Brave web browser could KILL YOUTUBE (actually)

Hello people! And welcome to another video! Today, we’re going to be talking about Brave. Brave is an app… But before you tune out, if you don’t care about apps or tech speak, I’m not really talking about tech in this video, it’s more about the implications of Brave. … so, if you like watching YouTube videos this is going to affect you. If you are a content creator and make YouTube videos then this is definitely going to affect you, I think, in my opinion, so let’s get into the reasons why. What is Brave? Brave is a web browser. This is it here. Just like Firefox or Safari or Chrome or any of the other ones. This is just another web browser, but it’s got a bit of a USP. So this is very new stuff, guys, this is like… this browser has been out in the public consciousness just for a matter of days. It’s sort of been bubbling, sort of… in the underground, so to say, for about a year or something, but this has just hit a sort of critical consciousness just a matter of days ago, pretty much, and I’ll explain why now. So browse fast and safer with Brave. It’s on Windows, Mac, even Linux. It’s on IOS and Android so all the main bases are covered… and the USP is that… it automatically blocks ads and trackers making it faster and safer than your current browser. It blocks ads. So if we go to something like Urban dictionary Boom! The page loads…boom!. Just really quick. No ads. So because there’s no ads… it doesn’t have to load the ads, so it loads really quick. What does this mean for YouTube? Boom! Loads straight away, no ads [haha]. So you can see already what I’m going to get into. James Aspey has no ads. Joey Carbstrong has no ads. No one has any ads! Plant Based News has no ads. It blocks the ads. So Plant Based News isn’t making any money with me watching this video right now, so this has… obviously massive implications on YouTube content creators because they’re no longer going to get paid if anyone uses this browser [haha]. And, um, so you might be thinking ‘well, who cares about this browser? I’d never heard of it before!’ Well, it’s just, it’s quite new, but let’s have a look at this. There’s a few reasons why a lot of people are going to be using this browser. And I’ll talk about what the implications might mean in just a bit. But, but, let’s have a look again… (So, Brave…we want to go to the website…) So it blocks ads, that’s one of the main USPs. Because then it speeds it up because you don’t have to load the ad etc. We get that. But, what you might not know is, there’s sort of like a back end to this, which is basically a form of money, which is called… basic attention token. This is like, the back end of the browser. And this is a type of currency for digital advertising. So I’ve invested in this, I chucked a couple of hundred quid on it because I saw its potential… I don’t know how the market is going to go, but let’s not talk stocks and shares [haha] and um… crypto currencies. Basically, all you need to know is, that this is a pretty interesting thing, because you’ve got, on one hand… you’ve got the browser itself, is blocking ads, and then on the other hand, the browser is working with a digital currency… with advertisers [haha]. What does that mean guys?! It means that this browser is… forming an advertising monopoly on everyone who uses this browser. And you might be thinking ‘okay, well, that only really has implications if people actually use the browser!’ So people have got to want to use it first before this is going to actually have any real monopoly or implications or, on the internet. But look at this guys… so if we go onto the team, it’s not just one guy sitting in his bedroom, this is an actual legit team… of serious people… and then look at the founder – he created Javascript! [haha]. So it’s not just some random programmer or something… he created Javascript!! [hahaha] you can’t really claim that every day, like, wow! And he’s not only the creator of Javascript itself, But also… the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, so… this isn’t some, some guy sitting in his bedroom this is a serious team of people here, behind this. But then! that’s not, that’s, that’s not it… They raised some money to launch the project… and they got… THIRTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS… IN THIRTY SECONDS!!!! Look!! Thirty-five million in thirty seconds! That is just incredible, in thirty seconds, it got thirty-five million dollars, that is mind-boggling guys. So this much enthusiasm in the, in the product. The founder of Javascript and co-founder of Firefox is behind it. I’ve seen potential in this, I’ve invested in this myself, and… I’m really thinking that this is going to pick up. But not talking about my investment! [haha] Back to the actual implications of that. So… If everyone starts adopting this browser because it’s super quick and it blocks all the ads and crap on the internet, so why wouldn’t you switch to this because it’s simply better… So if everyone starts using this, then no one’s going to make any more money on YouTube [haha] because everyone’s been complaining about adpocalypse, about less ads being displayed and advertisers pulling out of YouTube, but what happens if everyone’s using this browser and there’s no ads being displayed because they’re all blocked?! There’s going to be no ad impressions and the content creators aren’t going to make any money at all! So you’ve already got people like, Vegan Gains was talking about adpocalypse and how he’s making less money on YouTube, so… (Patreon…) so he’s