AT&T Microcell Wireless 3G Cell Signal Booster Tower Antenna

Cisco AT and T Microcell Wireless Tower Antenna
Review. The Cisco AT and T Microcell Wireless Tower
Antenna is one of the better takes on cel-fi technology, which basically uses your broadband
connection to make a personal cell tower in your home. The MicroCell supports voice and 3G data for
3G,4G and LTE, but only on phones with service from AT and T. Because of how cel-fi technology works, it
must be specifically made for your provider, but models can be found for Verizon, Sprint,
T-Mobile, and more. There are plenty of upsides to cel-fi though,
including an easy setup that does not require mounting any antennas. The MicroCell tower is fairly easy to install,
and the basics of setting up the device are detailed clearly in this informational video. Once the MicroCell is connected to your WiFi
and your phones are registered, it is good to go. This Wireless Tower Antenna can easily provide
max bars if you have a good internet connection, although some phones will run into the occasional
problem of quick battery drain. One downside of the MicroCell is that you
cannot transition from using it to using a cell tower without losing your call, which
appears to be an oversight from designers. And while you can register several AT and
T phones to the MicroCell, guests not using AT and T will not be able to take advantage
of it. All the same, this helps to ensure your personal
line is only being used by trusted individuals. The installation process is very simple. All
you have to do is go to the activation page that is provided on the machine and enter
the serial number. Once you do that, simply plug it in and wait.
It says set up can take up to 90 minutes, so don’t do it if you are in a hurry. It
ended up only taking about 15 minutes for mine to update. It uses GPS to locate the router, and says
it works best by a window, however mine is sitting next to my desk on the floor, because
I wanted to test to make sure it worked before I gave it a home, and it works great… Kindly see the description for this Amazon
product link. Thanks for watching this product review video. Kindly like and subscribe our YouTube channel.

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