Bad Movie Review Singing Challenge

– Lights. – Camera. – Singing. – Let’s talk about that. (“Good Mythical Morning” Theme) – Good mythical morning! – Please welcome singer, actor, and one of the stars of the
brand new musical dramedy on NBC, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, it’s Skylar Astin. (crew applauding)
– Oh my god, wow. – Welcome to the show, man. – I’m clapping for myself I’m so excited. – Yeah! Do it! Clap for yourself! – I was actually clapping for me, but I didn’t want you to know that – I was clapping for you. – Yeah, I was clapping for all of us. – Oh, okay cool.
– That’s better. – Nicer. – Do you use Rotten Tomatoes to make a decision about a movie? – I do. I do, I want to see if it’s fresh and I’m actually am really into
the audience score as well. – What about if the reviews were sung? Would that change your answer? – Actually I think it would
change my answer a whole lot. – Oh, you would no longer use them. – Yeah, no I think I think
I’d use it even more so. (Rhett and Link cheers) – [Link] All right,
well that’s good ’cause we ’bout to do that. It’s time for: ♪ This is Rotten Tomatoes Scores! ♪ ♪ With Skylar Astin, yes! ♪ Welcome to the tomato
tomahto sing songrato. – All right, we’re
going to be taking turns stepping up to the microphone
and singing a series of bad Rotten Tomatoes audience
reviews all to specific movies and all to the accompaniment
of a live pianist! – And the other two players
in our positions right now will compete to guess what the movie is based on the clues within the reviews. – So you get three points if you guess the movie
after the first review, two after the second and one point if you need all three
reviews to guess the movie. And players will lose corresponding points for every incorrect guess,
so you got to guess wisely. – All right. And in the
end, the winner gets a custom serenade from Skylar Astin! (Skylar harmonizing)
All right! (Rhett laughs)
Wow! (upbeat piano music) – Alright, first let’s
welcome our pianist, Hughie Stone Fish! – Hughie!
– Awww! – Blue burger, you might
recognize him from Try Guys videos I do! – [Hughie] Hey! – Okay, Hughie, you apparently have the movie reviews that I will
be singing right here. Um, alright. Whenever you’re ready. Hit it, Hughie. – Okay, yeah. – Hold on. PG-13 boobies? – [Rhett] Yeah
– Are you even allowed that? – And worst of all, PG-13 boobies – Why is that worst of all?
– Why is that bad? Are they bad boobies? – Hey! I’m just singing what
was written, I don’t know. – That is a bad review. – Got it. Got it. Got it. – Okay, any guesses? You lose points if you guess incorrectly. I could just go to the next review. – Okay – Alright Hughie, hit it. – [Skylar] Well, dibs. – Oh you lit up!
– Ahhhh – Well I wonder why
– I was about… – I stole that from you. I’m gonna go with the James
Cameron Film: Titanic. – You are correct, sir! (Skylar and Link cheer) – You beat me to it! – Well you had me at (bleep) Celine Dion. (group laughs) (upbeat piano music) – Alright, bad review number two. Okay alright, hit it! ♪ Yeah, yeah, hu huh ♪ ♪ I’m ready to sing ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ (applause) – Yeah – Taken – Taken with dogs – Taken for kids – There was a dog in the top. – Is that a clue or is that – It’s more of a dawg – Oh, oh like D-A-W-G? – Exactly D-A-W-G. – [Skylar] Okay. – Yeah – I do not have a guess that
I am willing to put out there for negative points.
– Yeah – Alright you guys want another song. – I want more singing
– Really, honestly – You guys want my pipes to stretch again – [Rhett] Uh huh, uh huh. – All right, all right ready. ♪ Bobo, bobo ♪ That’s just me, that’s not this. ♪ Yeah! ♪ Yeah added by me – [Rhett] Yeah. – Wow, okay. – There was a rhyme in there. – Seasick
– So there’s no yeah in the clue. – No yeah though, that was just me. – Seasick I think is big. – Searching for a kidnapped son, – Uh huh – With a mentally unstable – woman.
– Woman. – Do we hear the vocal stylings of you yet one more time. (Rhett laughs) – I think we have to – I think you might, all right. – I feel like I should
know it based on that, but – Okay, ready! ♪ Yeah ♪ (crew laughs) (bell dings) – I think I know what it is. – I got it. – But Rhett got the light. – [Skylar] I know. – Finding Dory. (alarm buzzes) – Not quite. – [Hughie] Got ’em! – I’m gonna go with Finding Nemo. – Yes you did! – Oh my god! (upbeat piano music) – Okay you guys, now that I got my mic, it is time to get my libretto. – Libretto, huh? – Yes that’s what we,
it’s Italian for music – [Link] Okay. – It’s what we call it in the biz. – Libretto
– Why’s ya wait till now? You waited till your
round to break that news. – I’m secretly competitive. – Okay, all right. – Okay. ♪ Hmmmm ♪ (Rhett laughs) – That was beautiful. – Okay, all right. – And it wasn’t very helpful. (Skylar laughs) – It was pretty generic of a review. – Well, but I think we’re thinking we’re talking like a generic love story like something that’s just like – Franchised across
– Ah yeah – Completely predictable. – Across the cinematic spectrum. – Overdone. – And I guess when you’re
here, you’re family. Not trying to give you guys anymore clues. – Oh, blurh. No, I wanna hear you sing again. – [Skylar] That’s just the slogan. – I wanna hear you sing again. – Give us another. – Okay, ready? – Old people – (Both) Dying! – But the ladies love it – Sh, I have a guess. – Oh. – But I’d really like
