Best 25 Gadgets to Keep Your House Clean

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Cleaning your house should no longer be an insufferable chore if you make use of some high-tech gadgets and tools to help you around. New cleaning gadgets and smart tech tools appear every year on the market, but how do you know what’s good and what’s rotten? Most consumers will […]

Cleaning your house should no longer be an insufferable chore if you make use of some high-tech gadgets and tools to help you around. New cleaning gadgets and smart tech tools appear every year on the market, but how do you know what’s good and what’s rotten? Most consumers will look for cleaning gadgets that are very easy to use and maintain but in the same time not cost an exorbitant price.

In order to save time and energy, tech-savvy persons should not only have at least one cleaning gadget in their house, whether we’re talking about a dishwasher, a smart vacuum cleaner or whatnot. Our professional and personal life is often very busy and we don’t manage to clean our house as we’d like to and hiring professional cleaners isn’t always the cheapest solution. So maybe investing in a house cleaning gadget is the solution you are looking for. Here are some of the best that we’ve managed to find.

iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners

irobot roomba

iRobot is one of the most known companies that deal with house cleaning tech products. With some of the best designs on the market and definitely not the cheapest around, the company has made a name for itself in the beginning with Roomba, company’s smart vacuum cleaning robot. There are six different versions, from $350 to as much as $700. The top of the line Roomba 790 comes with a wireless command center so that you could control it from anywhere in the house and also with additional accessories such as extra filters and brushes.

The cheapest Roomba 630 is still a very good cleaning gadget to consider for your house as it is very effective at absorbing pet fur, hair and other fibers thanks to its three-stage cleaning system. You can use the Roomba vacuum cleaners on carpets, tile, laminate and hardwood floors. Have a look at the video to understand how exactly iRobot’s Roomba smart cleaners work.

But iRobot isn’t the single company out there to release smart and good looking vacuum cleaners on the market, so have a look at the following names, as well.

  • Samsung Navibot Vacuum Cleaner  – the NaviBot vacuum cleaner currently retails for around $350, but the price fluctuates at different retailers. This cleaning gadgets comes with its own Visionary Mapping System that helps it chart the most efficient course in the house. It also has an onboard camera that it uses to learn the best possible cleaning path.
  • LG Hom-Bot 3.0 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner – LG also has a few cleaning gadgets that they hope you’ll use in your house. The Hom-Bot Robot vacuum cleaner retails for $600 and comes with the Magellan mapping system, 3 smart cleaning modes, a low noise level and even scheduled cleaning. What I like about it is that the Hom-Bot will automatically return to its charging dock when the battery is nearing full depletion.
  • Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner – this one might not seem so smart as it comes with a traditional design form but the secret lies in its strong suction power at 220 Watts. It also comes with a HEPA filter, motorized brushbar and is also certified to be used by persons suffering from asthma.


The Robomop is a dust-mopping device that consists of a hat-shaped frame that has an electrostatic dust pad on the bottom which has inside a self-propelled ball that goes in the middle of the frame. Robomop comes with a simple rechargeable battery. Whenever it encounters an obstacle, it will change its direction and continue to dustmop. Being so small, I suspect many use it for cleaning under furniture or hard-accessible places. Robomop is a very basic floor dusting robot and that’s why it is cheaper at less than $25 on Amazon, but at least it is available to everybody thanks to its low-entry price.

However, find below some more similar devices, at bigger prices but also with more features. They are definitely better than Robomop, but their prices place them in another league that might not be accessible for many.

  • Scooba – this is a floor washing robot made by the same iRobot company. The cheapest Scooba 230 will set you back for $270 while the Scooba 390 costs $500. Not only that they wash and scrub different types of surfaces but they also kill almost 97% of common household bacteria.
  • Braava – this floor mopping robot was known as Mint before iRobot acquired the company. There are two models, one at $200, and one for $300 and both use microfiber cleaning cloths but the more expensive model also comes with an increased battery life.
  • Neato XV-12– currently retailing for $310, the Neato XV-12 is actually a smart vacuum cleaner but its specs and looks make it more similar to these products. You can also purchase a separate pet and allergy kit for it, if you want to.

Sonic Scrubber

The Sonic Scrubber is a very powerful cleaning tool that scrubs at a very fast speed of 10,000 times per minute. It will definitely save up your precious time and you won’t have to buy that much cleaning solution, as well. It also comes with interchangeable heads so that you could access different areas, big or small. It currently sells for under $50 on Amazon, down from its initial price of $100.

Something similar to the Sonic Scrubber is Black & Decker’s ScumBuster Xtreme Cleaning Tool that will definitely become a truly useful utensil in your home.


litter maid gadget cleaning

A month ago we decided to get a cat. That’s how we found out that if the litter is not clean, then the cat will find a place anywhere else in the home and do its needs. LitterMaid is an automatic self-cleaning litter box that also has a premium clumping litter. So, if somebody were to gift this to our family, the question  ‘whose turn is it to clean the litter box?’ will disappear once and for all as LitterMaid will take care of that. It currently sells for less than $200 on Amazon.

