[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS at the CONNECT, BTS exhibition in New York – BTS (방탄소년단)

-Hello, hello
[BTS at the CONNECT, BTS exhibition in New York] -Where do we go?
[BTS at the CONNECT, BTS exhibition in New York] Take a look around the exhibition and watch the AR content Go in this way and take a look around [They’ll view the artwork first, then listen to the curator] Shall we go in? Shall we? There’s some explanation here You can see the seam here I think they used super glue for this It’s holding up pretty well Hmm I think it means that everything is connected It is CONNECT after all This is the embodiment of connection -Does this mean connection?
-That’s right -We meet again, here, today
-Yes Perhaps you and I are connected Where does it begin and end? You can’t see That’s what I was going to say I… will always be here [The members wander through the work listening to the AR docent] Why did I wear this outfit for the shoot! Haha! Look at j-hope Did you see me? Did you see me? Come over here Hey, Voo~ Where’d he go? It’s weird looking at myself Scan [Tap here] V
[RM, V, j-hope] This artist’s work called Clearing is made up of 18km of aluminum tubing Depending on the viewers’ perspectives– [The members meet the curator to listen to the story of “New York Clearing”] Were you surprised at seeing it? It’s bigger than I thought it would be -The location’s amazing
-Isn’t it really unique? The view? The sunlight makes it extra special Isn’t it so cool? It looks totally different in the sunlight -Even when it’s empty it looks good
-Would people meet each other here? They’ll say, “I’ll come, wait for me” [They take a photograph with the artwork] This artwork… was created by Anthony Gormley The length is a whopping 18km One of Namjoon’s favorite artists, Mr. Gormley Thank you so much for making this artwork With the buildings in the background it creates a harmony in many different ways I really like it It has this commanding presence because of its size This is really new for me The world of art… It’s like I almost get it but not quite But that’s what it’s all about, right? Looking at it in person, it’s something else It kind of looks like POSCO [CONNECT, BTS, shining brighter in its unique setting]

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  1. 0:59 fuuuuck i immediately thought of the hyyh universe and how all the songs and mvs are fucking CONNECTED everything is fucking connected and its still ongoing we are forever in hyyh

  2. No one:

    Not Even Jin speaking English:

    Namjoon: I think they superglued this..🤨It’s holding up pretty well…

  3. Jimin is the most calm and sweet person he really took in the amazement of the art work and who created it and actually thanked him so yeah

  4. I miss Tae (V) boxy smile ….In past, Tae always smiling,when i saw his [V] smile
    My face- smiling 🥺🥺🥺🥺
    Plz Tae always smile
    Someone told me -life is too short Enjoy ur days always laugh and try to live happily as much as you can ,enjoy every moment of ur life, appreciate Kindness, let go of negativity and people who bring you down so Tae please always keep smiling and enjoy everymoment ,Life doesn't get back
    No matter how mature you r that doesn't mean u stop smiling "smiling is d universal welcome" There are 100 of languages around d world but a smile speaks them all let your smile change the world but donot let d world change ur smile if u think Why i can't cry that doesn't mean u can't cry, cry it makes you feel better
    But smile is the biggest key of our life

  5. 1:11–>1:39
    Vmin CONNECT🤝
    Jimin: Maybe you and I are connected
    V: Where does it start and end?
    Jimin: you can't know, that's what I was going to say.
    V: I will always be there.😙

  6. ого, это было не давно…. жаль меня там не было, пхахапхахвхххахпхапз

  7. Why does everyone talk about v jimin,well I like v a jm friends because they have a song called friends

  8. Jimin: (to taehyung) we meet again here today
    Tae: yes
    Jimin: perhaps you and i are connected?
    Tae:………….*turns and walks away
    Tae: where does it begin and end
    Jimin:you cant see
    Tae: i………will always be here
    *jimin and tae handshake

  9. 안녕하세요 방탄 소년단 여러분을 정말 사랑하고 지국이 진짜인지, 아니면 남진이 진짜인지, V-hope MORE real입니까?😼😹😻😏😏😏

  10. 잠들기 전에 한번 씩만이라도 저 야외 BTS 전시회의 의미를 마음 가운데 생각하고 적어보았으면 좋겠어요. ^^

  11. Se ven tan hermosos como siempre los amo ya quisiera conocerlos en persona e ir a sus conciertos los amo mucho chicos y espero q estén bien y q se estén cuidando mucho los amor cuiden se chicos😍😚

  12. Bts I am new with this whole thing so far I love yall but don't know alot about yall so are yall form Korea because if so I am to

  13. I was holding my breath when RM touch that thing adorably 😂… I was expecting it will collapse dramatically 😂😂… He is the Adorable Destructor and I love him 😘😘

    I can relate much to suga…. I can't understand art but I appreciate it 😊

  14. I thought the whole thing was going to fall down when RM was walking through it jumping. But the God of destruction has not shown his power today.

  15. Their hair colour are so nicceeeeeee😆
    And IF i dye? ….., my Mom will run to the salon with her slipper in the hand🤣

  16. Jungkook! hope to see the same hair color you have when guesting on king of masked singer. it looks so good on you

  17. I didnt know that they had the z flip…they can afford a z flip while I cant even afford a book..

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