Boeing 747-400 landing in KLAX

We’re approaching Los Angeles and it’s time to discuss our approach. We’re coming from Las Vegas to this point HECTOR. This is a beacon. Then along this line all the way to Los Angeles. This is programmed in the Flight Management System. Maybe interesting to see are these red numbers. These are minimal heights in feet. So 13.5 feet. That is particularly here in LA during approach, you fly at the end of the flight over relative high mountains. You have to pay attention you fly over these heights. That’s why they mark the heights at point GRAMM between 21 and 17.000. And so on to Los Angeles. Then it continues to ILS, GAATE 5000. Then it’s a normal ILS. A minimum of 310 feet. We program this. 310. subtitles And the runway length in LA is 3382 meters. That’s long enough, a dry road. We have a landing weight of around 200 .. Er, 240, 241 ton. We use 248 meter. We have plenty of space. In the case of a go-around .. we discussed this earlier .. then we go straight ahead to 1800 feet, then a left turn 190° on the radial. 210 to position CATLY on 2000 feet. Probably not an issue, but we are prepared. We’ll notice that it’s external. But when it happens you have no time to check. We expect a landing on runway 25L. And request an exit to H6 or H8. Then we have to cross runway 25R to parking position 104. They sent the 104, and I replied. That is for us the most favorable runway. We have the shortest drive time. Lufthansa 456 heavy contact LA Center. 132.62. Lufthansa 456 heavy, 132.62 good day.
-Good day LA Center good morning, Lufthansa 456 heavy flight level 380. Lufthansa 456 heavy, roger. And then is Las Vegas. So then you have control. Nothing forgotten. chemical signals of a Nevada to emulate
meeting moment Pamela in Cannes even after getting
inside a session at Las Vegas a problem the flute side not a traffic from rising
this Los Angeles precisely their disease I think the uncommon he lets the better
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Angelus and he’ll be able pressure and bang direct miss Las Vegas at Simon la
plaza philosophy shown Munna Bhai hands and did you got a pure mirin last year
in Las Vegas Los Angeles Center, good morning Lufthansa 456 heavy, flight level 380. Lufthansa 456 cleared direct GRAMM. Lufthansa 456 heavy direct GRAMM. That’s very nice. Lufthansa 456 cleared to descent, maintain flight level 290. Lufthansa 456 descending flight level 290. So, we now have guided our sightseeing. First we sink to 29,000 feet. on the troops in Los Angeles
ladies gentlemen kindly adjust the background circle scene soon upright
position on hold up the tables in front of you and worked first the business
class passengers please store their monitors and we track their progress
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Cepeda may have – 4 0 this is 46 or more ok with 45 Sango just an amazing follow
to fix Hiro to have all stood fixed ropes for Kotex her for 1 7 blow off the
contact only Center one 32.5 today this is what Sofia there’s a little 2309 early on our 2040
that’s right yeah check Bhutan 456 heavy contact SoCal approach one to four point
zero five F times R 4 5 6 1 2 4 0 5 get it yeah this is just sick don’t want any
I’m sorry I couldn’t get you to knock down flex pay but I have to balance it
alone 24.9 that’s okay what the for 900 like
it’ll tickle head ahsoka approach good morning the four the four five six seven
one eight zero just under four five six heavy so come on camera three zero one
three defend to be at the river arrival Lufthansa 456 heavy, 3013 river 10, ILS 25L. in or above to five left’s be about it
there are so galliston you know I’ll engage the lights.
-Yes, please. Then the approach checklist please. Looks really nice, doesn’t it? The airport can be seen. A bright spot, straight ahead. Lubin it’s tough enough saying now
so this is Miss crane st. house or bath to elevated CMR office to file context
okay one to four hundred a dose of the four five six one two four nine a
reduced to 50 today so Kokomo tigre from the four five six
heavy passing 1 2010 tells its River rival we found the four five actually
maintained two files here on average four five six seven 20250 notes Soviets
its eighth house is grain of the door for not knowing I’m from San Crispino an
idea kaylynn picture one everybody to index
or vintage about it’s our uncle think I Cabin is ready. -Everything okay.
-I’ll press the button -Yes, okay. So, 9 or above. That will fit as well. We go to 800.
-Yes, 8. I’ll press Localizer.
-Yup. so do more after buff the sweat and fool
yzi betray hi Kailin seeker won Le Conte well hello pair won 2-0 Penelope get up
alligator why it’s a nice tan no and it is PDS molasses around a given Keva 54
48 is 12 1 so how is it done on the genome whatever the Gavin thinking for
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thousand just one financing HIV protease dozen Yes Mother the experiment get 12 o’clock shopping
ready 8501 think about your website thank you okay so couch number 7 – 2
Mike Mike 6.5 for 7,000 Dirk she’ll be shellfish neck of goal few 7 PP Mike
Mike Satterfield beating and 33 0 15 5 was chocolate spice that’s slice give up
visits a week hello after say a bitch headaches 3 3 years back 2003 Mike men you Lufthansa 456 heavy, resume normal speed. You’re number one at 25 left. 456 heavy, normal speed. Cleared ILS, 2000 and go-around.
-Yes. let’s assure this manual flight so cows
cow 53:20 5,600 offended 7,000 refugees information ankle and everything three
to the file together part pillaging three three zero six two five one let’s
put three three left in the depart Seal Flaps 10.
-Flaps 10. getting a dignity favela development we found the four five six heavy Conte
12 settlers hair and won t is zero point Flaps 20.
-Flaps 20. Gear down.
-Gear down. target morning the four the four five
six seven to five left now the 456 heavy le teri 26 wrote 1-0
friend went to five left airline four Wind from the front. Turns around. Flaps 30.
-Flaps 30. once the salsa American 1469 can
Ziegfeld counterparts are getting more Final checklist.
-Final speed brake. Speed brake armed.
-Not yet. Speed brake armed. Cleared to land. may 36 military stop 1,000 jack six Learjet for Charlie Lima
Foxtrot cross runway two five right turn right on the Bravo sad g5 writing
Foxtrot sorry no problem Piper to any 56 and I say wait for the Learjet to pass
in front of you then thank you to the falling captor the Learjet will tax you
full 1956 Oh “Approaching 25 left.” Northwest 283 Hemi cats Excel
counterparts are getting a 9r 133 400 on upon 5 heavy when two-five-zero
planner runway to five ranked there pick up 300 now way through 5 right to that
spot a con 4045 baby now a 6130 a cosmic service 25 right
positional – you’ve been on now fill five right animal health 138 minimums
continue falling to American 2014 down 64 48 litre 104 4 ths change at 40
30 20 10 that’s 64 48 caution wake turbulence every Boeing 747 landing roll up to five
zero Niner front with you five left Irwin when your breaks for the color get
out its lighten up lady Very nice.
-Yes. five job going into this
Guilhem second obstacle to my work and walk so far off the landings anytime so
now my son now the 456 heavier papa hold short of
runway cued by right after the four five six in parboiling shoulders too afraid
so comedians bird she’s American 24:48 air taxi Bullock
following American 24:40 so a lot papa Popeyes the next two girls yeah the 51
heavy a night air in fact you’re falling critical Harry for action on upon five
steady my direction our chicken a vocal Next is the famous crossing of the 25 right. Shutdown engine number 3 please. We shut an engine down so we don’t use so much fuel. Three engines, here it says. skier maybe are the 456 heavy a pop
across the 95 running underground point my encoding in position left of the 456
have you crossing a Papa to 5 right 1 1 7 5 kid ethically for for the integrity
Hotel westbound Papa hold short So on the right all clear?
-Yes. Department you haven’t taken you for 48
good morning to for the four five six heavy papa
lift on the 456 heavy Los Angeles crown what your game 104 the tons of 456 heavy
turn right on Bravo Charlie 10 taxi to the gate so Charlie Tennyson exit and
gauges for Dame Weaver when fight seal will not astonished at armed assistance
for window up smooth importantly momentum will start to focus on an
impressive group I practically was into this grounded nicely pirates gate 104
misjudgment look at Ibrox 1205 Kiara I’ll wait here until someone comes around. Ah, there he comes. Here you can see how scary this is when large aircrafts come by. Shutdown engine number two. edit 83 Los Angeles ground turn left on
Charlie proceed to the hangar he’s told since governor Hondo well swish Charlie
coming into United State agree Thank You Janice ground seven to team Mike Mike on
alpha 14 month comes last Madden on high yeah it’s like rector I’ll search do you
like Mike yeah parking 800 4444 we like Jack Ziegler please American 2444 taxi
to runway two five right via Charlie Charlie eight Bravo Charlie Bravo two
five right American 2444 Roger CFA critical excellent Sheila Dikshit
Roger break is still sets and confirm Siri Peterson’s ugly taxi to runway cute
eyes right via Charlie 10 Bravo rata EE cameras
gorgeous yeah we’re happy to be here
beautiful weather yes we have snow in Germany oh okay better on the mountains
than here what’s your new boat sir we have remaining 9.8 not a Picasso salad Yes, right in Los Angeles. Come with us, tomorrow morning for a city trip. Welcome in LA. you

