100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders clashes with Bloomberg over wealth and big business

  1. Socialist Bernie is a multi millionaire with three houses. Bernies little cottage is $600,000 dollars with 500 yards of private beach. You will not be welcome to walk or swim at this beach. Socialism at its best.

  2. Bloomberg smokes bernie the loonbag 🤣
    He even calls out the hypocrite that he is!! You want things? Work for them and make wise choices in your life

  3. Millionaire U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders says/believes that Billionaires should not be allowed to exist on this planet !! Bill Gates/Charlie Munger/Warren Buffett .. could you imagine a world without these three people ? SHAME ON YOU BERNIE !!!! ✨

  4. Don't believe the snake oil these socialists are peddling…They talk about billionaires, but don't mention the gov trillionaires that will be needed to control everyone else in their so called 'utopian' world….

  5. bloomberg is not a moderate republican. he is just a regular republican lol. and therefore, i pretty sure bernie can pull in moderates better than bloomberg can pull in progressive lol. maybe bloomberg need to make the argument if he can pull in progressives.

  6. Just got my Bernie shirt on 2 day Prime! https://www.amazon.com/Sanders-President-Democratic-Socialism-T-Shirt/dp/B084L9BZHB/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&qid=1582389230&refinements=p_4%3ADemocratic%2BSocialist%2BCooperative&s=apparel&sr=1-9&customId=B0752XJYNL&th=1

  7. Bloomberg makes Trump look like a boy scout. At least Trump speaks his mind even if it's ridiculous and not well thought out sometimes. I can respect that. Economy is doing great, wages are rising, unemploymemt among African Americans is at historic lows, illegal border crossings are dropping quickly and manufacturing jobs are up near 400 %. Why would I vote against that?

  8. Why does Van say that Bloomberg is a moderate republican. He is an extreme right wing Wallstreet guy. Just an anictode: Bloomberg means mountain of flowers in Dutch (and German).
    But he is rather a Strontberg (mountain of sh*t).

  9. There are lots and millions of people working harder than Bloomberg could ever dream of. We call them the working poor. Bloomberg happens to be fishing at a pond where the fish practically jumps to your lap. And no, billionaires shouldn't exist. It goes against to pillars of capitalism. You cannot have free markets and wealth growth if all the money is in someones piggy bank, that someone is gaming the markets on top of it.

  10. For all Bernie's talk about the wealthy taking advantage of America–Bernie has a net worth of over $2 million. All accomplished during his tenure in office. Don't be duped. He's gotten rich off the very system he criticizes.

  11. "Sanders needs to get the support of billionaires and conservatives in the Democrat party"

    Lol, go cry and join the Republican party.

  12. Oligarch Bloomberg must be humiliated out of the race before the convention or he will bribe everyone in a backroom deal to support him.

  13. Bloomburg is right about one thing – Bernie is a communist pretending to be a far left socialist. In Bernie's head success should be limited so everyone is the same (lazy people should make as much as smart job creators) that's why he wants a 90% tax rate (income distribution) .
    It'll be a blowout if Bernie is the candidate and the people in charge of the democratic party and the mainstream media won't allow it. Biden's a joke ,senile and corrupt. Mike will buy everyone – the only question is will America buy it.

  14. I don't understand businessman candidate bloomberg and businessman president always feel that work at nyc is more imp than any other work!!! both were lucky to get work at nyc doesnt mean working at toughest place. every work is at every city and state is equally imp than nyc etc…

  15. Bernie 'Russian Colonel' Sanders bringing up PARADISE ON EARTH and he will spend HIS OWN MILLIONS TO BRING US THIS IN 2020 SOON!! COUNT ME IN!!! https://youtu.be/l3w9AfC5Ms0

  16. All of these candidates just want to get the rich richer except for bernie. None of these candidates have anything to offer except for bernie

  17. Bernie telling it how it is?? He is comparing with Bernie when it come to money tax?? he's worth 65,000,000,000 Billions of dollars and he criticized Bernie for being a millionaire for selling his book…

  18. Bernie has kept his speech almost the same because the issues are still the same: inequality, social injustice, corporation rulin our government by not paying their fair dues, people being discriminated against just becasue of their color and even sex belief. Millions with out health insurance risking their life or afraid to go to hospital beasue they'll incur in unpayable debts,.. A good third of Americans who are politically involved are still living old paradigms and obsolete belief that taking us no where but division, hate, hate crime, religious state crossover, etc

