AVIÃO EXECUTIVO – Quanto custa voar RIO-SP – Minha experiência com a FLAPPER

I’m at Jacarepaguá Airport,
in Rio’s West Zone, near Barra, and this is the first time you’ll
see me boarding here. I’ll soon tell you the story of this trip and
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Rio-Sao Paulo, with Flapper, there we go! Flapper is an app through
which you can charter an aircraft or purchase available seats
on business aviation aircraft to fly different routes in Brazil. They count with around 400 air taxi aircraft,
including airplanes and helicopters, and today is my turn to go from Rio to Sao Paulo
on this American-made King Air B200 turboprop. Here’s the boarding area.
This is the hangar of Emar Taxi Aereo, used by Flapper at
Jacarepaguá Airport. There’s a reception desk, over there is the
VIP room and behind me is the tarmac. Look at that! You arrive ten minutes before
the flight, with your luggage, and board right away. There aren’t all those procedures of a traditional
airport. It’s much faster and much more practical. There’s no check-in. You get everything
online, you receive an email confirming your ticket, and then
you board. Super easy, right? Let’s check the vip room. – Welcome to our vip room. – How cool!
– Would you like some water, a coffee, an orange juice? – Do you have sparkling wine?
– Yes! – In that case, I’ll prepare myself a mimosa!
Yeah! It’s our official drink at Carioca NoMundo. A mimosa at this time of morning…
That’s me, right? Mimosa at Jacarepaguá Airport.
I loved it! Cheers! Rio-São Paulo, with Flapper,
there we go! Well, this is the vip room.
There’s a seating area with a TV, a work area, a table for four, the bar…
You can stay here as long as you like before the flight. Usually people arrive
at boarding time, right? Because that’s one of the advantages of business
aviation, you don’t have to go through all those protocols that we have
to deal with at the traditional airports. And now I’ll finally tell you
why I’m here. Last Friday, I had to buy a ticket to board today,
Monday morning, to Sao Paulo. For a meeting. I went through the websites
of the regular airlines and found tickets for 1,300 reais and even 1,600 reais,
to fly on Monday morning. Then, I remembered an app that
I really wanted to try, Flapper, which sells seats on business planes, with flights leaving
from Jacarepaguá Airport to Congonhas, Sao Paulo. I found this ticket for a much
cheaper price, I’ll tell you: 950 reais. I decided to buy and try it. It’s been a while since I wanted to try this app,
so I’ll be killing my curiosity and yours as well. It’s all new for me. This is the
first time I travel with them. Let’s see how it goes. Ten minutes to the flight. This is the van that will
take me to the plane. Let’s go! – How are you, captain? I’m Jayme. – Good and you? – I’m excited for today’s flight! – How are you?
– How do you do? Welcome! A lot of people ask me: “What is it like
to fly a turboprop plane?” And I always answer:
“It’s super safe.” Speaking specifically of the King Air, more than
3,500 of these aircraft have been produced, with over 60 million hours flown worldwide,
so there’s nothing to worry about. Check that out. Here are
the passengers’ luggage. One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven seats. The captain and the co-pilot. And this will be my seat,
1A, of course. A fruit platter, breakfast served! Yogurt with granola and sandwiches. Cool huh? I’ll tell you about a very nice detail. You know I love doing
the onboard service, right? And here, behind me, is the
plane’s refrigerator, with water… There’s mineral water, and I’ve
already volunteered to do the service to all the other passengers. We have
110 passengers on this flight… Just kidding! There are seven passengers on this flight,
counting with me, besides the captain and the co-pilot. So whoever sits here has to volunteer
helping and serving, being the host of the flight, right? Of course, I’m loving it! It’ll be
the most fun part of the flight! Would you like something else? Can I offer you some champagne, a whiskey, a gin and tonic? – Madam, please… – Madam, here’s your sparkling water…
– Thank you! – Make yourself comfortable, okay? Anything you need just call me.
You can press here and I’ll come! – If you need something, just press here for me.
Or wave and I’ll get here really fast, okay? – Would you like something to drink?
– Everything is great, thanks! – Champagne, ma’am?
– Thanks. – All good? In a little while,
I’ll bring you the full service. I’m loving this so much. And I was lucky enough to be flying
with very nice people who accepted me doing the service.
It’ll be quite a flight! My seatbelt is buckled,
we’re ready for departure. And now I’ll leave you with
the sound of the engines. It’ll be a 50-minute flight
to Sao Paulo’s Congonhas Airport. Here’s Barra da Tijuca. And it’s a pity that
the day is cloudy and we can’t see so well the beautiful views of the
coast of Rio de Janeiro. The air conditioning,
individual reading light… And the service was placed here,
on the armrest, right by the window. That’s because I’m
sitting in the front row. Passengers sitting in the
middle have a small table. The service was already placed
there before they boarded. Time to have breakfast. Granola with yogurt and a fruit salad. It’s delicious! I woke up very early today, I only
had a black coffee before leaving home… And I didn’t expect them to have such a good breakfast service,
with fruits, granola, yogurt, sandwiches. Very nice, isn’t it? Here’s my fruit platter, with melon,
papaya, mango and kiwi. I just found out one more thing.
You can make coffee on board. – Is this the coffee maker?
– That’s the hot water… – Well, let’s make some coffee, then.
I wonder if everyone will have it… – There’s a small table here. – Would you like a coffee?
– Yes, please. – Here it is!
– Thank you! – What’s our altitude?
– Twenty thousand feet now. – And the speed?
– Two hundred knots on the ground, 258 knots… It’s almost 500 kilometers per hour. – And no turbulence, right?
– Yep. A nice tip I want to give you is that
for every real spent on Flapper flights, you earn two points in the Livelo
program, which I happen to be part of. It’s a free rewards program, anyone can sign up,
on the internet or downloading the app. So this ticket that cost 950 reais
will turn into 1,900 Livelo points. I took a look at the app to see
how I could use these points. If I wanted to use that exact amount of points,
I’d be able to get two Cinemark tickets, for example. Or lower my Uber bill, from
my home to the airport. So Uber would be practically free. But I’ll get the two
Cinemark tickets. And by the way, I want to know, who wants
to go to the movies with me? I already have the tickets! Landed in Congonhas. We’ll disembark in the hangar of
TAM Aviação Executiva. And look how cool the luggage
cart out there… It’s like a hotel cart. – Have a good week everyone!
Thank you! – I hope you all had a nice flight,
that the service… – It was perfect! – I’m very happy! – Five stars arrival! There’s a
red carpet, a hotel luggage cart… Amazing, right? It was a great flight.
Thank you so much! – Thank you!
– I hope you enjoyed it! – I loved it! I’ll come back!
– Do come back! – Thank you! We arrived in Sao Paulo and
this is the end of another flight! I hope you enjoyed this video,
give it a like, subscribe to the channel and follow me on Instagram
@carioca_nomundo. Thanks and see you soon!

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  1. Por R$ 950.00 com serviço de bordo de classe executiva ou econômica internacional, vale a pena…companhia aérea de carreira serviria de barrinha de cereal e um copo d'água mineral.

  2. Vou comentar aqui novamente. O Jaime é esse mesmo carisma e simpatiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fora das cameras ta gente!!!! grande bj queridão!!

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