Purpose for Pets

Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor

Purpose for Pets is another cleaning gadget aimed at those that have pets at home. If you have unpleasant pet odors or stains, you can use the Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor to find an remove them. It comes with a 3 inch scrub brush and integrated blacklight LEDs that illuminates the hidden pet stains. This cleaning gadget will cost you $90, but at least you can be sure your house will never smell bad again.

Broan Trash Compactor

Now this is a gadget that everybody would love to have in their homes. The Broan Trash Compactor comes with a robust design that makes the broan trash compactor product look to be just where it needs to be. It is said to reduce your waste volume by 75%, thanks to its crushing mechanism that applies 3,000 pounds of continual force. It also has odor reduction systems so that it will never smell bad in your kitchen. The Broan Trash Compactor will save you the time you spend taking out the garbage as it reduces the trash by six times. Not the cheapest gadget to keep your house clean, it currently sells for around $800, down form $1330.

Philips Smart Air Purifier

We’ve talked about Philips’ smart air purifier cleaning gadget before, when we included it in our list with gadgets that caught our eye at IFA 2013. The product has not yet hit the shelves, so no price has been yet announced. This smart air purifier makes sure the air you breathe is free from contaminants, tobacco smoke and through the dedicated application you can also control the air quality even when you are not at home. A turbo-mode ensures that the air purifier cleans the air as fast as possible.

Besides Philips’ latest air purifier gadget, here are some more similar cleaning gadgets to have a look at and consider buying

  • Honeywell HepaClean Antibacterial Tower – this is a very quiet tower air purifier that can cover a surface of up to 185 square feet. It also comes with a germ-fighting UV light that help reduce viruses and bacteria, as we as fungi and mold spores. The HEPA filter is said to remove up to 99 percent of indoor particles that might be harmful for your health.
  • Rabbit Air BioGS – this air purifier from RabbitAir comes with the BioGS HEPA filter technology that comes with washable carbon filters. It is really powerful as it can cover a surface as big as 600 square feet. It also has zero-ozone emissions thanks to its technology. It’s the perfect gadget for people suffering from different allergies.
  • Ecovacs Atmobot – when looking at the Atmobot for the first time, I had the feeling it was a vacuum cleaning robot or a floor mapping or washing one. With a really appealing design, the Atmobot doesn’t just stand in a corner purifying the air, but it actually “hunts” it down and goes after it. It also comes with an air-quality indicator, has audio reports and it can even play your favorite songs while it cleans the air.

CleanWave Sanitizing Wand

verilux uv sanitizer

The little ones might think that this is a magic wand, as it can kill up to 99.9% of germs, allergens and other odor causing bacteria in your home or anywhere you want to take it with you. This is possible because the CleanWave Sanitizing Wand makes use of the advanced UV-C light technology that is used to sanitize hospital equipment for more than 30 years. You can take it with you and use it to clean the places that you are visiting if you’re afraid of germs or you just want to be safe. Now for around $78 on Amazon, down from $90, this seems like a cleaning gadget we really need to have home.

Fellowes Powershred Paper Shredder

paper shreder

When you have a lot of useless paper lying around, be it at work or home, what you need to do is get a shredder and get rid of it all in the most ecological way possible. For that, the Powershred Paper Shredder from Fellowes will be just right. Currently selling for $170, down from $460, this is one hot gadget cleaning deal that probably shouldn’t miss if you’re interested. It comes with a JamProof system and a time saving sheet capacity indicator.

Windoro Windows Cleaning Robot

Cleaning your windows is now possible with the help of laboring robots. You can use it to clean the windows when you’re home or at your own office. It lasts up to 2 hours on a single charge. The device gets sucked on the window thanks to a magnetic system. To clean the window, it uses spinning microfiber pads. Currently, the Windoro cleaning robot for windows sells for 400 euros.

Kitchenaid Superba EQ

kitchen aid superba eqWho loves dirty wishes? I know I don’t and I suspect you don’t have a particular passion for that, neither. But if you have $800 to spend on the lovely KitchenAid Superba EQ dishwasher, then you’ll understand why technology makes our daily chores easier. This dishwashers ensures your dishes come out very clean whilst maintaining the lowest sound levels. It also comes with a tall tub with stainless steel interior to provide durability and make it resist in time.

There are more other dishwashers on the market, so we’ve selected some more for you

  • LG TrueSteam DishWasher – LG’s dishwasher comes with a real steam generator to insures a top-notch cleaning performance without having to pre-wash the dishes. It also has a dual spray where you can adjust the water pressure for each rack. Washing dishes becomes a pleasure once again!
  • Bosch Dishwasher – with a noise of only 46 dBA, this dishwasher from Bosch is said to be the quietest in its class. The ActiveTab Tray technology optimizes the detergent Dissolving; the Water Softener technology makes sure the dishes are clean and the AquaStop Plus protects against water leaks.
  • Electrolux Dishwasher – not the cheapest around, but definitely one of the cutest. Despite good looks, it also comes with a large usable capacity, IQ-touch controls and Energy Star standards.

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