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Hello there. My name is Richard McMunn from the interview
training company, and in this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how
to pass a bank teller interview. Now, it does not matter which bank or financial
organization you are being interviewed for the role of a bank teller, I promise you,
if you watch this tutorial from beginning to end, you will not only be fully prepared
for your bank teller interview, but you will also pass it! I can pretty much guarantee that because I’m
going to give you some important tips to help you prepare effectively and more importantly,
some sample interview questions and high-scoring answers. So, please do stick around and watch it from
beginning to end. Now, before I get into the tutorial, a very
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gave the video a LIKE, that always motivates me to create more content for you. Thank you very much. OK. Let’s get into the tutorial. Take notes as I progress. Now, we have to make sure that you demonstrate
the following key skills and attributes during your bank teller interview. This is what the interview panel are going
to be looking for: your ability to provide outstanding customer care. That’s really important. Be able to serve all banking customers and
clients in a fast and efficient manner whilst also upholding the bank’s customer service
code of conduct or charter. And each bank will have one of these. What they expect their employees to do in
respect of customer service is very important. You have to deal with any customer complaints
in line with the bank’s complaints procedure. Also work as part of the wider banking team
to achieve the bank’s financial and strategic aims and objectives. You also have to seek opportunities to upsell
or cross-sell the banks different products and services based on the customer’s needs
and requirements. And finally, you have to be able to maintain
confidentiality and all of your work as a bank teller. So, let us now move on to the all-important
bank teller interview questions and answers. I can pretty much guarantee the following
questions will come up, during your bank teller interview and I’ve provided you with some
brilliant high scoring answers to these questions that you can’t find anywhere else! You can either take notes on the questions
and the answers, or if you stick around, I will tell you at some stage during the tutorial
where you can download my full set of 23 bank teller interview questions and answers. Let’s get started. So the first question during your bank teller
interview is going to be: “Tell me about yourself and why you want to become a bank
teller?” So it’s always the first question, the introduce
yourself or tell me about yourself question. So, we’re going to incorporate two questions
into this one. Tell me about yourself and why you want to
become a bank teller? Here’s my high scoring answer. “I am a highly professional, conscientious
and dedicated team worker who wants to work as a Bank Teller because the key skills and
attributes needed to perform the role are a close match to my own abilities. I enjoy working in a customer-facing role
and I particularly want to work in a position where I have to act as a positive role model
for my employer. As a Bank Teller it is important you uphold
the principles and the values of the bank, and I feel I will excel within the role if
I am successful at interview today. In addition to possessing the necessary skills,
experience and attributes to perform the role competently, I am also positive in my approach
to work, can find solutions to time-sensitive problems quickly, and I will fit in seamlessly
to any team I am working as a part of.” So that is a positive answer. It is professional, and it is also, most importantly,
loaded with positive key words and phrases that will resonate in a positive manner with
the interview panel. Next question of your bank teller interview. Why do you chosen our bank to become a bank? Tell us why you want to work for them. So a lot of people who go along to bank teller
interviews only want to be a bank teller. They’re not too fussed about the bank they
work for. Now, that is not attractive to the interview
panel. So you have to make sure you’ve carried out
a little bit of research into the bank and give them, my advice, is three specific reasons
why you have chosen their bank. Here we go. “I have chosen your bank to apply to become
a Bank Teller for three main reasons. Firstly, it was clear during my research you
are a bank with a proud and successful history. This means you will be around for many years
to come, which means if I perform my duties to a high standard, I will have employment
with your bank for the long term. Secondly, you only insist on the highest standards
of customer service. This is important to me as I too have very
high customer service standards and I only want to work for a bank that looks to provide
the best service to its customers. Finally, during my research I spoke to a small
number of people who are currently employed by your bank. Each and every one of them had nothing but
good things to say about your organization, and in particular how you support your staff
to help them perform highly within their roles.” That’s a great answer! I like it in particular because you are giving
three reasons why you want to work for their bank, and that means that you’ve put some
