Best Free IPTV APK on Firestick, Nvidia Shield & Android to Watch Free HD Live Tv Channels

hiya bran welcome back to my channel into this video I'm going to show you a free IPTV that is working in real radio assembly and I have removed the ads from inside this apk and you will find this Epicure without any kind of silly airs of course and before restarting through this video I would really like all of you to subscribe to my youtube channel if you're new here of course and also click on this little bell button this way you will get every single update from the sea YouTube channel and also guys before leaving this video put a thumbs up to this video and put a comment inside this video so that I know how do you finding this video that I'm putting for every one of you every single day so you have to have the filing story PK installed inside your device of course and I will put a simple click to show you how to install filing store inside your box and fry a stick of course and also I will put a link down below in the description of this video as well as in the first comment so that you can easily find about how to install finding a store inside any android device all right so after you open up your filing stir all you have to do is put on this code which is 1/3 1/3 1/3 1/3 for products 1/3 then click on continue and then it will ask you for a pin code the pin code is for 5 4 5 easy peasy right click on continue and it will take you inside my store right now we can just type in the applicant name right in the search bar so that we can name is like TV new or you can just scroll down and find the APK under the IPTV section alright so so just click on the search and as you can see like TV new mode by self let's click on this download button and it will start downloading the apk once the download will get finish you will see a play button will appear right in here as you can see the play button is right here click on this one and then click on install alright so as you can see we have already installed the APK in just about one minute click on done because we also have to install another epic a call set orientation so I will use this search bar to type in set and then click on search and as you can see settle imitation is right here this one will force your applique to stand in the landscape mode instead of the portrait mode because this appliquéd that I am going to show you today basically for mobile devices but it also worked with the navigation button from your home remote control so don't worry about that so just click on the play button then click on install you can see I have already installed it but like with the install it again to show you so after doing all of these click on down and then also install the apk called MX player pro click on MX after typing MS click on search bar and as you can see em explode pro like mod and the regular version is here just click on download and install the epic case alright so let me just go back to my device home screen and from there I will open up say at orientation and I will make sure landscape is selected from the drop-down menu and then select ok and we are all set here now we can go ahead and open up the live TV new like tv apk as you can see like TV new so just open it up and boom we are all set here now we can enter our free IPTV from so many kind of countries for absolutely free alright so as you can see there are so many kind of sections like live sports pack TV India Bangla English TV Indian movies Punjabi and English movies so these 3 sections are for the video and image section and this 1 2 3 4 5 sections are for the like TV purposes alright so because of the corporate law I will not be able to show you the channels inside this apk but I need to show you how this época actually work so say for example we want to watch this channel which is this one and click on this one and as you can see it is asking me to choose a video player of course so I will choose the MX player for this purpose and I will select always and boom it will try to start the streaming right away alright so let me post this one and notice this one guys at the top right corner where it is saying HW so this is D decoder right so click on this one and if by any chance if the extremes is playing and you are only seeing the black screen and you are hearing the audio properly then all you have to do is click on this top right corner on this the decoder button and then select the SW decoder and if the distance who are not playing for you earlier it will play in the SW decoder so you need to change between this setting if by any chance your streams doesn't play for you alright so that is just the one thing you need to take care of and other than that you are going to end your disciplic a because say for example wanna watch this one so many channels will give you so many kind of link for the extremum purpose also easy pizza thing and I really hope you will like this one and I am optimally signing out from this one I will see you guys in the next video with so many other your contents why so like this video guys share this video comment inside this video subscribe to my channel I will see you in the next one good bye guys and take care alright guys so to install the file link epic a on your feisty core fire device all you have to do is from your home screen go to the option called settings alright and from here slowly slide over to the auction called device tap on it and now you will see the option called developer option open it up now turn on the a DVD wagging and also turn on the apps from unknown sources select turn on from this popup menu and we are all set here now we will go back to our home screen and from there we need to install an epic a call downloader from the top left corner select the search button and here we have to type in downloader you can also use your alexa voice but I am typing it right here and press ENTER any as you can see the download rap is right here tap on it and boom in this screen you will find a cloud icon right here which is the download button alright all you have to do is tap on it and you're downloading for this apk called downloader will is charged as you can see the downloading code started and it is also installing the app right now so our installing of downloader got finished let's open it up from here select okay and now we have to type in our URL to download the apk call filing stole so you're a list get dot Android admin calm say let go and it will start downloading the apk all right so once the downloading will get finished I will just select the install and it will install the apk file install very easy peasy all right so now let the download get finished and then with from the top menu where it is saying install tap on it and now highlight the install button and tap on it again and now it will install the apk once the época will get installed I will open up my file install

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