31 thoughts on “BRAIN POWER: From Neurons to Networks

  1. We are about to start our parent child summer stem program and we want the parents to get an understanding of how the brain develops to become clear about their roles as being the child's First Teacher. How what they do can impact them for life.

  2. What kind of people would hit the "dislike" button? This is an excellent video with a very positive outcome.

  3. Hello Tiffany, what a masterpiece, awesome analogy,I loved your video!!! I am so interested in the offer. My company is a comunity of three therapists, who strive to help children with neurological damage and learning disorders in our Acapulco area. What do I have to do to partner with you?

  4. Lovely!!
    God wants us to be Mindful, always.
    11:114 …..surely good deeds take away evil deeds this is a reminder to the mindful.

  5. mam my week english but my questions brain pawar increase to 30age to neuran sale how to pawar increase without 30age &after without brain size posible 100%&200% nd how neuran sale without brain size increase possibility neuran how, plz hindi vedio me new thankq

  6. We are building the Phidippus Project on and around many of your ideas. This film is a model for training those getting involved. We are extending beyond our fingertips to engage a new species in our own cognitive development. Our "isms" are wired along with our phobias. Wars don't change minds. Genifer changes them daily. facebook.com/firstgenifer

  7. This video reminds me of a quote by Yoda: “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” Attack of the Clones
    We have an awesome responsibility to be a positive influence on our children's brain development as their brains are in constant flux, making new connections whether good or bad, and pruning other prior connections whether good or bad. What are we exposing them to … ?

  8. This solidifies my thinking on how important it is to have positive interactions with children, especially at an early age.

  9. I think it is so important to have at least 2-3 waking hours a day without any type of electronic devices. I try to do this and meditate instead, and I feel that it has greatly improved my mental focus.

  10. I'm not sure why it was necessary to link the Internet with our brain since they really aren't the same at all but I get the gist of the metaphor and appreciate the historical implications of our quest to understand our thought-process. Also, couldn't help thinking about science-fiction movies where the connections never stop being made even into adulthood – where you have people using the majority of their 'processing power'. How possible is that and at what age do we stop making so many connections?

  11. Children's brains are built better for learning as they are constantly changing and growing. It is necessary to feed their brains early on in order to create as many connections as possible.

  12. This really helped me to understand how important it is to help children make those connections early!

  13. Need more verification on the content of this video. Please don't directly trust the content of this video but use it as a reference.

  14. this video was osm I got some knowledge about neurons thanks very much .
    Plz tell to me how increase creativity

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