lounge are still getting four bars but it dropped down to thirty two point four five megabits per second that's still good that's still better than the 2.4 gigahertz right beside the router however that is quite you know knocked down can compared to right beside it and you see it gets knocked down again when we moved to the kitchen I was only getting three bars there and the speeds had dropped down to sixteen point two two megabits per second that's the big limitation of the five us band is the fact that you get the speeds you just will not get the range and it doesn't seem to have the penetration of the 2.4 gigahertz band so that's something to note with it however if we just look at it normally our that's really really good there those are very very good speeds very impressive especially the 5 gigahertz when you're very close to the router it's almost exactly the same as being on cable you know through the ethernet cable however you do notice that it's a bit more wobbly is a little bit more like a rollercoaster if you look at the grass whereas on the ethernet cable it's just you know straight consistent the whole time so that's the main benefit you'll see there which brings us now to the conclusion and what do I make of this Asus DSL AC 50 to you so it's coming in with a price of 219 New Zealand dollars over at play tick right now and I think that's actually a pretty good value with those main features I told you about those are like the main ones I always like to see in a a rather going forward pretty much everyone should have a router which has those main features if you want one that's going to you know have any sort of good performance so that's what I like about it I really do like that um it still might be a little bit expensive for some of you guys out there not not you know compared to its competition or anything just its base price you know that still can be quite a lot of money for some people to spend on a router or like a modem router in this case people will be a little bit hesitant but honestly I think it's very much worth at that price and I don't have an issue with that price point but it's very easy to set up the performance as I showed you was very very good and yeah I have no issues with this router at all um maybe it's a little bit lacking in i/o for some people's tastes having only the single a USB port there which might upset some people but for the most part it was know pretty good you know I don't think the majority of people will be using more than one anyway but that's just my personal feeling so yeah yeah Greg rudder I actually might keep this one for myself I'll see I'll ever think about it um because I do quite like it and does do a good job there with the four antennas just give quite good coverage now thank you all for watching this video please subscribe to tech showdown if you haven't already and like the video and as always I'll see you guys next time

17 thoughts on “ASUS DSL-AC52U Modem Router Review – Great Value?

  1. is it compatible with VDSL conection? it only specifies that is ADSL,ADSL2/2+,VDSL2 compatible. is VDSL2 backwards compatible with VDSL?

  2. I'm considering getting this modem, but I have a couple of questions:

    I can't use a LAN cable to connect my PS4 to my modem. The signal hast to pass 2 doors or 1 door and a wall. Currently I'm getting between 8-10Mbit/s. Will 5Ghz make a difference?

    Alot of devices are connected to my current modem, which means that my PS4 experience is quite poor as of recent (network issues, no stable connection,..). Will 5Ghz alliviate this issue?

  3. Anyone know if this will work with North American ISP's? There are US power adaptors available for it but I know some other ASUS DSL routers will not work. Anyone try model this in Canada or the US? Looking to upgrade from an ASUS DSL-10

  4. You get one of these free when you sign up to Stuff-Fibre internet (NZ), looks like that is what i'm doing, great review

  5. It seems like good value. My gigabit router was around the same price but doesn't have the wireless performance of this router.

  6. Even if you have 5GHz wifi, your actual bandwidth wont actually go above the, for example, 30 mbps that you pay for.

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