been asking people, encouraging people to go over to his Patreon… and pledge THERE, so that he can pay his rent and so he can offer additional content HERE. But what happens if he’s making no money, or just a, a few dollars or something a month, on YouTube – what will happen? Will he abandon YouTube completely? And I’m not just like, singling him out, I don’t mean to single him out, I’m just using him as a generic example. I can’t speak for what Vegan Gains is going to do. And, I think he’s cool, I’m not sort of, using him as a negative example or anything. I’m just saying that if, if he isn’t making any money on YouTube will he just go to, to Patreon? But then, the problem is one of our favorite vegan YouTubers is going to then disappear behind a pay wall, and the 300,000 subscribers, near what he’s got on his YouTube account., there’s only four hundred and twenty-two people out of those nearly three hundred thousand subscribers who are willing to pay any money! So everyone else is either going to be forced to go behind his pay wall, which they’re not really willing to do otherwise they would have done it in the first place – or maybe a few more people would be motivated. But I think a lot of people would have to unwillingly come over to Patreon or… they just aren’t willing and then their, one of their favorite YouTubers is going to just, disappear, and they can’t watch him anymore. And, let’s say you did want to pledge to Vegan Gains, or what if you’ve got hundreds of people you subscribe to, like me, that you like all of them, and you want to watch all of them, But you can’t, you can’t pay hundreds of people a couple of dollars a month because then you’re paying a couple of hundred dollars a month just to watch YouTube! So that can’t work at all. So, um, what’s going to happen with YouTube? Is YouTube going to be forced into this monopoly to reconsider its adsense and somehow partner with… with this Brave browser and this basic attention token back end system? What’s going to happen? This is really weird. If, if this really launches, and I really think that this is going to take off – thirty five million in thirty seconds! [haha] I really think this is going to take off. And if it does, what is the implications going to be for YouTube? I think we’re going to see a mass exodus of people going from YouTube to other, other channels, but the thing is, for small YouTubers like me, I’m not really making any money at all on YouTube anyway, I’m making like twenty-five quid a month or something. I don’t really care whether I get that money or not [haha] and um… For me, I would stay. Does that mean that I’m now going to get all of Vegan Gain’s subscribers? Because now I’ve opened up a niche and he’s left YouTube and not everyone’s going to follow him on Patreon, so smaller channels like me and everyone else who’s up and coming, in, in our particular niche of veganism… Are, are we going to get more subscribers based off of that? So is that going to be beneficial for us? Or is that going to be worse for us because people are going to be leaving the platform and going over to Patreon and other platforms? Or are they just going to go over to Twitch or a Dailymotion or, or some… Vimeo or some other platform altogether? I really find it hard to believe because YouTube is one of the main, well, the best, clearly the best platform of its kind. So this is going to create a really strange tension and divide in the scene. You’ve got people already like, Filthy Frank, like his, ad revenue has plummeted because of the sort of non family-friendly content that he’s got on his channel. He’s no longer getting that much ad revenue. I think ads have been pulled from his channel completely or something anyway, but [haha] (I love this video, it’s so funny!) But um…what is going to happen here? Is everyone going to have to disappear behind a paywall? Are we going to see people…- who’s going to disappear from YouTube? Is Vegan Cheetah still going to be around if he’s not making any money on YouTube? Who knows?! This is a really interesting situation. What is going to happen? So the implications are quite scary of how this is going to take YouTube, what direction is YouTube going to go in? We’ve already got people complaining and diversifying about… about YouTube ad revenue anyway, like a… there’s a video here… “Is Youtube over?” You’ve got all, all people like, talking about the end of YouTube, and then you’ve got this, this browser Brave coming along, which is offering something which is clearly a better browser for, for the end user, but it’s going to kill content creators, unless YouTube somehow partners with Brave, which I can’t really see happening. And…what sort of situation… this is really weird! Leave your comments and questions down below, discuss this down below, see what you think, I’m really interested what YOU guys think about this whole… Do you think that Brave is going to reach, um, critical, sort of, mainstream use? I, I think it will, and not only do I think it will, I’ve bet my money! I’ve bet a couple of hundred quid that it will, so I’m confident that this will really take off, but on the other hand, I’m confident that if it does take off, it’s really going to create turbulence in the, the vegan, not not the vegan community, but the YouTube community in general. What do you guys think? Leave your, leave your comments down below, let me know what you think. This is interesting times definitely. Really interested to hear your thoughts if any of you have got an insight on this, and I’ll see you in the next video guys.