  19. If Bernie doesnt make to the NOminee we should all start a NEW PARTY or have Bernie Ran as an INDEPENDANT adn we should all vote for him.. Fuck the DNC they are equally corrupt as Conservative Republicans

  20. CNN I watched you for years but you are bought and sold by the DNC and elites. Its the reason why we ended up with trump. And we are not going to let you fuck us again. You and the DNC are why I am leaving the Democratic party. #Bernie2020

  21. CNN: no one is saying "Billionaires should go" its that they should pay taxes to a reasonable extent, not less than your average person working to survive

  22. Its time for the Washington post to take off the gloves and go after bernie Saunders before he destroys jeff bezos and wall street. Jeff does down Washington post goes down

  23. How many people has Colonel Bernie saved from the streets? It's easy for him to be advocating handing out free left-wing chicken pieces because he knows he himself won't have to pay for them. Someone needs to ask what he thinks the worst thing about communism is. I think he'd be stumped for an answer. He'd probably use the old "True communism has never really been tried".
    But Pol Pot gave it a good whirl, and was probably the most sincere communist in recent history. He even had people who wore glasses killed because they were probably "richer" than the people who didn't.

  24. They left part of the clip out. Were Bloomberg tells Bernie you're a millionaire you have to be houses. That was hilarious Bernie's face turned all red and got defensive

  25. Good old “frankenstein’s crazy scientist” Bernie, a millionaire pushing a platform to transfer his social costs to other millionaires, which in turn begs the question how did a career socialist politician like Bernie ever become a millionaire himself? Well here’s food for thought for
    those with the necessary intellect to understand what is going on.

    Firstly, you need to know how much money has flowed into Bernie’s 2020 presidential campaign? Well it was $18 million for the second
    quarter alone! and much more after each debate. So how is that money spent? well obviously millions are spent on Media adverts commonly referred to as “Media Bots”.

    Here’s the key, each “Media Bot” is negotiated/arranged by an “Agent” who receives a “Commission” of 15% for each “Media Bot” or advertisement that goes to air. Word has it that one “Media Bot” at a cost of $2 million produced a commission of $300,000 for Bernie’s “Agent”. So guess who is Bernie’s “Agent” taking care of these “Media Bots” …   Its Bernie’s WIFE!… In fact, they even set up an LLC for this very purpose.

    Raw hypocrisy and a living example of a millionaire socialist career politician holding himself out to be an anti-capitalist promising “freebies” to everyone but unable to reveal the real costs.

  26. Bernie and the others: we don’t like billionaires buying votes and their way into the White House

    Bloomberg: spends millions on votes

  27. Honestly the Democrat party is a joke all when i see people talk about voting for the most likely to win to help the party wtf VOTE for what You believe in what you want to change
    dont compromise on your values even if the one you vote for loses so try again if people voted for what they truly believed in we wouldn't have these corrupt politicians you wouldn't be delegated to only 1 party if your politician does not do what you voted them in for dont vote for them. I am rambling but to be clear all im saying is know where you stand for if you let things slide you'll do it again till you finally stop or you fall

  28. Terry McAuliffe: Bernie has a majority right now but if he doesn't kiss more of Wall Street's ass then he can't win (translation mine).

  29. I voted against Trump and Hillary in 16 because they both flip flop like fish outta water. I'm voting for Bernie because hes had the same message for 40+ years.

  30. there is loop holes all a loop hole is cheating pass to the front row seat call it brains call it born in wealth call it or them cheaters law breakers or call it a blessing either way it is what it is

  31. of coarse the rich will never go against the rich but like what ever happened with trump the same is going to happen with sanders sanders will smoke trump n trump knows it y yall ask yalls selfs cuz the call has been made some one else is calling the shots the call has being made mock my words either way the original i 😂😂😂😘

  32. For Sanders, Warren and anyone to blame Bloomberg for his wealth is just absurd and full of envy. Bloomberg did not inherit wealth. He shared his wealth by creating thousands of jobs, and distributing them to the less fortunate.
    Google Bloomberg, who paid for his own studies all the way to Harvard working in a car park lot as his father worked in a dairy company. It takes grit, sheer determination and hard work for Bloomberg. It's his own well-hard-earned money. He built his own fortune with his own hands. Sanders and Warren wouldn't know how to start a multi-billion dollar business.

