AT&T Phone for Business: Features for Your Small Business

Did you know that
you can customize AT&T Phone for Business to meet your business needs? Take advantage
of the many features included at no additional cost! We’ll show you
some of the features that will help you manage
incoming and outgoing calls, including Flexible Calling
Line ID, Locate Me, Exclusive Call Forwarding,
and Message Forwarding. Jane, a small business owner, is already logged in to her AT&T
Phone for Business account and she’s ready to manage
her calling features. Jane uses the Flexible
Calling Line ID feature to properly identify
outgoing calls. By default, the call recipient will see
the primary, or main number for calls placed from any
AT&T Phone for Business line… …but Jane wants the
company name and “service” to appear for calls
from this department. First, Jane purchases
an additional listing for her AT&T account. Then she uses Flexible
Calling Line ID to apply the listing information
to the service department line. Flexible Calling Line ID
is also useful when separate businesses
or business partners share the same AT&T Phone
for Business service. For example, 2 lawyers
or 2 small shops. You’ll find
“Flexible Calling Line ID” on the “Phone Features” tab,
under “Outgoing Calls.” For more information, watch the video “Sign In
and Access Your Phone Features.” Next, Jane uses
the Locate Me feature to help make sure calls
are answered. She can have up to 4
additional employees receive the same call, even if they’re at
different locations. For example, Jane’s phone line,
the front desk, the stock room, the warehouse
across the street, and a wireless phone
can all ring at once. Jane uses Locate Me to
ring her office, home, and mobile phones
simultaneously, so she won’t be tied
to the office, waiting for that important call. You’ll find “Locate Me”
on the “Phone Features” tab, under “Feature Controls.” Next, Jane uses the Exclusive
Call Forwarding feature to direct up to 20 callers to the right person
or department. Jane wants to forward
specific calls directly to the customer
service department. You’ll find
“Exclusive Call Forwarding” on the “Phone Features” tab,
under “Call Filtering.” Finally, Jane uses the
Message Forwarding feature to send voicemail messages,
transcribed as text, to email. Jane likes to read her
voicemail messages on the train ride home. An audio file is attached
to the email message… …so she can listen to
the voicemail message too. You’ll find “Message Forwarding”
on the “Voicemail Settings” tab, under “Voicemail Preferences.” Make sure that “Message
Transcription” is set to “ON.” You might also want to check out
our AT&T Voicemail Viewer app, which gives you quick access
to voicemail messages from your wireless device. Want to learn more? For more videos, go to For step-by-step help, go to the support center
at ♪AT&T jingle♪

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