Barely Alive – Dial Up (Virtual Riot Remix)

48 thoughts on “Barely Alive – Dial Up (Virtual Riot Remix)

  1. Is it just me or does the sound sample "yeah come on" at e.g. 1:21 sound like the voice of Franklin in GTA V? O.O

  2. kann es sein das viele deutsche leute geile musik machen? (ich sag ja nur: Virutal riot, Zedd, Panda Eyes, Aqualantic und ich 😀 )

  3. If someone could recommend me some tracks that are like the 2nd drop, that will make me very happy :]

  4. if it wasn't for the title you wouldn't even know this song was about dial up but still a pretty cool song

  5. Like said on ST with VR 2:

    He may seem like an ordinary guy, but he is a GOD when it comes to dubstep. ROCK ON, VR!

  6. Hätte ich gar nicht erwartet das sich hier so viele über deutsche Kommentare freuen ich kenn viele Deutsche die diesen Kanal verfolgen!

  7. Hey Ma Dubstep! I have an quentsion. Come an 250k subscribers mix? It were really nice! (And When there Come a mix please from Barely Alive) 🙂

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