Autodesk Revit Structure: Using the Rebar Shape Browser

In Revit Structure, rebar is a modeling
element that is added to concrete hosts such as
beams and columns. When using a rebar tool, the Rebar Shape
Browser becomes active and displays the available shapes contained in the
browser library. The browser can be positioned anywhere in
the drawing area and provides a quick method for selecting the appropriate rebar for the
specific host. Once a shape is selected, hover over the
host to display the position and layout of
the rebar. Use the spacebar to rotate or flip the rebar. Modify the shape of the rebar using the
shape controls – the triangles and dots. Drag a triangle to adjust the segment of the
shape in the direction the control is
pointing. The dot controls are multi-directional and
adjust the end or intersection location of the adjacent segments. Modify rebar properties by changing the
parameters on the Properties palette. Rebar shapes are 2D families that define the
layout of the rebar in the host. You can also add or edit an existing shape
using the Revit Family Editor and a 2D rebar
template. The Rebar Shape Browser is a useful tool for adding complex rebar shapes to any structural project.

4 thoughts on “Autodesk Revit Structure: Using the Rebar Shape Browser

  1. Hello
    Edit a concrete column, .60 x.30 inches measures, when I use the tool "rebar" will not let me put the assembly in this structure, I can do to solve the problem?

  2. When i right click on rebar shape i see warning error and auto quit out revit. give me reasons and how to fix errors. Thanks support.

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