Backstreet Boys Clear Up Ryan Gosling and *NSYNC Rivalry Rumors

-I wanted to ask, there was some
Backstreet Boys myths online. [ Laughter ] And I believe everything
I read online. So…
[ Laughter ] -Don’t we all?
-So I was wondering if I could read a couple
of myths and see if any of it’s true or not.
-Okay. -Number one — Is it true that
Ryan Gosling was almost a member of the Backstreet Boys?
-Oh, man. This just won’t go away.
This just won’t go away. [ Laughter ]
No, we used to — Okay. So, long story short,
we used to live in the same apartment complex when he was
doing “The Mickey Mouse Club.” Him, Justin, Christina,
Britney, all them. -Yeah.
-We were playing basketball, like, almost every other day.
The group had started. I kept telling him
how big this was gonna be. And he’s like,
“Dude, New Kids already did it. This is never gonna work.
Just shoot the ball.” [ Laughter ] Cut to — Cut to, he was wrong,
and it did work. [ Laughter ] -It worked out for him, too.
-Dude, he is such an amazingly talented singer,
performer, actor. And I just wish we could be
in the same room and have this same
question asked. -Yeah.
-Just squash it. -And just squash it
once and for all. -Just squash it, like,
“No, dude.” -So the answer is kind of.
-It’s kind of, yeah, maybe, sort of, but I mean…
-Yeah, he made different moves. -Yeah.
-I think A.J. has a man-crush on him,
so he wants — -Yeah, he started that rumor.
-Don’t we all. -And also Ryan Reynolds.
Come on. Ryan Reynolds.
-Yeah, yeah, exactly. -Come on, come on.
-Number two — one of you used to go by
the stage name Tony Denetti? -Hey!
-Hey, over here! -Hey!
-That’s me. -It’s Tony Denetti.
-Actually, when I was around 14 years old, I had a manager,
an acting manager, that thought my name,
Howard Dorough, was just not a cool name. And so he, instead of making me
Puerto Rican-Irish, which was my combination,
he turned me into an Italian. [ Laughter ]
And now I can’t — -Tony Denetti!
-It doesn’t work. -Tony Denetti’s over here.
-Tony, hey. -Tony!
-The funny thing about it is, that name actually almost
cost me being in the group. Because I actually
had auditioned for the group, like I said,
shortly after A.J. auditioned, and they loved me,
and they said, “We’re gonna
do some more auditions.” They said, “We’re gonna call you
back in about a month from now.” I didn’t hear anything. And so, a couple months went by,
and all of a sudden, I had a call again for a group
which I totally thought was something different,
and I actually got there, and they were like, “Tony! We’ve
been looking all over for you.” Well, this is back
in the days — They lost my picture, so there
was no name in the phone book or no online way of finding me. -There was no DM back then.
-Yeah, wow. -Yeah.
-So Tony almost cost you this — -I got rid of that name
really quickly. [ Laughter ]
-He does not exist. -Howie D.
-Last myth — Is the Backstreet Boys/Nsync
rivalry actually real? -All right,
so I got to be honest. I know you’re friends
with Justin. It’s worse
than it’s ever been before. [ Laughter ] We can’t even be in
the same room with these guys. -Really?
-Like, it’s really horrible. I’m totally playing.
No, we love them. They are great guys.
I mean, the only time that I can really remember
that there was, like, a rivalry, maybe like late ’90s,
early 2000s. One thing that actually
stands out to me was, when we had an opportunity
to perform at the Super Bowl. And we were getting ready to do
our Black and Blue tour, and we got offered
to either do the halftime show or the national anthem, and we chose
the national anthem. And looking back at that time — And then,
they did Britney and Nsync. -I remember that.
-They performed at the halftime. -Wait. But why did you choose
the national anthem? -We thought
it was more prestigious. -Yeah, we just thought
it was more prestigious. -It’s like us
being a boy band… -I didn’t want to stress out.
I wanted to watch the game. [ Laughter ]
I wanted to do the anthem, watch the game,
and that’d be it. I didn’t want to stress out. -But I look back at it
as one of those — It’s kind of one of those
bucket-list things. Like, you know,
kind of regret it a little bit, maybe wish we could still
do a Super Bowl halftime. -Next Super Bowl halftime.
BSB, let’s do it. -Let’s do it.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Come on.
Let’s do it. They’re watching.
Come on. -Let’s do it.
-But there was never any truth to us and Nsync being a rivalry.
-No. -Those were guys
following their dreams. -Yeah.
-We were following our dreams. -I actually went to college
with Chris Kirkpatrick. We were in choir together.
-Oh, great. Good. I’m glad to hear that.
I kind of knew that. But I’m glad you’re friends.
-He owes me. -Let’s talk about the second leg
of the DNA World Tour. How is it so far?
[ Cheers and applause ] Did you enjoy it?
-It has been so much fun. Really has.
I mean, we have an opportunity to go all over the world,
you know? And see these amazing —
-Twice. -Now we’re going out again,
you know, in America, so it’s just like —
-One of my favorite shows, like, the Millennium show, honestly.
-Really? -It’s just a great show.
It takes you down this amazing 26-year journey,
plus about six songs off of the “DNA” record and just some
really beautiful visuals. It’s almost a two-hour show. -You guys,
these guys perform like — -32 songs.
32 songs in the set. -Is that right?
32 songs? -Yeah.
-Arenas and amphitheaters. -We do some medleys.
-That must be exhausting. Really, when they come here,
they rehearse and they — All day long.
These guys are the most professional guys
and the most talented guys that we’ve had on the show.
Thank you so much. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you man. -You got to come out
and see the show, yes. -I’m gonna come see you. I’ll see you at the Jones Beach,
July 10th. I’m gonna be
at the Jones Beach show. Give me a shout-out. -Maybe we’ll have
The Ragtime Gals. -Yeah, maybe!
-Let’s do it. -I love you guys.
Backstreet Boys, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] Tickets for
the North American leg of the DNA World Tour
go on sale this Friday.

