Best Cheap Cell Phone Plan 2018 |This Wireless Provider Is Getting many New Customers With This Deal

what’s up everybody and returning life gainers you’re looking at some of the best phones to come out in August but what good is having a great cell phone if you’re paying mortgage note for the phone bill each and every month well a company that is doing everything it can to recruit new customers has decided to offer you guys a great great deal with a little bit of catches here and there but overall it’d be a great deal if you really want to get cheap cell phone service and everything unlimited if you’re finding me for the first time please click the subscribe button and the notification bill so to cheer down every time we drop life games videos I really really love my content go over there and join me on patreon and make a donation and always check my video description box because I’ve got great links in there for you guys to take a look at let’s jump into the video what’s up everybody you’re in the building with the sexiest hell hosted a life games channel Lamont Tyson and we’re bringing you another life game financial video today helping you capitalize on capitalism and we’re talking about saving some money on your cell phone plan but before we do that I got to put on the plus seven glasses of sexy as hell I’m working on scaling up my craft bringing you a better YouTube experience something better to look at I always check my video description box there are good links down there to help you continue getting those life gains go check out shop life Gamescom also if you’re someone who has a family member with high blood pressure diabetes or kidney issues check out my wife’s new youtube channel she’s a physician that dude that works in those areas cell phone wars have been heating up ladies and gentlemen with all the innovation and technology and all the stuff about debunking these monopolies you’re starting to get deals on cell phones cheaper and cheaper and right now Sprint has been in a klonda because they are in the potential selling to t-mobile that’s going through arbitration and it’s probably going to happen about a year from now they’ve been having difficulties getting new customers so what have they done to fix that Sprint is now offering you $25 a month plus taxes and all that for unlimited everything unlimited data unlimited talk text whatever you want to do on that phone you can do it and I read a report that you can even make some calls if you go international and that is if that damn sorry-ass network works international and so it is definitely something for you to consider if you’re trying to save money on your cell phone bill I mean just imagine two people in the household could be getting unlimited everything for $50 a month one of the drawbacks I just mentioned one one huge drawback is their network it shot is I don’t know what I mean they got pop more potholes and their network then you’re gonna find potholes on the streets of Detroit Michigan it is pothole II but if you live somewhere where the service is good you might want to take advantage of this deal it would be a great deal for you to have if you live somewhere where you get good service the other catch is like I mentioned earlier in the video they are in the process of being sold to t-mobile now how will that work this deal is supposed to be up and running until January 2020 if you get this deal before then you will be grandfathered in the name of the deal is called Kickstarter if you can get the deal before then and have it in place no matter what happens with t-mobile buying them they’re gonna grandfather you into this deal so it you’ll have it now you guys know how the cell phone companies coerce you to go with new deals they’re fine new technology maybe you like to use your cell phone for your home internet with a hotspot the newest cell phones y’all know how this goes if you buy a new cell phone you’re gonna have to change service so for right now between now and January 2020 if you’re trying to save money and get everything you need I would say go ahead and jump on this plan it is one of the best deals born in America for cell phone coverage and I help you capitalize on capitalism and make those life games that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video comment subscribe but more importantly share this message of capitalism ladies and gentlemen I am trying to help people learn how to manipulate capitalism for their own good I didn’t get this education growing up in the hood when I was coming up and I’ve also been told by the powers that be at YouTube that my channel will never grow because I’m doing too many different things on the channel with your help I’m gonna prove them wrong and I want you to share my videos with one person on your social media every time I drop a video go down in my video description check out the links I got down there subscribe to my wife’s channel and until that next sexy as hell video I’ll see you

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