100 thoughts on “Billie Eilish – No Time To Die (Audio)

  1. Everyone joking around in the comments. Me sitting here minding my own business enjoying some music and a good movie coming/ or is out for others to watch that are like me and aren't super worried about the virus. Thanks :/

  2. Все шутят что-то про туалетную бумагу на английском, а я нифига не понимаю, потому что инглиш в школе прогуливал🤷‍♂️

  3. That I'd fallen for a lie?
    You were never on my side
    Fool me once, fool me twice
    Are you death or paradise?
    Now you'll never see me cry
    There's just no time to die

  4. Hey Billie, everything is going crazy, I know your not the only one getti red. No I am not hat8ng I abruptly love you and I will always respect you opinions, and I will always respect you. Keep singing, and make sure to stay safe Billie! 💓💓💓💓💓

  5. Aghhhh amazing! Keep safe sweet heart i love u so muchhhh❤️😍😘

  6. The way her voice trembles is sublime. Great orchestration. Her whisperings are also awesome. Great, great song. I prefer Radiohead's Spectre, but this song is fucking great at its own right.

  7. I see too much people complaining about people who compains about Billie's whispering. Those who reject whispering and those who reduct her genius to the long high notes, you both know nothing. That whispering sounds absolutely fantastic, that's her genius touch…

  8. Wow didnt realize this was for a bond film and just had thought to myself this has a bond film theme to it and even imagined the intro to the film and then to my suprise its a bond theme 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  9. I know Billie will never read this, and it's okay. At least ONE person might. . .

    Billie, I pray that you'll never grow up. You are only 6 years older than me, but I feel so close to you although you are so distant from me and you don't even know I exist. Well, I just wanted to say how much you've helped me through so much with your beautiful music and your goofy-self. I'm waiting for the day you turn 21 and you'll change completely, but I'll prey and pray and pray that you'll always stay who you were born to be. I pray that you'll always stay yourself. Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell. I also want to recognize your brother, Finneas, and how much he has also helped. He is so kind just like you and my dream is to meet you in person, but I know that if I ever did, I would cry my eyes out. Billie, I love you more than anything and just about anyone. You, I swear, are an angel from the heavens and no matter how old you are, what your wearing, and what your attitude is, you always look as gorgeous as anyone on this earth ever has! I know you'll never see this, Billie, but at least I can pour out my feelings and just HOPE you'll see it. And just to let ya know, I REALLY love you, and I hope you know what I mean by that. 😊 Stay yourself, please, and I love you and your whole family with every bit in me!

    — ?

  10. These days are not days,
    These nights are not nights,
    These are doors for birds.
    Good night princess,
    Teddy bear.

  11. Billie at 18: *sings songs about depression, sadness, anxiety, global warming. Wins 5 Grammys and global star
    Friend at 18:
    *cries because my Minecraft dog fell in Lava

  12. Billie: I might be.. under your bed..
    Me: checks sees nothing
    Goes to refrigerator opens
    Billie: hEy SiStErS
    Me: ×_×

  13. Can you please react to Melanie Martinez if you haven't already? I want to see how you feel about her.
    Because I love you and I love her super much 💗💎💚🥑

  14. I've never heard her music before, but I gotta say, this theme song is FAR better than the one from Spectre. It actually has that Bond-ish sound to it. But that's just me.

  15. Why do I feel like the music is very similar in some bits to the one that was in the Interstellar movie… it is literally so similar

  16. Everyone: omg everyone thinks she’s always whispering but here she is screaming…. me:that’s not “screaming”

  17. i love billie eilish so much, i just feel so attached to her music its unreal. billie eilish is just amazing and i love that she is just so different to everybody else and that's just so inspirational. i hope the best for billie she makes me so happy its so untrue. billie has not just got one genre of music she is everything all in one and that is just so special. i hope billie sees this if she does i love you so much billie xxxxx❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Holy cow Billie reached the 28 Mills ma dudes and gurls! And this Song fits to this year cause.. Coronavirus , so everyone Just stay Home and remember billies words, Theres Just No Time to die :).

  19. Good morning…
    There are lot of things you know better than me.
    And I like it.
    I like your way of thinking.

    I like your way to act.
    I like your humour.
    You learn me a lot.

    I saw a quiet place,
    A border,
    Where we play like kids.
    Jean-Yves to Billie.

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