Boogeyman rewatches his wormy WrestleMania kiss: WWE Playback

100 thoughts on “Boogeyman rewatches his wormy WrestleMania kiss: WWE Playback

  1. Boogeyman is one of the most scariest character I've ever see, a match against The Fiend would have been great

  2. If the scariest man in the world boogey man comes back
    The matches he should have are
    Boogey man vs feind
    Boogeyman vs alistar black
    Boogeyman vs Eric rowan
    Boogeyman vs jeff Hardy
    Booogeyman vs Randy Orton
    Boogeyman vs bray wyatt (not the feind )
    Boogeyman vs kane (if he comes back)
    And one last match Boogeyman vs undertaker ( ministry of darkness undertaker)

  3. The Boogeyman was the only reason wrestler I ever portray I weed back if my house dig for 2 hours my 11 year old self had a cup full of worms and showed my friends I was Boogeyman put all the worms in my mouth my friend still brings it up to roast me till this day 😂😂😂 I don't regret nothing I want this new generation to experience this

  4. Before there was The Fiend, there was the legendary Boogeyman. Was so much fun watching him wrestle and eat worms. Hahaha

  5. I really liked the boogeymen. I wish things were different and wwe would’ve taken his gimmick more serious.

  6. Wow they let the Boogieman bury a legend like booker T??? I’m so surprised. I love the boogieman because he was such a great personality great performer. I thought he would be buried

  7. The Undertaker, Kane, Gangrel with Vampire Edge and Christian, All Dungeon of Doom members, Mordecai/ Kevin Thorn, Papa Shango, Boogeyman and other supernatural wrestling characters would ruled Pro wrestling if theres an alternate universe where kayfabe is real this wrestlers i mentioned looked like they came straight out a comic book only superhero characters like Hurricane and glacier can beat this supernatural characters.

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  9. imagine boogeyman having a re debut with NO crowd i would be soo mad because he would deserve an epic comeback entry

  10. Boogeyman was one of the highlights of Smackdown back whenever he showed up I had to see what he did next. Biting off Jillian Hall's blemish will forever be remembered I squirmed so hard and started looking up ways not to grow a blemish

  11. Boogeyman should return. I could actually see him as a face as crazy as that sounds lol certainly could do both. Underrated for sure

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