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♫ music ♫ TONY DODI: Welcome to Lebanon, Virginia. We are geographically the center of what we call Southwest Virginia, with a population of over 3,500. The downturn of the coal industry had a major impact on our county. A lot of our folks that live here worked in the coal mines. People had to leave to find employment. At which time, we realized we were going to have to diversify our economy. MAN: Thank you so much. It’s been my pleasure helping you today. Glad that I was able to help you out and get that new line set up for you. TONY: When AT&T opened the call center, it provided a great opportunity for our citizens here to have a great way of life. VINCE APRUZZESE: They’ve had some issues that seem to mirror a lot of the urban issues such as the same type of homelessness and poverty. So it made sense to come together as part of the Believe initiative to get our employees to come together and give back to the community. ♫ music fades ♫ (COWS MOOING) TONY: I’ve been here 55 years. We’re rural. (CAR DRIVING BY) And the beauty of Lebanon is the people. WOMAN: Hey, Mr. Dodi. How are you? TONY: Doing good. How are you doing today? WOMAN: Doing good… TONY: We worked together as families. We worked together as community members. Everybody’s involved to try to make Lebanon a great place to live and we’re proud of it. This right here’s the shape journals where we start with shapes. Oh, yes. REBECCA: We love our students. Love factor is a big factor in Lebanon Primary School. It’s about loving each individual student and caring for them and their individual needs. AT&T has been wonderful. All the time asking if there’s anything that we need. WOMAN: So, I want us to get one of each item and put it in a backpack… EMILY CASTLE: A lot of kids can’t really afford to go out and buy all of their school supplies, their backpacks… So what we do is we actually gather those school supplies. We gather their backpacks, and we send them to the school and donate them. REBECCA: I was shocked when the employees of AT&T, the backpacks that they brought over here, it was just an outpour. They are all the time asking if we need coats, backpacks, anything that the students need. EVERYONE: Believe Lebanon! (BIRDS CHIRPING) TONY BARTON: If you’re over 75, can you get to 80? WOMAN: I’m pushing, yes. TONY B: Okay. I feel very good about you doing that… I think love is at the center of not only how we interact with our customers, but how we interact with each other. We’re quick to try to help one another out and make sure that we’re showing that we care about each other. EMILY: I know that we had talked about maybe having another prom dress drop… I posted a picture on Facebook, and it was my prom dress from my senior year. And I said, “Free to anybody who needs it.” I put the size on there, all the details. People in this community cannot afford to send their kids to prom. I thought, “I’m going to gather up some dresses. We’re going to do a prom dress drive, and we’re going to make sure that these girls have the prom of their dream.” Oh, you did amazing. I mean you collected 37 dresses in such a short time… EMILY: We love to help others. We do not just the prom dress drive, but we do so many other things that help the community out. ♫ music fades ♫ ♫ music ♫ BROOK ATCHLEY: So, we are in the Food Pantry here at Elk Garden School Community Ministries, and every Tuesday we distribute food through here to families in Russell County. LEKEISHA HORTON: It’s very calming to know that, when you don’t have money or you run out of money and you fear that your kids are going to go to bed hungry, this place has helped me, you wouldn’t believe. It’s a blessing. A lot of our families needed things such as toilet paper and toothpaste and toothbrushes. We reached out to AT&T, and they brought us 250 bags of toiletries. And we were able to hand those out to the folks that came here. BROOK: You’re doing great. LEKEISHA: Thanks. BROOK: We are just community members loving on one another and helping one another. I love the fact that employees are thinking about community. It’s not just going in and punching a clock, but it’s how do we make our community a better place for everyone who lives in it? ♫ music ♫ TONY B: We see that whenever we give back in the community It has a far reaching impact for both the community and our employees, they get a real sense of gratitude themself whenever they get the opportunity to do that. TONY D: AT&T has become a part of our identity. The way you think town of our size, 3,500 folks in rural Southwest Virginia, And have just become evolved to the point that they’re like a neighbor. ♫ music fades ♫

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