to hear you sing again. – Oh! – Yeah yeah, I know what it is. – Oh you know what it is? – But I wanna hear the third song – Buzz it! Buzz it, come on. (bell dings) – [Skylar] Uh oh! looks
like somebody’s buzzed. – The Notebook. – Ding, ding, ding, ding. (crew cheers) (applause) (upbeat piano music) – Oh, whoa kay. All right, um hmm, okay. (Rhett laughs) – What ya got there? A bad review? – Yeah I got it, this is real bad. (Skylar laughs) Let’s go for it! ♪ Ho! Hey! ♪ – [Link] Yeah. – [Skylar] Okay, got it. – [Rhett] There was a lot of words. – [Skylar] I get it. – So I just started saying them. – A lotta references to cow
(talking over each other) – Lotta cow stuff, yeah. – Some Nick Cage action – [Skylar] Nick Cage. I mean something tells me a cow was not the focal point of this movie, yet it’s the focal point of this review. Yeah
– Yeah (Rhett laughs) – There’s so many Nick Cage movies. – I know. – Would you like help narrowing it down? – Yeah! – [Rhett] Okay. – Come on! – Oo baby! – Come on! (Skylar vocalizing) – All right, uh, have not seen this. – [Rhett] Um hmm, um hmm, um hmm, um hmm – And I would have said something like A National Treasure, even
though I love that movie, but since it’s referencing
The Da Vinci Code in the review
– Are you gonna guess? Because I buzzed in. – You sure did (Rhett laughs)
I didn’t know that man! – Yeah – I’m gonna say National Treasure – Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding – Aw man! – I was gonna say that anyway. – Yeah, you were. And that’s probably because I’m realizing people can leave reviews years
and years and years later. (upbeat piano music) – Y’all ready for dis? – Yes. – [Link] Okay ♪Ha how ♪ (Rhett laughs) (Rhett laughs) – I love the way you held
on to the hedgehog thing. – Yeah I kinda didn’t realize that was part of the same thought. – No I liked it though, so… – It was like a rest for me – Space movie, white man
– saved by a white guy – I think we gotta hear more. – Okay, ready. ♪ Yeah! ♪ (applause) – Okay, I’ve got a guess. – You’ve liten it up. – And it all comes down to blue balls Avatar? – He’s right! (bell dings) – Yeah blue balls! – Yeah (upbeat piano music) – All right guys. – Ah, indeed
– Huh – Keeps getting lower (Rhett laughs) – Okay All right I’m taking that as a hint, but I need another. – [Rhett] Yeah. – [Skylar] All right well thankfully
– I gotta get it on this one to win. – This libretto has more than one song. – [Rhett] Ah, libretto, there it is. – You guys, that was added. – Oh shoot, I gotta, I gotta buzz in. Come on, ah. – Hey, I’m not gonna guess at this one – I gotta
– I can’t throw my (Rhett mumbles) – I gotta guess – Yeah, yeah, yep. – Is De Niro in any DC movies? (crew laughs) Well, he’s in The Joker – Don’t ask questions, just make guesses. – Ah, Joker! – What do you think? – I hope it’s not Joker. (Rhett laughs) – It is, it’s Joker (bell dings) Awe yeah! – You did it, Link. You did it! You win
– Barely eaked it out – That means that you
win a custom serenade – [Skylar] Oh my god, from me. – From Skylar, yes. – Let me tell you
something about you, Link I’ve known you for – About twenty minutes – [Skylar] Yeah twenty
minutes and it’s been great (Rhett laughs) – Thank you, Skylar
– Thank you for saying that my hair was black – [Skylar] Yeah, yeah – [Link] Part of it is. – Yeah and I don’t see any mouth herpes – How did you know about the herpes? (Skylar mumbles) I think they gave you this. – [Skylar] Yeah – All right, thanks to
Skylar for being here. You can check him out on
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Sunday’s at 9pm on NBC. – Thanks for subscribing
and clicking that bell. – Now Skylar you say
you know what time it is – Now you know what time it is! ♪ Hello, this is the Mary project ♪ ♪ And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality ♪ – Can’t get enough music today – It’s the language of the soul – All right click the top link to watch us do a ketchup chip taste test in Good Mythical More – And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land. – [Rhett] Need some new
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  1. Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. …I’m gonna be that person……..libretto means “little book” in Italian and it does not refer to sheet music or lyrics. It’s the book written for an opera that contains the storyline written by a librettist and given to the composer. Later it referred to the program with the synopsis given to an audience at an opera.

  3. You guys should really do more of the rotten tomatoes reviews with song whenever all this is over good luck and stay safe

  4. 03:10 Daaaamn I didn't know Rhett could sing like that! Plus I'm super jealous he's that good while only singing jokingly 😛 I can't sing to save my life :'(

  5. Rhett's hair is starting to look like a permanent Damnyell and my brain is imagining a second little face there its very confusing to watch

  6. 4:36 The first phrase makes me think about Queen’s Another One Bites the dust. Steve walks warily down the street.

  7. National treasure is actually a very good movie I love the first and second one but it is a little over dramatic.

  8. 'This is the Olive Garden of love stories.' Finally, a review of Notebook that makes sense to me; over-hyped and terribly seasoned!

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