ASUS Unveils ROG Gaming Laptops and Desktops | Unboxing, Price, Full Specs

they Shore donia keep the mom body or Tassajara Kelly hamari YouTube channel 100 news for subscribe great or bad I can you can just say hamari videos the latest updates are puss observable Emily the mothership which we introduced this year in three years we were thinking in the every segment of the talk about and how can we better stop their customer so this is partly to get the mothership so we make the performance from the intro data so this is the worst most powerful having their power generation similar order 10 in segmenting what you can do is pray decided to sit at home you can apple puree so whenever we start not the first immediate action what you used a Bastille camellia task you must agree so who was in his hot week apart power as well as in so career back in 2007 we launched the first ever series expanding quite two years back that was the most fiendish gtx 980 today we will use our new several series two years effect network personally today we will show you the machine was only in that rebecca in be sigma who is more qualified intermediary 321 we would like to be in the coming into a small project so 2001 they are most important is when you in the early making up to 140 focus today in our our g string theory the star third edition would like reduce the most first can be left up to 40 persons we press ready and laptop PCs are very small on penetration and the opportunity lies on PCs to really become the primary device for community especially because we believe opportunity so the network has actually the for gene evolution has made it possible and then you can fire it right on that is only good actually the second part is we are one of the youngest and also Fox growing the number of channels before so if you look at the opportunity for necessity not only that when you look at all fighters I talk about really what is performance the other part is responsible using off the agenda it really increases the responsiveness the [Applause] and it after iodine and it can be to fight with one another so compared with in every country it is 29 mm expenditure human in your video for an equal time to make sure the NSD have read and write this temptation to come back so here we'll start with this time factor and the bracket is 24 times better so the partial of v to my eye and i 0 [Applause] [Applause] is my idea and when I buy favorite of everyone I collect back to SSP the finest aqua 17 in the lab so I am qualified and you have it [Applause] any action is not thank you [Applause]

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