Brave Browser 2019 – Brave Rewards is now LIVE! – Earn Basic Attention Token

– Yes, guys, welcome back to the channel. So, today we’re gonna
talk about Brave Browser. We’re gonna do a comparison
against Chrome and Brave. The reason I’m talking
about it is the adverts, the monetization of ads in
your browser is now live and I’ve been getting paid all of today for just watching adverts
that are tailored to me, without losing my data,
without losing my traffic, all of that kind of great stuff. So, I’m gonna show you how
to start earning with Brave. I’ll show you the basic attention token, we’ll go through the browser,
it’s pretty cool, guys, but yeah, without further a do,
I’ll see you on the screens. Here we go. Right, guys, let’s dive
straight into this, so firstly we’ll talk about
what the problem is, right, with chrome. So, as you can see here, I’ve got a load of statistics, right? And what it says here, it says
I’ve blocked 98,382 trackers. I’ve also blocked nearly 500,000 ads. I’ve had HTTPS upgrades
and I’ve saved myself about eight point five hours of time. And this is what the
Brave Browser has done just over the last year and I
used to use the Brave Browser for another year. I’ve got another browser,
which is the old update, which has another 100,000 ads, so to be honest, I’ve
probably blocked a million adverts in two years. A million ads, like, it’s unbelievable. So, the issue with Chrome is this, right? Chrome is Google and Google’s
business model is to run ads to make money. That’s how they made their revenue. That’s their whole business model, so if you’re using the Chrome browser, it’s in Google’s incentive to
put adverts in front of you to get paid, but Brave Browser
is slightly different, right? So the Brave Browser, what it does is it’s built on Chromium,
which is the opensource code for Chrome, but they’ve
tweaked it themselves, where you can’t be tracked,
no adverts can get through, it upgrades your HTTPS and
all that kind of great stuff, so basically it’s like the
private, secure version of Chrome and right now, ’cause I did another video on this a while ago, right
now I don’t see any reason not to use Brave over Chrome, ’cause it’s exactly the same code, right? It’s opensource code, but
they give you the security and the piece of mind that you’re not gonna get adverts run on your browser and also you’re not getting any trackers and that’s a big issue at the moment. People are worried about their data, they’re worried about being
tracked about their privacy and also, another thing
about Brave as well, is that it’s a hell of a lot faster, just the fact that you don’t
have to actually load up adverts and be tracked. It saves you like a heaps of time. Now let’s move on to rewards, ’cause this is the really intrigue part and this is what completely
sets the two apart. Check this out, so you click on rewards and look at this. So, right now I just got
a notification saying, do you wanna view an advert? So, this is quite cool, it just happened right on the screen. So, what I’ll do is
I’ll click, view, here. You probably can’t see
it, ’cause of the screen, but you click, view, right? Now I can see an advert, so
it says here, Apollo LTC Pod. They just got some nice
little advertising time. And then that advert,
I just click, view, on. I can just cancel it now. ‘Cause I viewed that ad,
if you go into rewards, I just made a little bit
of Basic Attention Token, which is worth 17 cents. Today alone I’ve watched
eight adverts, right? So when you’re browsing
you just get a notification that says, do you wanna view this ad? You can choose yes, or no. You don’t have to watch it. It gives you a little
description about what it is. If you’re interested
in it and you basically wanna make the money, you click, view, it takes you to their page
and you get paid around two or three cents each advert you watch, but it doesn’t really matter whether it’s two or three now today, if the Basic Attention
Token goes up in value it’s gonna be worth more tomorrow, but we’ll get into that in a second. So, this is how it works, right? So, this is like your
dashboard, really simple, right? So, what Brave Browser
does, it basically collects all of your browser history,
locks it down in the browser and then allows you to monetize it. It never leaves your browser,
it’s all in your own control. What it does, it allows you
to monetize your attention and this is how you do
it, right, so you click, Brave Rewards, you click, yes. You have a wallet here, so you have a Basic Attention wallet. I have a few BAT tokens in there. I bought them a long time ago. I just left them in the wallet. So, you have your own wallet
built into the browser and now the cool thing
is you have ads, right? I’ve been waiting for
this for a long time, because this only just recently come out. I did another video on in, but what it says here, earn
tokens by viewing ads in Brave. Ads presented are based on your interests, as inferred from your browser behavior. No personal data or browsing history ever leaves your browser and what you do is you click you want it. You decide how many adverts you want, so I just said five per hour. You know, that’s as many as
you can go for the time being. You don’t have to watch all of them and then every single one you watch, you get rewarded in
Basic Attention Tokens. And now what you’re probably thinking is, well, why do I want
Basic Attention Tokens? What do they mean? The Basic Attention Token
is a built in currency, which advertisers need
to buy to run ads to you. The more ads you watch, the more Basic Attention Tokens you get. The more Basic Attentions in your wallet, you can sell that to the
market, or you can turn them into Bitcoin, Ethereum, all of those great crypto currencies, or you can turn it into
pounds, yuans, dollars, whatever you want. And what you do is you