  33. Bloomberg has plans. Sanders thinks billionaires being taxed more changes things. No Mike that will do nothing except withdraw services.

  34. Why are business billionaires bad? We need to be listening to these guys. This guy started a multi billion dollar business from the ground up. I know some billionaires are corrupt. But most aren’t. Billionaires take the risk, they employ thousands of ppl. Pay 30% in taxes. Not every billionaire is Jeff bezos. Plus y’all letting a stage full of millionaires talk about how sick and disgusting Washington is YET HAVE BEEN IN POLITICS FOR DECADES (WARREN, Amy and SANDERS).

  35. The best known socialist is a millionaire with three homes 😄😄 Bloomberg was ambushed but he knows all of their bullshit he's just letting them get their self-esteem up because they need it 😂

  36. Medicare for all cannot work.  Medicare is a
    socialist system that rides on top a capitalist system. Health care requires
    fundamental changes. Medicare pays all doctors the same, even when the doctor
    get's it wrong, which is often. Medicare pays below cost; private plans (PPO’s)
    sustain Medicare. Medicare should become a major medical plan for all with the
    Lomeli Minor Outpatient Medical plan to provide outpatient care for $25 dollars
    per month per adult with no deductible with a stop loss of $5,000.00 dollars
    per year per patient. Private medical groups would jump at this concept that
    corporate laws have made illegal. We must put doctors against hospitals in
    order to protect patient and reduce hospitalization by 50%. I would never
    accept Medicare as a physician. I don't like it to dictate what it will pay
    which is below cost because I deliver quality care. I don’t like for Medicare
    to tell me what tests I can order and when. If Medicare for all becomes a
    reality, a physician assistant will be taking care of you. (It takes 10
    physician assistants to do what one medical doctor can do.)

  37. Dear Mr. Bernie Sanders:  Your  “Medicare for all cannot work!”  You will not be elected president if you
    don’t tweak it by making it capitalist. I share your sentiments in terms of
    health care for all from crib to grave but the limit of the total cost should
    not exceed 12 per cent of our GDP. I will give you the recipe that will make
    you president.  This is how it could work
    for you.  You must free up the health
    care market so that individual medical groups can privately create prepaid Minor
    Outpatient Medical plans (MOMP) that would provide outpatient care for $25
    dollars a month without a deductible. Patients or companies must pay the MOMP
    fee, not government.   The MOM plan would
    not be associated with any hospital so that it can send the sick patient to the
    best hospital, not the hospital that pays doctor bribes or may be profiting by
    limiting health care access as HMO hospitals often do.

  38. By design, a corporation pays no taxes because at the end of the year the tax would be higher. As a result, profits are put back into a business, dividends given, etc., in order to pay at a lower tax rate than a corporation.

  39. Bernie is so full of it. This is classic communist propaganda. Blame the rich for everything. That is always popular with the people that aren’t rich.

  40. It sounds ridiculous to say in the same frame that Bernie is the only nominee with backers who really care, yet if he's the one nominated that turnout will be down??

  41. Lol Bloomberg's face couldn't hide how pleased and proud he was when Bernie quoted his wealth compared to the population.

  42. Joe biden: pedophile
    Bernie sanders: socialist
    Bloomberg: millionaire criminal. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE DEMOCRATS… we should bury them all.

  43. Sanders and his wife worked and saved for 50 years and are only worth $1.8m, almost all of it tied up in his 2 houses and summer cabin. Big deal. The real question is how is it that this Senator didn’t sell out and monetize his influence for tens of millions like everyone else.

  44. A bernie sanders supporter was mean to once online, so im gonna vote for a racist sexist billionaire from new york because that never goes wrong

  45. Demonizing the rich is the not the answer Mike Sanders as usual is delusional . You can’t make rich people feel guilty for earning their wealth. Trump will eat him for breakfast in the debates.

  46. Listen, I'm a Bernie Bro that pledges to vote for trump if the DNC steals the nomination from Bernie (The last question of the debate shows that they are scheming to do so)…. You should see the vitriol I receive!!! I'm only trying to protect democracy with the only thing I have, my vote!!! The Bernie Bro narrative is bullsh!t!! Also, if the DNC is unfair democratically to any candidate, I will gladly participate in blowing up the party – by never voting for another Democrat.

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