Between the Races – Episode 4 – Troy Brosnan

Adelaide, it’s kind of like a small city It’s got like nice hills around it and a
really really good beach I think people kinda don’t see anything
here for them, but that’s kinda the best place to come and live Where there’s not all this tourism going
on, it’s just a good place to be with a lot of Australians, I guess You know, the riding’s really good, we’ve
got foothills that kind of go from the beach all the way around and kinda wraps all the
way around the city. So yeah, they’re pretty much like my local
trails, they’re literally like 5 minutes behind my house It brings me back to when I was way younger
and starting out downhilling and kind of having certain jumps that you work up to what not And now I’m flying over them as fast as
I can and scrubbing them just to stay on the ground Yeah I mean, there’s probably too many things
to fit into one day, but you’ve got like road riding for instance Dad has raced road his whole life, so it’s
pretty fun to go out and enjoy that. Yeah good day, sun’s out, not too much wind, just those bloody hills that might cause a few dramas There’s always a bit of BMX round there,
that’s where I grew up racing, so it’s kinda fun to go back and keep those pretty
good and enjoy chilling out I’ve got the dogs and I take them for runs
every day, when you see them happy, it makes me happy and it’s just a good reason to
get outside. Even if I’m on the e-bike, they’re still
pulling me along, so it’s good. I don’t think anything we did was wrong
this year, we just had a really good chance to maybe take a win or two, but we were just
a little bit off of it So, I know one day we’ll go out and almost
win every World Cup, I’m just putting all the hard work in and I’ll wait until that
happens and hopefully it does!

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