49 thoughts on “Boss SP-1 Spectrum demo: Les Paul/AC15/Fender Reverb Tank

  1. @Heartdelay Oh come on man! It's vintage. That means it has to be special and worth lots, errr, doesn't it? 🙂

  2. i love and always have loved this pedal. live in Maine and mine got stolen from me and hv been a mess ever since. wish i could have the opp to get buy find this pedal again. then i would be complete. for something undesireable to many, have never found another or a clone or etc. if this is still available, please hit me with a word and i would be forever greatful…..

  3. but its a behringer….ill check it out but i highly doubt it will ever b like my old sp-1 and not gonna stop till i have one again. but thnk u. for the help i will dig a bit but wld rather hv a sp1. are u ridding of yours?

  4. idk if u can see my email frm my name on this but if ya cant plz lemme knw before or whn it hits ebay plz so u cld hit me w a link or…yeah, so cld easily find where ya action is quick like. app all your help my friend

  5. @springerspencer Not really. The SP-1 has two filters on a double ganged pot that notch one frequency up and the other down at the same time. So two wah-wahs in series would be getting there except that the ''Q" factor (the width of the frequency notch) is wider on the SP-1 than on a normal wah pedal too.

  6. @ayello2007 The amp is a Vox AC15 handwired which has no reverb fitted. The reverb unit I'm using is the Fender '63 reissue external all-tube spring reverb.

  7. It's a nice little effect but it's hard to justify shelling out what they are selling for these days. The same goes for the Slow Gear SG-1, there are lots of analog pedals you could buy for the price of the two of those Boss rarities! Nice video that describes the SP-1 perfectly well.

  8. mod this so the spectrum is attatched to a expression and you have a wah pedal, with a changeable range. and on ebay I see one for 300….. vintage is nice but not that nice.

  9. I had one Boss SP-1 Spectrum many years ago, Its was robbed. today I could only get the Beheringer SE 200 which is exactly the same with the difference that the chassis is plastic and the color is yellow. The beheringer SE 200 is a photocopy of the internal circuit, the sound is almost identical and very economical

  10. It's a good demo, but lacking highlight the middle and lower frequencies. With patience and some ear changes can be made very interesting sound texture giving another instrument

  11. Sounds kinda like a Contour-Knob-In-a-Box – which I have been lurking for since I sold the Valvestate 8080 some 400 years ago but recently found by sheer coincidence in the Marshall (!) Jackhammer stomp box.  The SP1 sounds promising too, especially if a B**nger photocopy is available 🙂  Oddly, the going price for a used Jackhammer beats even the B*rs…

  12. I make clones of the sp-1, gotta be one of my favourite pedals, totally underrated, and it really annoys me reading people on the forums slating them.. I liked the Beheringer copy but like most Beheringer pedals, it was noisy, and kinda cheap quality, so i decided to make my own, other people liked it so i started selling them too

  13. the electro harmonics bad stone re issue has a setting like this it freeses the phaze shifter in one place its great

  14. I think pedals like this, and the Ibanez AD80 are better used sitting on top of your amp so you muck around with them by hand when playing. You can make some sweet swirly sounds 😀

  15. Nice, demo but I see why Boss quickly shelved this pedal didn't last long on the market yet it is a rare pedal.

    Like a shelve display queen same as when someone has a rare yet fugly car keeps in the garage covered for a 100years to gain the collectiabllty of it. haha

  16. Excelente pedal, aumenta el volumen y hace q los humbuckers suenen como single coil. Las posibilidades cuando mezcles con otros efectos son increibles

  17. Excellent! Says Wane….Boss are now doing a Anniversary set with this pedal in, only con is you have to buy two others to get it! and their not putting it in their Pedal Perks list of goodies either! Shame! great sound…. if your stuck in the 70's – Soul thang… I like it!

  18. I would never use this pedal, unless I was making 70's porn music….so wait on…but seriously, it sounds like shit. what were you thinking?

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