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    1. I am aware ad blockers exist however most people are not using them (contrary to the belief of most of the people who left a dislike on this)
    2. Brave is also REALLY FAST as well as having the adblock feature
    3. I'm aware that the brave browser might have an ulterior motive and i actually discuss that in this very video

    Just FYI before you dislike and comment with one of the above like most of the comments here lol….

  2. I would personally rather spend $10 per month using Brave browser to support content creators and the platforms they depend on , than have to wait for adds I never click on.

  3. I just downloaded Brave and looked this shit up to see what people have to say. I completely agree. What I like about it's privacy features are the seamlessness of it. If you have any experience using privacy software you immediately associate it with bloat. This is the fastest browser I've ever used. I suppose the premise that it does this by removing ad load makes it easy to compete on that premise.

    I think that Google and companies in control of online advertising do not try to coexist properly in the market with the individuals who supply the goods without paying them at all, and in doing so siphons value from user data without their consent. Your data is valuable to you and I think we should all be operating from the standpoint that nobody deserves your data unless it's in your best interest to give that data to them. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not, and you deserve to be the person making the choice to exchange your data every time, whether you are highly resentful of being tracked or you don't care at all whether someone does.

    The fact of the matter is, you have a right to your data as a property and it is theft for companies to profit from it without your consent or agreement on the exchange. Brave, much like DuckDuckGo, changes the rules of negotiation. I won't argue from the legal mandate of whether people should be allowed to go completely dark to deflect responsibility or any of that, but from the mandate that your data is a good that is being sold without you making a cut and Brave is the only browser that recognizes that fucked up relationship, and in the end is a faster browser than the other browsers regardless of the moral stance.

  4. If Brave is open source, then can't the powers that be create sneaky plug-ins that can undue all of the "privacy" that was the foundation of Brave? ~ Thus allowing your browsing habits to once again be "watched"…

  5. I have tried using this browser multiple times, and it does nothing but freeze when I'm using it… and NO, it's not my computer! I am running an i7 with a 1070Ti GC, with a 2TB HD, and 16GB of Memory! DEFINITELY NOT my computer!

  6. Brave browser will dramatically decrease the load time of a search on your cell phone, saving you time and money. The BAT team is unmatched. CEO Brendan Eich invented Javascript and founded Mozilla and Firefox. Team members from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Tor and others. Target price: $10 by 2019

  7. If brave really take off then Steemit and Dtube May become the go to platforms. Dtube still allows content creators to earn a lot of money without ads being involved. It's in it early stages and already people are making decent money from it.

  8. Good. I hope Brave kills all the Bullshit on youtube, all these morons getting money to act like dipshits-maybe if they generate some decent content that people deem fitting to be paid for, they might get somewhere. But i'm over the moon to hear that Brave will effectively cut off and cut out the attention seeking narcissist fuckheads with very little to say and shitty content.

  9. Servus! Ich habe hier auch mal eine kleine Videoreihe über die Blockchain gestartet! Ich bin so frei und poste das mal hier:
    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße, Sunny!

  10. good ->

  11. Java guy: I have an idea but I'm not su-
    Money: WE ARE DOING IT
    Java guy: But I'm not sure
    Money: Tooooo late here is 30 million
    Java guy: WHAT WWWWWWWHY.

  12. Just get to it… explain how this shit that has gone form Mosaic to Netscape to Firefox and now this shit which is a "brave" move maybe… how the F is this going to kill youtube?? Youtube will still work right lol? I am downloading this f'ker oh yea this will be my new browser even if I hate the UI. I'm not going to use any money with this browser I am just going to take advantage of the add blocker lol. I would never just use this browser as my only one lol, I would go use Opera Turbo so I can from time to time, even though my computer is great America's high speed internet sucks and they try to throttle you back after a while.

  13. Someone out there should really hack this browser before more versions come out lol I sure as heck will not be paying micro amounts of money to any page lol

  14. Awesome. Ads suck! Make the content because your passionate about it not because you want to get paid. I watch enough ads in all other forms of media. I remember when YouTube didn't have ads. It was awesome. Getting bombarded by ads everywhere is really getting old.

  15. The most simple solution. They just have to add youtube as an exception as default. For the people who still want add block on youtube. Instead of downloading an extension they would just go into the settings and remove youtube as an exception.

    Bam. Fixed.

  16. My prediction…. Patreon will be part of the Brave family and compete. Patreon may possibly accept banner ads and the donations will be the main source of revenue.

    YouTube is fascist…. they won't last.