use a wallet called Uphold and I’ll put a little thing on the screen of what it looks like. Basically, when you go in a bit more depth about actually setting up your payments. What you can do is you can actually set up an Uphold account. You can get a card and then
you can actually spend the crypto currency you make
through this browser in the real world. And it says here, your Brave
wallet is managed by Uphold, all you have to do us
create an Uphold account, link these two together and then you’re eligible
for your payments, but basically what it is, right? You’re just getting rewarded
in the basic attention token, 17 cents for watching ads,
which is so much better than the conventional model, right? At the end of the day,
if you’re using Chrome you just get force fed ads all day. You don’t want them and
the advertisers in Google are making all the money. Now, what the Basic Attention
Token does in Brave Browser, it cuts out the middle man. So, basically Google in
the middle aren’t there. Basically the advertiser
and the viewer, the user are actually transacting
in a peer-to-peer manner and you’re actually just
getting paid by the advertisers to watch their adverts,
which is a massive deal. This is gonna be completely
revolutionary into the future. So, what’s all that you
can do is you can click auto-contribute, so it says,
an automatic way to support publishes and content creators. Set a monthly payment and brows normally. The sites you visit receive
contributions automatically, based on the attention as
measured by the Brave Browser. So, basically what it is, the
websites you go on the most, if you set 20 BAT,
which is nothing really, it’s like eight bucks a month and you set auto-contribute, your browser will then find
the sites you use the most and then distribute that
accordingly to those sites, which is a massive deal,
’cause what it means is it means is that content
creators don’t actually have to force feed you adverts
through YouTube, or Google, or whatever it is to make a revenue. Now, what they can do is
they can make a revenue from you directly supporting them. Meaning they didn’t play ads,
so you don’t get bad content and then you get rewarded for
the ads you watch directly. So, what it’s creating here
is a much more efficient economy around the
whole advertising space, which is gonna be a massive
deal and I’m super exited about it, because as for
me, a content creator, I can now get small
contributions from my fans without having to relay
ads over my other stuff. It’s gonna be a massive
deal into the future and I think Brave are on course
for bringing this to light. What you can also do is you have tips, so you can actually go on someone’s site, say their YouTube channel and actually send them a tip directly and what I’ll do is I’ll
quickly show you how that works. No, so say you go on my YouTube channel, this is my YouTube, right? So, it’s MaxDapp, really simple. Say you like the content. You’re like, okay, yeah, I
wanna contribute to this guy to keep him going, to support the channel. All you do is you come up
here, you click on the little triangle, which is the
Basic Attention Token. You click on that and then
it’ll say, send a tip, right? So, all you do is you click, send a tip. It will then come up with my profile, which I wrote yesterday, or the other day. It says, hello, your tip will
be massively appreciated. You can see what your
content creator’s written and then what you do
is you say, tip amount, so you can do one Basic
Attention Token a month, which is like 43 cents, perfect, you can send that to
your content creators. And whatever you choose,
that will come directly out of your wallet and if you make enough through watching ads anyway, it’s pretty much like
you’re contributing for free to your content creators. Also, if you do wanna keep some of the revenue from your ads, just set a lower amount
of Basic Attention Token, but I’ve made already, in the last like, I don’t know how many hours,
probably like two hours, I’ve already made half a
BAT, so say you’re browsing for 10 hours a week, you
could pretty much see yourself making 50 to 100 Basic Attention
Tokens a month doing this, so if you say, okay, I wanna
support my content creators, I’ll give 20 BAT a month away to them using the auto-contribute,
or tipping them. Content creators aren’t gonna
force feed ads down your neck, so you’re gonna get a better content. They’re gonna be able to
put more of their capital towards what they wanna build
and it’s just gonna make the whole ecosystem a much better place. So, super exiting guys,
I highly recommend coming and downloading the Brave Browser. If you’re not already using
it, definitely look at swapping over, because at the end of
the day, also if you look at the Basic Attention Token price. The actual price of the token
has been rallying massively since the launch, so probably
about a couple of weeks before, you know, the news got
out it was gonna be launched. The Basic Attention per token price has absolutely skyrocketed
and I think that’s because what’s happening here is now there’s actually
advertisers who are advertising to the platform, it
creates a stable demand, so there really is a demand
for the Basic Attention Token. Obviously when you get rewarded it, you’re gonna have actually
someone to sell it to, ’cause advertisers need the
tokens to pay you to watch, so it’s creating a perfect little economy. It’s just crazy to think that, you know, this is only one browser and I’ve almost blocked a million adverts in two years. Like, that’s a lot of
information, you know, a lot of data, it’s everything and what this is gonna
do, it’s gonna bring more freedom to people who are content creators in the first place, but that’s it, guys. Just a quick video today. Like I always say, like,
subscribe, hit the bell if you wanna keep getting
this kind of content. I’ll put a link in the
description to download the Brave Browser and I’ll see
you guys in the next video. Have a good day, bye, cheers. (mellow music)

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