thought into this before you go along to the interview, so you are fully prepared. Next question: “As a bank teller, what do
you expect to be doing on a daily basis?” Now, this question is important because it
assesses your knowledge of the bank teller job description. Have you read it? Do you know what you would be required to
do on a daily basis? Well, I’ve put all of that together for you
right now, in the following answer: “I understand there will be lots of different and important
duties I will be responsible for as a Bank Teller. I will need to welcome customers to the bank
upon arrival whilst always providing outstanding customer service and care. I will be required to take care of all customer
transaction requests, including handling cash deposits and withdrawals, taking care of travelers
checks, providing accurate statements, providing advice in respect of loan or overdraft applications
whilst always maintaining accurate bank transaction records as and when they happen. In addition to these duties, I will need to
deal with customer complaints efficiently and effectively, maintain confidentiality
at all times and also work as part of the wider banking team to help the bank achieve
its financial targets and strategic aims.” Great answer! It shows that you know what you’re going to
be doing on a daily basis and therefore you are prepared for the role. Now, I’ve got two more questions to run through
with you, so please do stick around. If you haven’t done already, please do SUBSCRIBE
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will take through to my website where you can download the full set. But here’s my next two questions. “In your opinion, what are the main attributes
needed to become a good bank teller?” Now, this answer I’m going to provide you
with right now can be used for the question: “What are your strengths?” Okay. But I’ve worded this because this is quite
popular during bank teller interviews. “In your opinion, what the main attributes
needed to become a good bank teller?” Here we go. “First and foremost, being outstanding at
customer service is the most important attribute you need. We live in a world where the customer has
so many banks to choose from, and on that basis, it is important a Bank Teller makes
the customer feel valued and appreciated. Other core attributes include being able to
concentrate on the same task for long periods of time whilst maintaining solid attention
to detail skills; working with other members of the banking team to continually improve
and develop; keeping up-to-date with developments within the banking industry and also having
strong communication and interpersonal skills. You also need to be good at identifying upselling
and cross-selling techniques to offer the bank’s customers different services that
may be applicable to their needs. Finally, you also have to have a positive
nature at all times whilst acting as a positive role model for the bank. If your customers and clients feel valued,
they will stay with the bank long term, something that is integral to the successful future
of the bank.” Now, an important tip when answering questions
of this nature, questions that assess whether you understand what strengths or qualities
are needed to do the role. You give the specific quality or attribute,
and then you explain why it’s important. You can see there at the top. I’ve put: “First and foremost, being outstanding
at customer service is the most important attribute.” And then I’ve gone on to explain: “We live
in a world where the customer has so many banks to choose from and therefore you have
to make customers feel valued.” That’s the way to gain the highest scores
possible with strengths related questions! Next one. “Our bank prides itself on providing outstanding
customer service. Tell me about a time when you have gone out
of your way to help a customer?” Again, this is pretty much a guaranteed question. It’s a behavioral type question and it’s assessing
whether you can provide brilliant customer service, because let’s face it, anybody can
sit there in an interview and say, yes, I am great at providing customer service, but
have you done that previously? So this is a behavioral type interview question. Here we go. “In a previous role, I always tried to provide
outstanding customer care at all times. One day, whilst dealing with an elderly customer
over the telephone, he was clearly having difficult choosing a product to purchase from
our company website. Under normal circumstances, I had to deal
with each customer telephone call within a strict time period. However, on this occasion, I felt it was important
to put aside the time targets temporarily to help out the customer. Over a ten minute period, I not only talked
the customer through the different product options available to help him, but I also
spent the time patiently taking him through the online payment process to reassure him
everything was safe and secure. I always provide brilliant customer service
and I understand how important it is within the role of a Bank Teller to consistently
maintain this.” So, this is a specific example. You’ve been in a specific example, and that’s
important. Don’t tell them what you would do, but tell
him what you’ve have done in a previous situation. So, if you want to download my full set of
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