100 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Clear Up Ryan Gosling and *NSYNC Rivalry Rumors

  1. 1. This rivalry is stupid, both groups are talented. It's 2020, get over it.
    2. Aerosmith had the half-time and they invited *NSYNC to the Super Bowl. You are telling me you chose the anthem instead of the show? Something doesn't add up here Nick.
    3. Kevin as always being classy.

  2. I went to a show on this tour (my 4th or 5th bsb concert) and they blew my mind! I forgot how good they were!! So much nostalgia! It really brought me back to the early 2000s. They truly know how to put on a show!!!


  4. I was looking for them to answer questions like an acapella group, where each singer says each word, but I was disappointed

  5. okay, wait ⚠️
    I remember you singing the National Anthem, I recorded it on my VCR 😂.

  6. Gotta admit when I was younger I was all about Nick but now Kevin and AJ look so fineeeeee
    I went to their concert and I want to believe Kevin looked at me

  7. Los pedimos en Sudamérica. Los pedimos en Bolivia. Come to South America. Come to Bolivia country!!!!!🙌🔝🔥🔥

  8. PTSD flashbacks from when I spent hours on my “I ❤️ U Brian” poster and security wouldn’t let me bring it into the concert when I was 10 😭

  9. Give them an opportunity to do superbowl halftime and give them already a grammy award.
    Backstreetboys are still the best boyband/harmonic group

  10. Backstreet Boys, I still love them! They are one of the greatest bands, artists, voices, performers, human beings, especially in this kind of business!
    So happy that I finally got to see them live last summer during their DNA world tour in Germany♡ It means so much that they continued making music, so that fans like me, are now old enough to go to their concerts – it was one of the best nights/experiences of my life, unreal until the end!😍♥️

  11. Interesting about the year Backstreet Boys did the National Anthem at the Super Bowl the year NSync & Britney Spears did the halftime show.

    How about this for a future halftime show.

    Backstreet Boys, NSync (the FULL group including Justin Timberlake), Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and the Spice Girls?

    That would break the internet! lol

  12. As a former fan of the group. Bsb in the Super Bowl halftime … ah HELL NO!!!!
    Even though I still think bsb has cuter members musically *NSYNC is 1000 times better

  13. I love Kevin's honesty😂… he wants to do the anthem and watch the game, doesn't want to be stress out splitting his mind with the half time performance for the entire 1st half of the game 😂😂😂… he is such a fan!🤣

  14. *big empty stage in the field*
    *spot light*
    *man slowly elevates out of the middle of the stage*
    *looks up*
    *camera shows his face, it is Howie*
    *crowd gets excited*
    *one by one, kevin, brian, AJ appear*
    *then last guy appears in a hat. Blonde guy*
    *looks up*
    *it's Timberlake*
    *crowd goes wild*
    *one of the songs of either of the bands plays*
    *then remaining 5 guys show up from the sides*

  15. Why the 3 least important guys in the Group sitting near and taking with Jimmy (and to TWO MAIN SUPERSTAR FACES of the group, way out of view)?

  16. Never listened to these guys. Never interested in Disney system boys. Never interested in Gosling for same reason.(Why did he ruin something as iconic as Blade Runner…that bitch) I just look at these Disney Ken doll boys and laugh.

  17. Why did the guy w the hat keep his weirdo look and the one in the far left needs to fucking shave he looks too gay w that way to perfectly groomed and dyed goatee

  18. I don’t understand why so many people say BSB is way better than nsync. I mean, people…there’s a reason these two groups are always brought up in the same breath. They’re both super successful, talented, and have great music. If nsync weren’t as great as they are, no one would even be talking about them in relation to BSB and vice versa. Every other boy band in that era couldn’t touch either of them. They were on another level.

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