Autism Inclusion Program | Your Story

♪ A commitment is a promise from me to you ♪ ♪A commitment is a promise that we keep ♪ Inclusion is an opportunity for students to
interact with others that might not be like them. The students with autism see the typically
developing students and pick up on some of their social cues, some of their behaviors,
and in return, the students are able to become empathetic and understanding of some of the
differences in students that are diagnosed with autism. The way they process information is way different
than what we would process information. Even though it’s not the “common way,” it’s
their way. Some of the challenges that students on the
spectrum have in the classroom are directly correlated with the characteristics we talk
about when students are diagnosed with autism. Meaning that they might have some issues with
communication, and social skills. Giovanni is diagnosed with autism. He is on the spectrum, and I clearly remember
his first day in the classroom. He was very disengaged. He did not interact with any of the other
students. He barely interacted with me. That was actually last year, and coming in
again this year he now, he kinda runs the classroom. He’s become a lot more comfortable with situations
that would have made him frustrated before. The fact that this classroom focuses not only
on the academic parts of it, but also the self regulation part of it, and the emotional
part of it, then when they go into kindergarten, they’re able to understand things a little
bit better. Being able to identify someone with autism
as my friend, that’s what this program is about.

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