Autism Spectrum Difference and the influence of the teacher

Good afternoon everybody I want to talk
to you this afternoon about autism spectrum difference and I’m gonna use
the term difference because I believe it showcases the neuro-diverse society that
we have today not the word disorder. So what is asd, asd is a neurological it’s
neurological in origin is typically seen in children before the age of three it
is described as a diet of impairments where individuals present with
challenges in the areas of social communication and social interaction as
well as restrictive and repetitive behavior it is a spectrum of difficulty
and by that we mean that every individual is very different in the
profile they present, on the perimeter of the frame you will see my 65 stick
figures these represent the prevalence of autism in our society today which is
1 in 65 you will also see the ratio of four-to-one which is the prevalence of
boys to girls now this has seen seismic change in the last 20 years in the year
nine in the early 1990s the prevalence of autism was one in 10,000 so what has
this meant for our schools. This has meant huge changes in our inclusive
practice and how we do business on the ground it has meant a change in our
pedagogical approaches and on our curricula on the circulars that are
guiding how we teach in our schools it has generated huge societal discourse
however this is not always positive on the screen you will see snap shots from
newspaper articles I’m sorry the Limerick leader is not in it and since this is just
since January and there’s a common theme coming through and the team is criticism
of our teachers. In spite of all the changes we are not meeting the
challenges of children with autism in our mainstream classrooms this is where
my research comes in. I believe that true gathering evidence-based practices of
what actually works on the ground for teachers teaching our children with
autism by generating guidelines of practical use and implementing a series
of CPD sessions based more on the attributes of the business model of
coaching I as a practitioner of 14 years working with children with autism can
support teachers on the ground on a very individualized basis
because when you have met one child with autism you’ve met one child with autism
and it’s the same for the teachers we teach I believe they’re true supporting
teachers on the ground with this expertise and this evidence-based
practice that we can make huge changes and put an end to those snapshots from
the media that we have seen. Go raibh maith agat

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