Autism spectrum disorder Meltdown from sensory overload, meet our family + we use the Osmo mobile 3

Yes, I tried to come over I saved my phone with his foot Sawed off the car He put his foot under my phone and then he as he did that I kicked him And then I went to give him a kiss to tow him. Thank you, and he backed away from me Like I was gonna hit up Can’t wait Wow, do you think you and Wesley are bad? No, I think Wesley’s day We took that this this this is this is average Trying to get a pumpkin, yeah Snatch a couple straws He’s just oblivious We’ll be right back. Just sitting there We’re waiting for now. Go get a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and he’s just That was his at the gas station music, yeah That’s your musical We’re making Joshua’s day stressful Yeah, so it’s daddy and mommy and Joshua. It’s Pearly and it’s real talk Real talk to introduce us to you guys properly something we haven’t done in many of our videos really we haven’t talked about our Story our life who we are what we do who are people are None of that, who are your people Joshua? Are you feeling okay? Know what What do you want to do what do you want to do well I Please Today’s video we’re just gonna introduce because daddy and mommy and Joshua it was You’re living with damage right Okay, so what does daddy do what is daddy here you don’t know Contractor Daddy does construction. So we have a construction company daddies degrees in aerospace engineering And I do construction how ironic yeah. Yeah, and I have a degree a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and Child Development is this is what am I trying to say is? Yes In Joshua who is Joshua And you do videos and you have a site You’re an editor your photographer your collector. You are a plethora of stuff and you Were diagnosed with autism when you were four years old, right? Right on track as a baby. He was doing everything I was saying words. He was doing everything Crawling walking on schedule and then he quickly regrets quickly and we knew there was something going on, but I Don’t remember if they told us it couldn’t diagnose him then or what happened But it was actually it wasn’t until he was four years old that we got the official Diagnosis and that was through the card services right here in Jacksonville Stop talking stop Yeah, he stopped talking he was completely nonverbal for a little bit Wouldn’t speak in full sentences just single words He was always walked on his toes and I know that that’s a big indicator not to say any child that is Don’t think that first because a lot of kids walk on their toes when they start out with he never went to his flat feet He’s still on his toes so and we’re gonna talk about that more because there’s Therapy that he has for that and also his braces that he has to wear at night That he doesn’t wear but we have them and we’re gonna show you guys those when we find them He started into he got his IEP And we got him a case while we didn’t get the Mackay scholarship. You have to go through school for a year and he was in a public school in a Special IDI class a disabilities class for autism. Mostly. It was mostly autistic kids Matt Callahan Well, he was in the he wasn’t in public in a public school and a special class And he did that for a year he got his IEP and then we got them a case scholarship and we put him in private school for autism and He did really? Well there. That was a great lose at His private school at JSA which is ironically where he goes, which is how we met ASA and Priscilla From fathering autism. Anyways, Joshua was Doing really really well, but he was still having a lot of meltdowns. He was still having a lot of self-harm And we decided to home-school. That’s when we decided to home-school And he’s done really well at her since Don’t you think we don’t have meltdowns? We have no self harm We dont have meltdowns until today…lol At rarely like once every year maybe Yes You know the sensory issues is always something that you know that they’re always gonna have Which is what’s gonna keep him and his diagnosis obviously, but he is doing a lot better like you said emergency broadcast system would come on and I’m sure every parent can relate to this one way or another and it was just all-out Chaos when that would happen smoke detectors smoke detectors dogs barking and now he is not None of does that still really bother you Joshua? those sounds What sounds bother you the most What’s what’s your what’s your number-one sound that you don’t like You want to end the video we’ll teach you’re teaching educating people and other kids Yeah, and we talked about this and that’s a really really great thing to do But we’re not gonna keep you on film if you don’t want to be on film, but can you answer that question? What is this sound that really bothers? Into it, you don’t want to do it Okay a little bit of meltdown now because and it’s probably because our days we have the day plan and then that changed and the dog started crying and That started working He didn’t get a lot of sleep and this needs to be expected you guys know your parents know that you roll with the punches and they’ll go sit with his phone and he’ll be fine, but we will have this reoccurring through the day because It once it starts it kind of continued through the day And I think we’re probably not going to be able to get them back up here to answer any more We can show you guys some b-roll and oh by the way we’re filming all of this on our Samsung Galaxy Note Template and I’d really like to know from you guys if you can tell that they’re mobile videos Yeah, we got the gimbal it only goes up so go that way So the Osmo is a really cool gimbal you guys if if you’re looking for nice for fun This thing it’s amazing it goes from review One thing real quick To my buddy out there Jay in the hood on Twitter if you guys are not Connected to Jay in the hood on Twitter. He is an autism dad of a son. I’m not sure I don’t remember how old his son is but I have to shout out to him because he’s really really How do you say outspoken He’s a little op spoken, but he speaks out He says a lot of things that we really wish we could say I wanted to thank him for that. He just doesn’t edit What he says and I wanted to shout out All right, so we had a little bit of a

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  1. *Hope everyone had a great weekend this weekend! We were supposed to travel to the pumpkin patch today but after a quick change in plans our day And our video turned to a "meet our family & get to know us better" With the changes in our day Joshua quickly became agitated and started to have many small meltdowns leading to a big one and a couple of frustrated parents …lol We really do just "roll with the punches" as I know all parents of autism do! We bend and we just roll with it right? We hope this video is enjoyable regardless of our last minute changes. Stay tuned for many more weekly and daily videos as I work toward a 30 day goal for myself and a 60 day ABA goal with Joshua! Have a great Night (i didnt finish this video until 2am!! errrr)

    And thank you all for your support and sharing your stories with us, please comment below we love to meet everyone and hear about your family*🥰💜
    #livingwithdamaj #autism

  2. I'm in here showing love❤and thanks for sharing this great video I definitely enjoyed it👍Blessings to the whole family🙏

  3. Autism has its happy side sad side and the meltdown side I pray for all kids battling this I have an autistic twin son

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