  17. Hy m8 good vid, i hope Brave takes over and speaking of youtube.. well i hope Flixxo will be the new solution, check it out its promising

  18. I believe people already using adblocks/ublock origin in their chrome/firefox so i can't see any difference with using Brave

  19. Here's an idea… How about these "YouTube's" go out and get a real job like the rest of us slaves. "Youtubing" is a hobby, NOT a career people…

  20. Im going to be honest. I hate ads. In the past youtube for example didnt have any ads and i was happy with it. In fact it was the reason why i was watching my shows online. so brave can be the best browser for me.

  21. I hate brave browser the.. Internet is free because advertiser pay service run.. Do you want to pay for to access YouTube a monthly fee. Do you want to pay a monthly fee to facebook.. Ads keep the internet free..

  22. Your not very smart aren't you, How about you actually fully research Brave. You'll actually find that you'll be PAYED by crypto-currency you dumby. Potentially, With Brave you'll get payed more then AdSense per month at it's current state if it doesn't fluctuate too much.

  23. Using Brave now. Since I started using it (about a month ago) I've had no ads on YouTube videos and ad blockers does work. It's currently the fastest browser for me, and for some reason the videos on YouTube are of much higher quality (as well as clearer images)

  24. Went from Chromium to Brave, and then quickly to Firefox Quantum 59, which is much faster than Brave. Brave isn't that great to be honest. And the whole crypto ad BAT backend thing sounds super sketchy.

  25. Okay, so are these people like illuminati or something? So we shouldn't use this? I just want a secure browser. Is it really going to be secure? If one guy was from Firefox and I just uninstalled Firefox, do I really want Brave? This video makes me have more questions than I had originally. Could you make a sequel or something? Plus, I feel like a thief watching Youtube videos and the people that I am subscribed to will lose money. That will make me feel like an ass!

  26. While installing this browser is asking to download many apps.
    So that I dislike this browser.
    Very difficult to install brave browser

  27. Hell can I transfer my Firefox stuff to Brave? I never figured out how, & I am old ansenile, I cannot remember passwords at all, unless I make ALL THE SAME.
    68 Years old .


  29. 0k I posted! but if i log on using firefox i cant comment, but i notice that some comments i can see using firefox do not show up here! what gives?

  30. Do you guys know that Chrome was the fastest browser back then? Perhaps in about 15 years Brave may not work aymore.

  31. It is not like ads pay you a thousand dollar per ad. It is just a couple of cents per ad. Youtubers make money from sponsors. No youtuber would ever survive on views and ads, unless you have 10 millions subs and every video you put up get 10 million views.

  32. I am testing brave right now. I realize this is an old video, but I just saw it yesterday and thought to give it a try.
    It is still in early release, once the 1.0 gets released, I guess a hype will be created around it. Anyhow, for now I am giving it a shot, it does seem fast and have not encountered major issues so far (except with the lack of features, like Cast, and others).

  33. Who uses just one browser? Everyone's got probably a handful between devices. So one could presumably have a browser with all the scripts, privacy, security etc. settings turned OFF to get blasted with ads, but only use that one for YouTube. Or, better solution, let the market catch up to the fact that people value at least some control and privacy. This will be done by creators opting to partner with ad sponsors in the videos, whether product reviews, plugs, etc. Then your audience trusts you to continue bringing good content, recommending food products you're actually interested in, and the ads become far more valuable for consumer and corporation alike. I don't see the problem here.

  34. If people won't even use adblockers why would they use brave? Another tool that helps smart people fare better in the digital world, but it won't make the rest any smarter

  35. just another reminder of how fragile the whole internet environment is. Thank you for bringing this discussion up.

  36. It would be interesting to hear your current response on this issue. A lot has changed in the past couple of years.

  37. You can also build a NETWORK ad blocker on a Raspberry Pi, which works for every computer and every device, this is just a browser =

  38. Lol. So funny video, of course all those who make money from Web Ads are hating on this browser. As are all the spyware companies who leech off of unknowing users. The commentary is so funny. In a nutshell, the video poster (VF) is a hater on this browser and is trying to get everyone to hate it so he and his Social media buddies can keep getting money off everyone – regardless of spyware and saturating everyone with ads and hidden cookes that track you and what websites, news articles, emails you send, content you write is tracked.

    They need to find another way to make money. Period. I'm using Brave and if you're using Google's tracking browser (Chrome), switch to Brave.

  39. Nice bro – I don't know what this brave shit is but it's been blowing up from under the ground like "Wow! I need a towel now!"

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