AT&T Believes Launches new Believe In Retail Initiative in More Communities

♫ MUSIC ♫ AT&T Believes is a really innovative approach to community engagement and philanthropy. Started by our employees, we have 21 markets launched year to date. Our plan is to go to 30 markets. Each market has its own unique approach to some particular social good, or mitigating some social hill. The response has been overwhelming. Year to date we’ve had some 60,000 hours of volunteers, across some 400 Believe events. ♫ MUSIC ♫ Believe in Retail will be a great day for us. Opening up retail stores in neighborhoods that we hadn’t candidly served historically. In Englewood, Chicago, the Atlanta area around Morehouse. “One, two, three.” Inside of them, we’ve added the aesthetics of what AT&T Believe means to that community, in terms of murals and imagery, that local artists have curated. Imagine 20,000 associates across 2500 stores who talk to millions of customers on behalf of the company, really igniting their joy, their passion for the community and volunteerism. Let’s just call that a day of celebration. ♫ MUSIC FADES ♫

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