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  3. Sounded pompous and Arrogant, often making small talk. Remember, they were riding backseat in a BOEING 747-400! Everything was done for them! Princes should have been ready for the ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!

  4. Matt Damon and Richard gere had me in stitches with their molasses and parboiling subtitles. Best comedy all night. Something about dikshit and picasso salad as well?

  5. Fantastic video. I have actually landed at LAX in a 747 (Air New Zealand one though, and as a passenger). I almost landed a virtual 747 at LAX once (in Prepar3D V3), but the simulator suffered an OOM when I was on final approach (I think it was to 25L too).

    I loved how one of the controllers said "Tschüß" – very nice touch.

    The subtitles seemed to be on drugs though!

  6. Just a cpl in, however thank you for the explanation – never considered 1/100th of the things they were going over….unconsciously looked at it like pulling into the market.

  7. LOL, the translations in Commentary are awesome, perfect ones.
    Since the 707, and for all these years, the 747 is my GOAT. Lufthansa one of my favorite carriers. She's a grand old lady now. I am more in awe of her than ever, and each one of them that are left, are truly remarkable individuals and very special planes in the air…..the sunset years have arrived.

  8. "four five six seven 20250 notes Soviets its eighth house is grain of the door" … marvelous translation engine youve used there fella'

  9. Love the editing inside snd outside shots. Looked frightening like the plane was headed into that hotel.
    Did these guys get a bit lost on the ground?!…..Regardless, great video….the translation went bonkers….Must have been all those slot machines in Vegas!

  10. Could someone who is a pilot describe (teach me) the difference between "speedbrake set" (is this wing anti-lift devices [surface] deploying upon TD?) and "autobrake" (is this wheel brakes also upon TD?) terminology? And if autobrake does in fact relate to wheel braking upon landing, what exactly does autobrake function do (I mean I understand auto and brake, but what does it entail specifically) – insight/knowledge much appreciated from someone who can make me less ignorant in these terms 🙂

  11. Yea.. that was pretty funny… subtitles need a little work… can you imagine the air space is the subtitles were accurate!

  12. WOW I watched everything they did an now I can fly a747 for the first time
    I told them 10-4 come on back
    He said what tha hell
    I said 10-4 rodger
    Rodger that
    I said airplane to airplane u got a copy come on withit

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