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There are over 120 million small and medium-sized enterprises around the world they built the backbone of most economies but business owners typically have a really hard time to get the funding they to need to grow their business I founded Bitbond because it is my vision to make financing available to all of these businesses that have access to the internet Hi, I’m Radko Albrecht and welcome to Bitbond! The vision of Bitbond is to provide a platform where everyone who needs working capital financing can get financing in order to grow their
business and at the same time provide an investment product where everyone who
wants to earn more interest than what they could get at their bank can get exactly that and we want to provide financing solutions that deliver fixed income returns that other asset classes don’t deliver today. So the thing that makes Bitbond special is that we use blockchain technology to facilitate international payments. To be able to compete with banks and other credit providers we have to be efficient We have a BaFin licence which is actually really rare, we’re actually one of the very few blockchain companies that has a BaFin license. BaFin is the regulatory body here in Germany, which is actually very stingy when it comes to actually giving licenses so it’s a
big deal. And the core thing that we are doing is assessing credit capabilities of our borrowers and so we have to do it in an automated way to make the proper process move and be quick. For them it’s very surprising that somebody actually believes in their business because they haven’t seen that before because they’re always turned down and then we just give all our attention to them and finally they get their financing and they can continue to
expanding the way they want to. Unlike a bank you may just see an application as
a number or as a piece of paper we see the we see the real story behind that and we also see the impact that it has not only on their businesses but their lives and I think
that’s what sets us aside from traditional lenders such as the banks and what makes the job so satisfying as well so If you share our vision go to and join our global community of of investors and borrowers we’re looking forward to welcoming you on our platform

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  1. What is wrong with This Video That Some Wrong People Who Do not Know are to be Human Bring Their thumbs Down.

  2. Just applyed.Galimir 😉 I just want to know if I can get the loan in Bitcoin and pay it back to you in Euros(fixed monthly sume)?Or how does it work exactly -Im not really clear?

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