Black Men & White Men on Dating | Dirty Data | Cut

Wir haben schwarze Männer eingeladen und weiße Männer. Um Fragen zum Thema Sex zu beantworten. Habt ihr eine ethnische Vorliebe? Ja | Nein Oh, ich habe eine. Warte kurz! Warte kurz! Ja | Nein Hast du schon einmal eine schwarze Person gedatet? Ja | Nein Ja | Nein Hast du schon einmal eine weiße Person gedatet? Ja | Nein Wann hast du deine Unschuld verloren? Wie viele Sexualpartner hast du gehabt?

100 thoughts on “Black Men & White Men on Dating | Dirty Data | Cut

  1. -Racial preference :yes ,i do,all about black men from the same country as me !(patriotic women)

    -Dated a black person:yes of course .

    -Dated a white person:Never and i am not interrested .

    -Lost virginity:18
    -Sexual patner :under 4 patners haha

    And what about you?

  2. i think for these race videos they should have people of mixed race be in the white group, because we are still white as much as we are the other race

  3. So there is one white men with 0 sexual partners that means he must be a virgin. Then why no one of the white guys stands at least on the 26> line?

  4. i was in this census but when it came to what age did you lose your virginity i didnt have a spot i got triggered and left

  5. Under 13 ?! Bruuuhhhhhh I thought loosing my virginity at 14 was early af. What kind of childhood did these people have ?!

  6. In other "no shit" news… your skin colour doesn't mean shit.

    Seriously, this video was fucking stupid.

  7. But wait- "How many partners have you had?"
    And then there's this man on 0(I feel u) but he was on the "At what age did u loose your virginity?"question ?;-;

  8. I would really love to know where they got these people from because this is in no way data I am a biracial woman and I have literally never had a problem when it comes to dating outside my "race." I will be honest here and say that I absolutely do have a racial preference I have always been attracted to white men and dated one Mexican man other than that all of my exes are white though I did date a guy who is half Korean he looks white my soulmate is white so I left the dating game behind but white men never struck an issue with talking to me or dating me that being said black men have also been extremely attracted to me but what I have noticed is that when I rejected a white man they handled it well where every black man went off the rails and tried to turn it into a race thing and where I live if a black man only dates white women no one gives a shit but if a "black" woman dates only white men it's suddenly racist.

  9. People have preferences is normal, as long as you don't talk down on other because you like one more than the other… is all good.

  10. How has one person had zero sexual partners, but at the before questions (when did you lose your virginity) all people were on line.

  11. The sound is awful and cold… this study proves nothing at all, there’s no real conversation, it’s just a bad video, try again

  12. I rarely meet any men over 25 that hasnt been wit less then 10 idk y yall surprised…unless they lieing too lol

  13. I don't understand people that have 10+ sexual partners. How can you have a real relationship after that? You just fling from one person to the next

  14. How does this even work..? Everyone stands on a age when she ask when they lost there virginity. But om the last q there was one guy that was standing on zero sexpartners….? My q is: how many of them were didnt tell the truth?
    Good idé tho but like the one better with alot of people and alot of q

  15. How many of you are serial killers that consume chicken wings on the weekend??? Who cares… all humans are African / Moors… and one damn human race. This narrative is so so boring.

  16. The Speaker: "Have you ever dated a black person?" "Have you ever dated a white person?"
    Me: What about Asian and Latino person, have you ever dated them?
    Where are the Asian and Latino men at?! Come one! Asians and Latinos do exist. I'm getting sick of tired of something says or see white and black people together and call it diversity. To me that's not diversity if Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and Middle Easterns get excluded. Come on people get real on diversity.
    This test had done poorly.

  17. WW and all the OTHER RACES of women can have these BM because look at what I DISCOVERED – Check out these videos on YouTube and Don’t forget to read the Comments:

    Black Men Exposed On The Downlow! The Truth Will Shock You. 2018 – By:
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    After seeing this, I DON’T even look at BM the same. Like I said, WW and the OTHER RACES of Females, YOU CAN HAVE THEM……Watch how many become INFECTED with all types of STD’s.

  18. I’m stunned so many men lost their virginity before 13. What’s the rush. That is too young omg. I can’t believe it.

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